Dealernews - October 01, 2007

Cover Story
David Kopf
If you've ever thrown a leg over a bike, chances are you know of Malcolm Smith. Fans and enthusiasts of the sport have grown up watching the eight-time ISDT
Guido Ebert
American Honda Motor Co. introduced 11 new or updated vehicles in September, bringing the manufacturer's product lineup to nearly 75 models for 2008. Prod
KTM showed its first foray into the ATV market when it revealed its two-model quad line to dealers assembled for the company's annual business meeting. The i
Hattar Motorsports of San Rafael, Calif., is the Top Sales Dealer in the United States for Ducati North America. Not only that, but Hattar is Ducati's Top Sp
Arlo Redwine
Some manufacturers may soon prohibit dealers and Internet retailers from discounting beyond a certain point. Stores that do so anyway could be cut off from orderi
Dennis Johnson
Ducati, Phase Two OEM urges dealers to tap into its retooled market success and lure in those other riders The introduction last year of the 1098 and th
Dennis Johnson
If you ever wondered what kind of motorcycle Batman would ride if he had to buy a showroom bike, Star Motorcycles might have the answer. For 2008, Star introduc
Kawasaki dealers will be selling an updated family of Ninja sportbikes in 2008, a lineup that'll include the radically redesigned 250R and ZX-10R, and an eve
Guido Ebert
Nearly 200 sales representatives for the industry's largest aftermarket distributor assembled in Madison, Wis., for six days in late August to learn about pr
Joe Delmont
What can you do to maintain — or even increase — earnings at your dealership as the overall market for motorcycles and ATVs continues to soften? To fi
Column: Mike Vaughan
Mike Vaughan
Alot of issues are bubbling up, and while consumers, the AMA and the MIC seem to be the ones taking them on, most of you dealers seem to be remarkably silent, or
Column: Steve Zarwell
Steve Zarwell
As I am writing this, the Dow Jones index has fallen, secondary lending institutions are folding, and the nation's largest prime-rate lender has had to tap i
Column: Todd Shafer
Todd Shafer
EDITOR'S NOTE: Last month's column introduced some of the whys and whats of search engine optimization (SEO). This month Shafer continues on with the ho
Column: Dave Koshollek
Dave Koshollek
Collision repairs may require dozens upon dozens of different parts to return a wrecked bike to its previous condition. During the wreck repair project it's
Column: Clark Vitulli
Clark Vitulli
Which do you think is a better competitive situation to be in: a large metropolitan market or a single-point town? It all boils down to what makes s
Column: Joe Delmont
Joe Delmont
About a year ago, some of the folks at Yamaha began thinking of ways to help their dealers help themselves. The market continues to soften, so the timing couldn&a
Column: Dennis Johnson
Dennis Johnson
When l decided to head off to college after a false career start (several, actually) years ago, I suddenly found myself associating with people nearly 10 years my