Staun II tire deflator saves time on the trail

COSTA MESA, Calif. — Coyote Enterprises has upgraded its original automatic tire deflator to make it easier for off-roaders to deflate tires.

The Staun II Automatic Tire Deflator is a twist-on product that fits onto any standard metal or rubber valve system, according to the company. One simply has to start driving with it installed, and it will deflate the tire to the user-set tire pressure, saving valuable time while on the road. The Staun II is automatically designed to shut off when the air pressure reaches the user-adjusted setting.  Settings range from 3 psi to 50 psi.

The Staun II features a manual-start pull ring that allows users to release air pressure buildup throughout the day. It also has a shorter overall height than the original, as well as a “Quick Chuck” that allows users to twist onto the valve system with fewer turns.

The USA-made Staun II comes in packages of four, with a storage pouch, two sets of pressure springs, a Staun sticker and instructions.