Klock Werks' Ergo Bars offer comfort over stock

MITCHELL, S.D. - Klock Werks’ Ergo Bars are designed to replace stock bars and offer a more relaxed, comfortable wrist position for riders.

Available in three different styles, each offering a different riding position. All are noticeably straighter than the OEM bars. The Up version is two inches taller than stock 13 in. height, and sits upright; the Standard is the same height as stock, but with a relaxed wrist position and sportier stance; the Back model is also 2 in. taller and leans back toward the rider.

Klock Werks says all models accept stock controls and housings, and that no extensions are needed. The bars can be fitted with heated grips and are predrilled and slotted for internal wiring.

They will also work with factory ABS. Bars fit 1986-2012 FLHT, FLHX, H-D FL Trike and custom applications. The Ergo Bars are available in black or chrome.

Klock Werks points out that installing the Ergo Bars may limit the use of fairing-mounted mirrors. The degree of limitation depends on the final handlebar position chosen, the company says, adding that some riders prefer to install handlebar-mounted mirrors instead.

Klock Werks press release posted by Dennis Johnson