Dealernews - August 01, 2007

Cover Story
Guido Ebert
SOME OF YOU MAY NOT CONSIDER JOHN PARHAM an appropriate person to represent Dealernews' August cover position, since he doesn't actually sell motorcycle
Mike Vaughan
EICMA's set to launch a new motorcycle/bicycle expo in Singapore. BikeAsia, a new powersports-and-bicycle show in Singapore, will be hel
Matthew Camp
Editor's note: Power Products Marketing, a Minneapolis research firm, has been tracking the U.S. scooter market for more than four years. This article discus
Guido Ebert
The ATV market is in a downturn after nearly a decade of consistent growth. Or is it? Perhaps it's a matter of type. Some say sales haven't been lost but
Guido Ebert
Polaris Industries no longer has the momentum it enjoyed for the past decade. Sales of traditional ATVs remain stagnant, with dealers doing what they can to stave
Dennis Johnson
Victory's luxury rig cements the OEM's place in the touring market. In the hours before the press test ride of Victory Motorcycles&
Dave Crocker
Sales of traditional brand ATVs in the United States are in their third consecutive year of decline. While some analysts might attribute this to the increasing nu
Guido Ebert
Asia, South America are growth markets. As the U.S. powersports market continues sluggish, Honda Motor. Co. Ltd. of Japan has disclosed a pla
Guido Ebert
LAS VEGAS - Suzuki unveiled 14 new or significantly redesigned motorcycles and ATVs at the company's business meeting here today. Newly introduced motorcycles inc
Column: Clark Vitulli
Clark Vitulli
Begin your business with the end in mind, part 2 EDITOR'S NOTE: Last month's column breached the subject of creating an exit plan.
Column: Steve Zarwell
Steve Zarwell
Reel in potential staff and sales by hosting a job fair. This column is part of an ongoing "real world" series describing the chall
Column: Mike Vaughan
Mike Vaughan
We've all heard the old saw "How can I miss you if you don't leave?" Now it applies to me. Seriously, this is my last issue as publisher of De
Column: Christy Michaud
Christy Michaud
Merchandising should stop customers in their tracks. Your merchandising efforts should build a view into the fun world of powersports. Otherw
Column: Dave Koshollek
Dave Koshollek
Techniques of an Expert Salesperson At Dealer Expo last February, I saw Jon Geving, Parts Unlimited's brand manager for Nolan Helmets, t
Column: Jay Williams
Jay Williams
Recruiting good salespeople is something that you should have on your mind 24/7/365. If you wait until you need staff, you'll let your immediate needs impact
Column: Joe Delmont
Joe Delmont
If you're concerned about competition from Chinese powersports manufacturers, you might seriously consider visiting China. I did just that earlier this year,
Column: Todd Shafer
Todd Shafer
Consider paying search engines to list your site. You've got your website up and running. There's only one problem: You have few vi