Dealernews - June 01, 2009

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Arlo Redwine
Rod Seidner downsizes Bert's Mega Mall while expanding and improving it. He hopes that better, bigger, fewer stores are the future. Cover bert's mega mal
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Dennis Johnson
MSF military safety rider course The airfield at the Joint Forces Training Base in Los Alamitos, Calif., is an odd place to find yourself if y
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Joe Delmont
Suzuki changes 2009 mel harris Rod Lopusnak Rod Lopusnak has returned and Mel Harris has retired, but that's only part of the picture of A
Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd. has set aside $210.3 million to fund what it calls "product liability responsibility" associated with claims logged against its Rhino side-b
Mike Vaughan
Vaughan sales financials MIC meeting THE MAILMAN just dropped the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) March Retail Sales Report in my mailbox. Wh
Rick Fairless
Marketing the Fairless way or: You're never too ugly for radio Marketing advertising selling strokers dallas MARKETING
Beth Dolgner
When it comes to apparel, are urban sportbikers buying what you sell? apparel sportbike urban trend Alpinestars IT DOESN&a
ATV market update power products marketing Editor's note: Power Products Marketing, a Minneapolis research firm, has been tracking the nontrad
Dave Koshollek
personality hiring firing management service IN THE APRIL ISSUE, I wrote about five technician types to look out for and how to handle them. I
Don J. Brown
Don Brown numbers financial outlook HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL, which is a good thing for those who believe in it, as I do. There is no place in this
Don J. Brown
Don brown research state financials This ATV/dirtbike report is based on analysis of available retail sales data through March. These state-by-
Don J. Brown
Don brown research state financials This report is based on analysis of available retail sales data through March. These state-by-state totals
Marketing community scooter giveaway sales ERICO MOTORSPORTS HAS GIVEN AWAY a Piaggio Fly 50 as part of its "Erico Gives Back" cam
Todd Shafer
marketing Internet superstore website sales Motorcycle Superstore has a new initiative that may help you make more money. Now, you're thinki
PIAGGIO HAS LAUNCHED an interactive online Vespa campaign that allows viewers to register for special offers and contests.  By clicking around the ads, viewe
Store fixture company Nathons Display is going green with its 2009 catalog, saving roughly 4 million pages in paper, the company claims. The 138-page catalog is a
You may have noticed a difference in the way some of Performance Machine's products are presented: The disc brake and wheel manufacturer has upgraded its acce
MIC financials Tim Buche letters editor We posted a story online about an MIC press release in which the council's president, Tim