Dealernews - October 01, 2009

Arlo Redwine
  David Damron’s office isn’t what you’d expect. It’s small, has no windows and is tucked away from his retail store. The desk is s
Rick Fairless
I HAVE VISITED MANY motorcycle shops around the country and often I have the same reaction: Who is running this place? Why would they have dusty, dirty bikes on t
Guido Ebert
The sour economy has had a negative impact on the entire motorcycle industry, including LeMans Corp., parent company of distributors Parts Unlimited and Drag Spec
research power products marketing go-kart market EDITOR'S NOTE: Power Products Marketing is a Minneapolis research firm that conduct
Dennis Johnson
Western Power Sports president Craig Shoemaker says that despite the troubling economy’s impact on big-ticket sales, an increase in sales of maintenance ite
Michelin now has a brand manager within WPS to assist sales reps and dealers. Jered Coles will also maintain in-house tracking of sales and sales programs for Mic
Dave Koshollek
service department efficient clients sales I KNOW A GUY who's been a service manager for over 20 years (I'll call him "Dude"
Todd Shafer
hiring staff employment online web There are a lot of moving parts in a modern online operation. There's the technical side of things R
WEBSITE PROVIDER 50 Below now offers wider website designs to take advantage of computer screens with higher resolutions. Dubbed the “E-Series,” the s
IF YOU'RE LOOKING to remodel a customer lounge or apparel department, Architectural Systems Inc. has some new flooring options that are worth checking out, ma
Don J. Brown
Don Brown numbers financial outlook I've been busy testing ways to inform readers about when economic recessions or dislocations are about
Don J. Brown
Don brown research state financials This ATV/dirtbike report is based on analysis of available retail sales data through July. These state-by-s
Column: Joe Delmont
Joe Delmont
HOW WOULD YOU like to sit in on a management meeting while the team battles to turn around a faltering dealership — one that lost close to $1 million from i
Column: Mike Vaughan
Mike Vaughan
I CAN'T REMEMBER the precise year that motorcycle sales in the U.S. began to tumble the last time, but 1982 sounds about right. Searching the Internet you ca