Dealernews - June 01, 2008

Matthew Camp
This market forecast refers to numbers for on-road gas-powered scooters only. There are differences between scooters and mopeds, although many communities seem to
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Dennis Johnson
Stretching through northwest Virginia and a portion of West Virginia, the Shenandoah Valley lies between the Blue Ridge and Allegheny mountains. It's a 150-m
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DO DEALERS NEED A STATE FRANCHISE LAW to protect themselves? Some California dealers think so, and Sacramento is taking note.
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Mike Vaughan
The big talk after Daytona Bike Week was about attendance. "I heard the numbers were down" was echoed in conversations quizzing me over my impressions o
CALIFORNIA Federal agencies are closing roughly 31,000 acres to off-road riding in the Clear Creek Management Area in San Benito County after the EPA issued a r
Bill Shenk and PowerHouse Dealer Services (PHDS) have been selected by Advanstar Communications (parent of Dealernews) to launch a series of dealer 20 Groups unde
"SUCCESSION PLANS? You must be kidding! I don't have the time, capital or energy to properly manage and train the folks I have in place now, much less t
Joe Delmont
MAJOR RETAILERS ARE HURTING as consumers cut back spending, and many chains are filing for bankruptcy. The problem facing national retailers is that at the same t
Eric Anderson
THE FOLLOWING IS A TRUE STORY, with names changed to protect identities. The leather-clad 53-year-old VFR rider, holding his insect-speckled helmet with a glo
Tracy Harris
This doesn't mean global warming is now in hyper drive and Indianapolis in February will now feel like a balmy spring day, with warm breezes, blue skies and
SCORPION VX-9 YOUTH HELMETS. "Great price point and attractive designs," say dealers. The ventilated polycarbonate helmet retails for less than
Steve Zarwell
WHEN YOU FIRST wanted to open your own powersports store, you may have had a slew of ideas that came to mind: how you wanted your store to be, what your concept w
Mike Vaughan
First of all, barring a total collapse of the economy, there are going to be more than 900,000 motorcycles and scooters sold this year, or about as many as were s
For Scooter-Only Shops like Bob Hedstrom's Minneapolis-based Scooterville, sourcing parts and accessories for the newer breed of scoots has always been somet
Dave Koshollek
Everyone Deals With Irate customers sooner or later. They can ruin your day. I still remember the customers who went ballistic on me more than 10 years ago. Back
Todd Shafer
You Can't Open A Newspaper or watch TV without someone mentioning FaceBook, MySpace, LinkedIn or Twitter. This year, social networking is going mainstream. I
After Taking Its Dealer Showcases on the road for more than five years, Tucker Rocky Distributing this year is instead welcoming dealers to a new showroom at the
You Can Polish Your Vehicles till they shine or even invest in the most expensive fixtures, but if your showroom floor looks worn, you're not doing your merc