WanaRyd Adrenaline wheel features unique finish, 3-D design

CHARLESTON, S.C. - WanaRyd Motorcycle introduces the Adrenaline, a five-spoke 3-D wheel that’s part of the company’s premium line of forged, one-piece billet wheels, the Starkline Series.

According to WanaRyd, this line up features a finish that is said to be totally unique and proprietary to the company. Each wheel in the lineup is 3-D machined, polished, powder coated and then re-machined a final time.

The Starkline Series features six different wheel designs, as well as matching rotors in three different styles and sizes. There are also matching pulleys, which include cush drives. They are available for all 1984 to present Harley-Davidson models, many Victory Motorcycles models and some other metric cruisers.

Posted by Dennis Johnson