Dealernews - October 01, 2008

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Guido Ebert
Flagstaff Arizona powersports dealer diversity outdoor sports mountains Flagstaff, Ariz., is the government seat for Coconino County, whic
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Dennis Johnson
Scooter scootering electric scooter gas scooter fuel economy gas prices LAST MONTH MY COLLEAGUE Guido Ebert brought up the issue of small-
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Guido Ebert
KTM european motorcycle Austrian motorcycle KTM wants to clean up its existing floor stock, and then get its dealers moving on streetbike sales.
Mary Green Slepicka
e-tailing online selling aftermarket parts online shopping E-commerce has arrived. last month launched an online porta
Joe Delmont
imports foreign motorcycle scooters economic crunch economic development DALLAS SEEMS TO BE a strange neighborhood for the invasion of small
Mike Vaughan
law enforcement traffic speed limit gas prices fuel efficiency AS I WRITE THIS, the price of oil is tumbling. It closed today at $109 per ba
Eric Anderson
budgeting sales window shopping attracting customers spending habits THE TWO DECISION-MAKERS of a household usually need to be present simul
Clark Vitulli
motorcycle dealer mid-sized business hiring staffing business development DO YOU OWN OR MANAGE a Tweener dealership? No, it's not one o
Steve Zarwell
advertising marketing promotion financing bad credit credit crunch economy IT'S NO SURPRISE that the biggest challenge facing our i
Don J. Brown
scooter electric scooter scooter sales Vespa Piaggio MotoGuzzi Vectrix And can we avoid the issue of age? Is the average age of owners of m
Tracy Harris
Lucas Oil Stadium Dealer Expo motorcycle show motorcycle convention RCA Dome Indianapolis The future is something which everyone reaches at
Dennis Johnson
parts garments and accessories PG&A motorcycle parts custom motorcycle motorcycle accessories WHILE MOST OF THE SALES REPS GATHERED for W
Guido Ebert
parts garments and accessories PG&A motorcycle parts custom motorcycle motorcycle accessories AS WE REPORTED LAST MONTH in "Speed Read," Tucker Roc
Dennis Johnson
dirtbikes street bikes parts garments and accessories sales OK, YES, DIRTBIKE SALES ARE DOWN. Just last month our own Don J. Brown's AT
Dave Koshollek
dirtbike dirt bike motorcycle repair motorcycle maintenance service service department When you have to deliver bad news to a customer, it&ap
Christy Michaud
retail holiday sales holiday decorations holiday display gift display selling gifts seasonal selling The retail marketplace is (and alwa
Todd Shafer
manufacturers competition brand identity sales representatives online selling I'M DIRECTING THIS COLUMN to both the OEMs and the aftermark