Dealernews - October 01, 2012

Dennis Johnson
THERE ARE A COUPLE of general rules for working or living in a space that’s the size of a metaphorical shoebox. The first is minimalism. Pare down your belo
EDITOR'S NOTE: STEVE JOHNSON earlier this year announced his plans to retire in next March after 12 years of running Tucker Rocky Distributing as president an
Joe Delmont
EVEN THOUGH FLORIDA sales of new and used motorcycles through July were off by 1,861 units, or 19 percent, from the same period last year, unit sales at our Deale
Mary Green Slepicka
A COUPLE OF WEEKS ago I received an email from a metric dealer who said the Top 100 competition is “absolutely worthless without having a component that mak
Holly J. Wagner
WHEN RALLY SEASON is in the rearview and weekend rides start getting chilly, a lot of bikes will go into hibernation. Winter can put a chill on hobby riding that
Tory Hornsby
I RECENTLY WAS asked by a dealer in the Midwest what I would do if I were running his dealership. Because that’s such a loaded question, and it’s diff
Bruce Steever
Shorai lithium batteries (above) are reportedly 75 percent lighter than equivalent lead-acid batteries, says the company’s Kevin Riley. Press images courtes
Tracy Martin
Having a digital multimeter is as basic as a 3/8-in. drive ratchet when it comes to any type of electrical work on motorcycles, ATVs and watercraft. Photos by Tra
Dave Koshollek
I WAS REMINDED last week that there are some things we just shouldn’t say — unless we don’t mind pissing off customers and driving business away
Bruce Steever
THERE ARE PLENTY of reasons why menu-selling your Service department’s repair and maintenance offerings is a proven strategy, but dealers should look to use
Mike Vaughan
Mike Vaughan
AS AMAZING AS the development in motorcycles has been, perhaps the changes in riding gear have been even more so. When I began my riding career in earnest back in