Dealernews - November 01, 2008

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Brea California Powersports dealer Diversity Outdoor sports Niche marketing Ducati Triumph Victory Powersports dealer Tom Hicks'
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Guido Ebert
dealer meeting sales meeting seminar conference product knowledge American suzuki held its annual dealer meeting in late September. Suzuki w
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Guido Ebert
Economy Financing Dealer program CREATES PROGRAMS TO AID DEALERS IN TOUGH ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT American Suzuki introduced
Guido Ebert
KTM European motorcycle Austrian motorcycle The National Council of Motorcycle Dealer Associations will hold its annual meeting Feb. 12 in Indianap
Dealer promotion Sales promotion ... goes to Erico Motorsports of Denver, Colo. The politically active Euro dealership is giving 20-percent off no
Guido Ebert
Helmet Helmet law Motorcycle safety Safety gear The Snell Memorial Foundation says changes in testing procedures means that many of the motorc
Guido Ebert
INTERMOT Motorcycle show Motorcycle expo European motorcycles COLOGNE EXPO NETS MORE THAN 200K VISITORS ORGANIZERS OF INTERMOT, the internationa
Powersports regulation PWC ATV Corporate tax rate KENTUCKY The Elkhorn City Council has legalized street use of ATVs during daylight ho
Arlo Redwine
Dealer meeting Sales meeting Dealership support ISSUES "APOLOGY" OVER NINJA 250R SHORTAGE IN U.S. Dealers attending Kawasa
Dealership relations Motorcycle manufacturer OEM Franchise management Product quality remains high, but OEMs still need to work on their servic
Mary Green Slepicka
Distributor update Parts distributor Middleman Economy Say what you want about fred fox and company; they know how to run a business. Long ago
Joe Delmont
Manufacturers, retailers can get in on the action
Clark Vitulli
Motorcycle dealer Mid-sized business Hiring Staffing Business development Training Leadership There's a difference between leaders a
Mike Vaughan
Demographics Customer base Expanding reach Marketing New customers According to motorcycle Industry Council statistical information, motorcycle
Joe Delmont
Street bikes Parts Garments and accessories Sales Import cycles Import scooters Import brands Foreign brands Dealers often assume that
Tracy Harris
Lucas Oil Stadium Dealer Expo Motorcycle show Motorcycle convention RCA Dome Indianapolis Once upon a time, in a building just around the cor
Matthew Camp
Personal watercraft Personal watercraft sales PWC Ski-doo Jetski U.S. Dealers sold about 70,000 personal watercraft units this season, a mas
Steve Zarwell
Sales Advertising Marketing Promotion Financing Bad credit Credit crunch Economy Customer service Service department
Arlo Redwine
Personal watercraft Personal watercraft sales PWC Ski-doo Jetski PWC sales have been falling for years (see previous article), but that didn&ap
Mike Vaughan
Parts Garments and accessories PG&A Motorcycle parts Custom motorcycle Motorcycle accessories Collectibles Restoration The market for
Dave Koshollek
Dirtbike Dirt bike Motorcycle repair Motorcycle maintenance Service Service department Chopper Rebuild Motorcycle restoration I own thr
Online sales Etailing Internet retail Selling online The holiday shopping season is a flurry of activity for consumers, who visi
Todd Shafer
manufacturers competition brand identity sales representatives online selling Every once in a while someone will say to me, "Todd, you&apo
Christy Michaud
How is your dealership conquering the battle for square footage? retail holiday sales holiday display gift display floorspace retail dis