Motion Pro makes one tool to do the job of several

DEALER EXPO, Indianapolis, Ind. - Certain jobs require specialized tools, of course, but often, each tool is identical except for the specified sizing. 

So if you need a dozen sized tools that are almost the same, why not make one tool that can do the job of many?

Motion Pro (Booth 4829) had the same idea and solved the problem with their new driver sets for bearings and steering heads. Each tool set includes a collection of adapters that allow the tool to service a variety of bearing sizes with a simple change of the tool head, all for MSRPs significantly below the cost of a single OEM bearing driver. The driver sets can be used by hand or in a press and each set includes a range of adaptors that will cover most metric applications.

While you’re there, check out Motion Pro’s clever new BeadPRO tire iron sets. Each pair of levers in designed to work as a set to easily break the bead and then pry the tire from the rim. Available in a durable shop ready version as well as a compact lightweight option for packing on the bike, the BeadPRO and retail for $49.99 and $79.99, respectively.