Dealernews - July 01, 2009

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Cynthia Furey
YOU GOTTA LOVE TENACITY. Dan Witmer and Mary Teasdale have it. During an icy January 2008, the Gear Head owners spearheaded a self-move of their entire dealership
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Arlo Redwine
tech e-commerce 50 Below website marketing I once said dealerships should list a large portion of their P&A and unit inventory on their web
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Dennis Johnson
motoclub wholesale online retailing marketing When the owners of MotoClub Wholesale launched the membership-based online retail business, th
Eric Anderson
Management movies film hollywood motorcycles HOLLYWOOD. IT LOVES US — and hates us. It glamorizes motorcycles and demonizes the lifest
Mike Vaughan
Vaughan safety driving law punishment I THINK MOST OF YOU remember the incident a few years ago in which ex-South Dakota Gov. Bill Janklow r
Joe Delmont
I'VE KNOWN MIKE TOMBERLIN for nearly a decade and I've seen him in action from his offices in Georgia to his supplier factories in China and Taiwan. Mike&
Arlo Redwine
web survey results digitalize Imagine using a computer to show a customer every aftermarket part available from the top distributors for his o
Dennis Johnson
H-D website sales custom marketing It's all but certain that everybody, every business, every anything, now has a website. Your dealers
Arlo Redwine
sales web providers survey results During the good years, many dealers invested in an electronic traffic log to manage the large volume of p
Dave Koshollek
TECHNOLOGY IS NOTHING NEW to most service departments. Ninety-five percent of vehicles now have electronic fuel injection and some sort of engine management syste
Don J. Brown
Don Brown numbers financial outlook Honda sales, for example, have been declining to the point that we are forecasting that Yamaha could beat H
Don J. Brown
Don brown research state financials This ATV/dirtbike report is based on analysis of available retail sales data through April. These state-by-
Don J. Brown
Don brown research state financials This report is based on analysis of available retail sales data through April. These state-by-state totals
Special Report: Scooters 2009
scooters PPM report market sales 2008 Editor's note: Power Products Marketing, a Minneapolis research firm, has been tracking th
Todd Shafer
websites growth social media e-commerce THERE'S A WEALTH OF SOURCES out there besides me that you can (and really should) tap for tips on e-
helmet fulmer ugly website marketing FULMER HELMET'S CHEEKY MARKETING campaign involves a plea to those who ride hideous medieval-theme
SuperTrapp is offering a 30 percent discount on dealer pricing for exhausts and end caps that are used for display in dealerships. The "Dealer Exhaust Displa
tire shafer todd install texas economy TEXAS RALLY GOING STRONG I'm the owner of two dealerships, one in Detroit, where the eco