Dealernews - June 01, 2011

Dennis Johnson
What’s in a name?   Take Scooternerds. When owner John Hill was conjuring up names for his Greensboro, N.C., scooter dealership a few years back, he tr
Joe Delmont
Editor’s note: The Dealer LAB is a joint editorial project between Dealernews and PowerHouse Dealer Services, a consulting firm operated by Bill Shenk who i
Eric Anderson
Darwin was right. Once a population of living things reaches its peak and subsequently crashes, the remaining survivors are the strongest, smartest and most adapt
Dave Koshollek
Transitioning from the choreographed training offered at most technical schools to the mixed job assignments of a service department is difficult for some tech sc
The service department can sometimes be the hardest part of a dealership to get right. That’s why it’s so important to get it right from the beginning
Park Tool’s Nitrile Shop Gloves (NG-2) help keep hands clean and protected from dirt, oil, and harmful chemicals while working. Gloves are thin, yet tough e
Maxxeon’s new WorkStar Pocket Floodlight combines the handiness of a penlight and the effectiveness of a work light in one package. The Pocket Floodlight
Clymer’s M507-2 head-to-toe manual for the Honda Gold Wing has been updated. The M507-3 now includes the Honda GL1800 Gold Wing from 2001 through 2010. The
Arlo Redwine
Follow-Up Sales Systems (FUSS), a longtime service provider for dealers, has a new program in which it manages its clients’ social media campaigns on Facebo
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Dennis Johnson
  John Paliwoda is executive director of the California Motorcycle Dealers Association. We talked with him about increased enforcement of the state’s e
Column: Joe Delmont
Joe Delmont
Sarah Wolfenberg, and her husband, Jordan, have a fairly simple equation for growth at their three dealerships in Michigan: Acquisitions + System Implementation =
Every year, we send out a call to our Top 100 dealers, asking them to tell us about their favorite products. What’s flying off of store shelves? What are cu
Column: Mike Vaughan
Mike Vaughan
An old Chinese proverb advises, “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.” Good advice all around. It’s pretty easy to feel like