Corbin's Speed Triple dual saddle molds to the rider

HOLLISTER, Calif. — Corbin introduced a leather dual saddle for the 2011 through 2013 Triumph Speed Triple.

The seat is designed to provide contoured support comfort that lasts during even all-day rides, the company says.

Rider fatigue also is reduced due to the Comfort Cell foam material, which combats hot spots, rider slide, and encourages even weight distribution. A “step” in the saddle creates lower back support for the rider up front, all while keeping in line with the bike’s profile.

The company says it will mold to a personalized fit after it’s broken in, which is estimated at about 1,500 miles. The seat installs like a stock seat, and integrates with the Triumph key lock, the company says, but it does not work with the factory seat cowl or tail pack.