Dealernews - August 01, 2008

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Dennis Johnson
Hi Mountain Recreation serves the Montana market by getting out into it Do employees provide better customer service if they are passionat
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Arlo Redwine
Lead time creates challenges WE'RE AT THE END of the motorcycle season, when the minds of most dealers turn toward inventory levels (
Dave Crocker
Unit's popularity helps Polaris overtake Yamaha as No. 3 Supplier  
Guido Ebert
Consumers want power, but often buy on value ARCTIC CAT IS BEGINNING deliveries on the largest engine displacement SSV ever produced: the
While other segments slump, SSVs lead the ATV charge SURE, BUSINESS ISN'T WHAT IT USED TO BE. Save for scooters, most powersports vehic
Arlo Redwine
Dealers report varying levels of success with quad sales MIDWESTERN FARMERS ARE BUYING SSVs in droves, thanks to their newfound wealth fro
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Guido Ebert
Efforts may eventually lead to a side-by-side vehicle race category Some UTV manufacturers are setting up satellite teams and going racing
Dennis Johnson
S&S celebrates 50 years in the biz IN OPENING THE CELEBRATION of his family company's 50th anniversary, S&S Cycle president B
Joe Delmont
Leaner, meaner and more focused may not be enough HOLGER MOHR SAYS IT'S TIME to cut the bulls**t and get to work. That may be the onl
Clark Vitulli
It's not as hard as it sounds IF THERE HAS EVER been a time when we needed to go back to basics, it is now. Top professional athletes
Eric Anderson
A mixture of fun and commerce is a proven formula DECREASING CUSTOMER STRESS levels is the name of the game. If customers are having fun,
Mike Vaughan
Educate your new riders on scooter safety At face value, this is a good thing. Lots of people who otherwise wouldn't be on two wheels
Steve Zarwell
Even during a sales slowdown — here's why HOW DO POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS know about your store? I hope you've got some ans
Tracy Harris
We all know what happens when we procrastinate pro . cras . ti . nate to put off doing intentionally the doing of someth
Dave Koshollek
Courtesy of the head powersports instructor at a technical college, and yours truly I HAD A GREAT CONVERSATION with Bob Monroig last month
Todd Shafer
Use social networking tools to get customers physically into your store THIS MONTH I'M GOING TO diverge from using social networking to
Eye-catching displays help sell more ATVs While rummaging through our collection of photos from our Top 100 Dealers, we noticed a theme am