Dealernews - February 01, 2014

Dealer Expo Update
Tracy Harris
SOME OF US LOVE NUMBERS. Some of us love to ask questions, gather opinions and think it through. Others… does “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!&
Tory Hornsby
WITH SPRING just around the corner I wanted this article to be more than just a rah-rah-ree get fired up message. So this article hits on a powerful topic that wi
Tracy Martin
They'll be here before you know it, so be ready with batteries, tires and other items they'll need off the bat.
Dave Koshollek
WE JUST PASSED the busiest season for product returns. Hopefully your dealership handled yours with a style and consistency that developed stronger customer relat
Holly J. Wagner
AT GROUND LEVEL, EagleRider may look a little scattered, spreading into new ventures that stray well beyond motorcycle rental and travel.
Georgia Krause
THE SIGN outside Halifax Motorsports touts flotation suits, which, if you’re a dealer in Phoenix, probably aren’t part of your usual apparel inventory
Joe Delmont
A strong month brings a record year in sight.
Mike Vaughan
I just returned from the International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach. I assume most people go to see the new motorcycles, new aftermarket offerings and possibly t