Dealernews - February 01, 2010

Joe Delmont
Editor’s note: Dealer Lab is a joint effort between Dealernews and PowerHouse Dealer Services, a consulting firm run by former dealer Bill Shenk, detailing
Cynthia Furey
Saying that Bill Carr is a fan of Ducati is kind of an understatement. Underneath his soft-spoken demeanor lies a Ducati fan of epic proportions, one that prompte
Rick Fairless
I REMEMBER A time when there was no Internet. We did everything by hand and it wasn’t so bad. We had dictionaries, calculators and typewriters, and got by j
Eric Anderson
THE SHOPPING MALL has them hanging every 100 feet. They’re embedded in gas pumps. My bicycle store has two. The local dentist is promoting services on one i
Speed Read
Joe Delmont
There has been a lot of talk this year about changes in the number and types of franchised dealers operating in the United States and Canada, but there’s be
Dennis Johnson
AT THIS POINT, many dealers have a well-established e-mail newsletter in addition to a growing presence on various social media sites. How about creating an oppor
A recent study indicates that customers tend to be much happier with dealerships that 1) follow up with them, and 2) perform repairs faster than the national aver
It’s been one year since Dealernews published its Green Issue ( featuring Jenny Frieze of Frieze Harley- Davidson flexing her environme
Dave Koshollek
THERE'S NO NEED to talk about the economy; it would just depress you. Instead, let’s think about the results of “hunkering down” on service
Dealernews editors sifted through hundreds of applications to pick this year’s Top 100 dealers, which will be featured in next month’s issue. In the m
Column: Mike Vaughan
Mike Vaughan
Nobody knows what 2010 is going to bring to our industry. I’d love to be able to tell you that I looked into the future and saw that our industry is going t
Tom Crossman changes the face of fixtures, turning them into retail sculptures that could spruce up your store. Perhaps what you’re looking for is a little