Dealernews - May 01, 2007

Cover Story
Dennis Johnson
A current buzz phrase in the retail business these days is wow factor. The gist of this concept is to have a product display or store presentation so eye-catching
Don J. Brown
This ATV/dirtbike report is based on analysis of available retail sales data through March. These state-by-state totals are forecast figures through calendar year
Don J. Brown
NOTE: The face of our index has changed, and the information we offer has doubled. In addition, we've formed an advisory board of four important individual
Don J. Brown
This report is based on analysis of available retail sales data through March. These state-by-state totals are forecast figures through calendar year 2007, rather
AMA president Rob Dingman has been named chief executive officer of the organization, replacing Patti DiPietro, who served as CEO since January 2006.
Joe Delmont
There hasn't been a lot of public support for Michael Baroody, the person nominated by President Bush to become chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commi
Column: Clark Vitulli
Clark Vitulli
Next month's column will outline the questions that must be answered at the get-go when forming a business partnership. I will also make the case that one pa
Column: Steve Zarwell
Steve Zarwell
Why wait for the next customer service index scores from your OEM? Take action now. This series of columns goes through the development stages for a dealership pu
A slower-than-anticipated sales season has led Big Dog Motorcycles to lay off 7 percent of its work force from its Wichita, Kan., headquarters. The company said
Scooter riders in the United States will likely never reach the massive proportions of their European brethren. Scoots buzz through the streets of most Euro burgs
Saxon Motorcycle's European importer and distributor announces that it has gained E.U. approval for two of the company's motorcycles, making the custom
Since its opening in October 2000, the Hatfield-McCoy Trail system has been a boon to the West Virginia economy, a study shows. The Marshall Univers
What do you do when an off-road series opens a new competition class and you have a free weekend and the perfect vehicle to take part? Go racing, of course.
Qualified American Performance Cycle dealers are eligible to receive 12 months of free flooring through GECapital. "We realize that the market is experienc
Guido Ebert
Battling pent-up dealer inventory and a sluggish market, Polaris has been reducing shipments and increasing promotions in attempts to clean up its supply line.
Joe Delmont
Tom Tiller is the first to admit that 2006 was not a good year for Polaris Industries. The company broke its string of 24 consecutive years of record performance
Matthew Camp
EDITOR'S NOTE: Power Products Marketing, a Minneapolis research firm, has been tracking the nontraditional ATV market for nearly 10 years. This market consis
Guido Ebert
Yamaha expects dealers to retail about 233,000 motorcycles and 190,000 ATVs and SSVs this year in North America. Most units will sell in the United States.
Guido Ebert
Do you know where the vehicles you sell come from? Do you know Honda has the capacity to build 75,000 motorcycles and 280,000 ATVs annually in the United States?
While the Chinese manufacturers are quickly playing catch-up with the major OEMs utility-terrain vehicle lines, a company in Georgia has been producing UTVs since
Dennis Johnson
Mike Cunningham joined Triumph Motorcycles in March as leader of its dealer development efforts in the United States. Cunningham comes to the OEMwith more than 30
A trade deal between the governments of the United States and India Harley's big-inch twins could soon be cruising the roads of New Delhi. India relaxed em
An AMA proposal seeks to reduce sound levels at professional and amateur racing events nationwide. The new rules would apply to AMA-sanctioned ATV, Supercross and
Column: Dave Koshollek
Dave Koshollek
In the March issue I wrote about dealerships whose departments work well together. I've never seen a successful store that doesn't have a thriving cross
Column: Jay Williams
Jay Williams
The OEMs often impose a vehicle delivery process on their dealerships. What locks these dealers into this organized, determined process is the customer satisfacti
Column: Joe Delmont
Joe Delmont
Most dealers seem to be in better shape with ATV inventories this year than at the same time last year, based on surveys conducted by two investment firms that tr
Column: Mike Vaughan
Mike Vaughan
Ever wonder why there's such a paucity of information in our industry about retail sales? Why is it such a secret? What difference would it make if Honda kne
Suzuki is recalling about 3,500 2007 QuadSport Z90 ATVs. The OEM says the bushing pivot mount boss on the left and right suspension arm may not have
Polaris Industries is recalling about 2,700 2006 FS Classic, FS Touring, FST Classic, FST Touring and FST Switchback snowmobiles. The company says the right and l
Universal Engineering, Temecula, Calif., is recalling roughly 48 Radius Triple Clamps sold as an aftermarket part for certain make and models of motocross bikes.
Column: Eric Anderson
Eric Anderson
Do youngsters mega-tasking at lightning speeds irritate you? These tweens to 20-somethings could be called the Constant Stimulation Generation. They're pulsa
Column: Todd Shafer
Todd Shafer
This column begins a series on promoting your e-commerce website. Let's ease into the world of advertising by dealing first with the offline advertising you&