Dealernews - September 01, 2013

Genevieve Schmitt
IT'S HARD NOT TO get excited when listening to Bob Parsons talk about his businesses.
Joe Delmont
DESPITE SOME foul weather in Florida during the second quarter, Destination Powersports of Punta Gorda, Fla., posted another strong month in June and rang up some
Mary Green Slepicka
IT'S TIME FOR some shameless self-promotion — which you actually may find interesting.
Rick Fairless
DEAR YOUNG Rickey Fairless, Believe it or not, I am you at 56 years old.
Speed and Strength intros fashion-forward Speed Strong jacket
Beth Dolgner
NO ONE WANTS to be left standing with a lot of odd leftover gear: Boots that would only fit a giant and jackets in colors that match a brand you don’t even
“SAFETY ISN'T SEXY, so it’s really hard to sell safety.”
Bruce Steever
SCHUBERTH HAS BEEN pushing hard over the last few years, unveiling new and updated models every season.
Beth Dolgner
BUILDING GEAR AND apparel displays that attract attention — on the showroom floor and on social media — does not have to mean spending a lot of money
Dave Koshollek
I ATTENDED MY first Born Free motorcycle event in June, and was overwhelmed and overjoyed to see thousands of 20-something guys and gals enjoying the sport of mot