Dealernews - March 01, 2007

Add another rally to your to-do list for the year and get an inside look at a driving force in the V-twin industry — The Horse Back Street Choppers Smoke Ou
Guido Ebert
Polaris Industries CEO Tom Tiller describes 2006 as a "disappointing" year for the company. It was, he says, a year in which "the negatives outweig
Dennis Johnson
Nearly 2,800 union workers walked off the job Feb. 2 at Harley-Davidson's York, Pa., production facility, a move that proved to have a snowball effect on the
Bosski Inc. has launched a new program to help nonprofit associations and ATV clubs in the United States and Canada expand, maintain and enhance the safety of ATV
Joe Delmont
Bombardier Recreational Products has been saying for years that it would be on the road some day. That day could come as soon as this fall in certain states when
Guido Ebert
Utility-terrain vehicles were designed, as the name implies, to offer more capacity for utility use than a standard all-terrain vehicle. By design, the UTVs are h
Guido Ebert
Kawasaki and Suzuki plan to enter the 2007 ATV racing scene with updated crews. The Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Team looks to the all-new 2008 KFX450R sport
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Dennis Johnson
Consider this: The top Harley-Davidson dealer in the Midwest could have ended up a Walgreens. Now ask yourself the following: Does the world need another Walgreen
Guido Ebert
In 2006, KYMCO USA retailed nine ATV models, 15 scooters and one motorcycle model. Dealernews recently interviewed KYMCO USA president Eric Bondy and KYMCO USA vi
Guido Ebert
Tucker Rocky Distributing is a company in a constant state of metamorphosis, which upon closer examination is probably good for a supplier of trend-rich powerspor
Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd. ended 2006 with record net sales and income, but company officials say a slowdown in motorcycle sales in North America and Europe last year
BMW sold 100,064 motorcycles worldwide in 2006, 2.7 percent more units than the 97,474 units delivered to customers in 2005 and the first time sales have exceeded
China's Jiangsu Linhai Power Machinery Group Corporation is offering what could be the first utility-terrain vehicle to come from China. Unvei
Guido Ebert
Piaggio Group Americas (PGA) had three major goals in 2006 — to improve infrastructure and service capabilities, enrich product offering, and enlarge its di
Harley-Davidson salespeople are more likely to fully engage a customer, a virtue that earned the OEM's dealerships high marks in a recent consumer survey.
Honda Motor Co. Ltd. expects to sell about 10.460 million motor cycles and ATVs in its fiscal year ending March 31, up 1.8 percent from 10.271 million units sold
Dennis Johnson
Remember the days when chrome and billet were strictly the purview of the V-twin crowd? When slammed and stretched came with 45 degrees of rake? When unsprung wei
Mike Vaughan
If you read last month's column by Don Brown, you probably weren't surprised by his conclusion that Sportbike sales are on fire with Suzuki leading the
Minnesota-based Arctic Cat Inc. cut about 65 jobs in February in a move company officials say "reflects the realities" of the snowmobile market. "
Showroom and service department space, a larger parts department, a tattoo parlor and an outdoor bar area are all part of a 16,000 sq. ft. expansion planned for R
Tucker Rocky Distributing president Steve Johnson says increases in business in 2006 came largely from ATV parts and accessories and a boost in sportbike product
Guido Ebert
Troy Lee Designs (TLD), Corona, Calif., recently reached an agreement to settle a patent and trademark infringement lawsuit against Viva Motor Sports Inc., Vernon
Dennis Johnson
A growing number of Vespa/Piaggio dealers report they are unhappy with the company's expansion efforts in the United States, saying that the OEM is poaching
Column: Steve Zarwell
Steve Zarwell
The first people customers usually see when they enter your store are the sales staff. Now that our new dealer principal has purchased the existing dealership, wr
Column: Todd Shafer
Todd Shafer
How many of your online customers return for more? For the past two columns I've focused on measurements that gauge the success of your
Column: Dave Koshollek
Dave Koshollek
I just returned from Harley-Davidson's winter dealer meeting in Orlando, Fla. While there I had the pleasure of speaking to dozens of people. The question I
Column: Mike Vaughan
Mike Vaughan
IT CAN BE SAFELY SAID that the vitality of a market segment can be judged by the activity of the aftermarket that serves it. In this case, the sportbike segment i
Column: Eric Anderson
Eric Anderson
Stock strong products that earn their space Some big brands are well known and easy to sell, but do they have good customer and dealer suppor
Don J. Brown
This ATV/dirtbike report is based on analysis of available retail sales data through January. These state-by-state totals are forecast figures through calendar ye
Don J. Brown
These are interesting times — the end of one year, the beginning of another. But will '07 be another record year for motorcycle sales? Not likely. Down
Don J. Brown
This report is based on analysis of available retail sales data through January. These state-by-state totals are forecast figures through calendar year 2007, rath
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Dennis Johnson
Chasing Tommy Hayden On a motorcycle, there's very few places where one is in a controlled environment. Outside the space inside our helme