Shoe that Gold Wing with Avon’s Cobra GL 1800 hoops

STOW, Ohio - Avon Motorcycle Tyres offers up the Cobra GL 1800 tires for Honda’s legendary Gold Wing, the round black rubber designed to meet the demands of the big bike — powerful launches, fast acceleration, hard cornering and hard braking.

According to Avon, when compared the stock tires, the GL 1800 rear tire gives riders an increased load index of 80 to handle nearly 1,000 lbs. The tire features a triple compound that includes a longer-lasting center compound, softer shoulder rubber for improved grip and cornering, and a third compound underneath, that all work together to keep tire temps low and increase mileage.

The six-ply tire incorporates two Aramid belts and a nylon belt to reinforce and stabilize the tire carcass, reduce tire flex and keep things smooth. Force following grooves reportedly transmit energy across the surface of the tire for even wear and longer life.

“It’s important to use a model-specific tire for the Honda Gold Wing 1800 because this bike places rigorous demands on the tires,” said Sukoshi Fahey, Avon’s sales and marketing manager, Avon Tyres. “This bike is fast and powerful. The Cobra GL 1800 tires have been developed with big, solid blocks of rubber to resist irregular wear, the elimination of the center groove for better handling in the wet and on irregular surfaces, and an increased load index for the rear tire.”

?The Cobra GL 1800 tires are available in size 130/70R18 (#90000001167) front, and size 180/60R16 (#90000001418) rear. Both include the popular Cobra snakeskin effect sidewall for the style.

Posted by Dennis Johnson