Wolfman Luggage designs large-capacity soft saddlebags

DEALER EXPO, Indianapolis, Ind. - Wolfman Luggage has three new soft-sided bags designed for off-road and adventure touring on display in  Booth 838.

They include the large-capacity Rocky Mountain saddlebags, the streamlined Monarch Pass and the small Hoops.

The Rocky Mountain is based on Wolfman’s Expedition saddlebag, utilizing the same mounting and compression system. The largest and most comprehensive bags that Wolfman Luggage has produced to date, Rocky Mountain bags have a capacity of 32-35 liters each and include a removable waterproof liner. They are constructed of custom vinyl-coated ballistic nylon and sewn in-house at Wolfman Luggage. They will retail for $399.

“The idea was to create a large volume soft pack that would compete with hard bags in capacity,” said Wolfman Luggage owner and designer Eric Hougen, who did R&D on the new bag for about a year. “The thing with hard bags is if you go down, there is the potential of hooking an ankle, but with a soft bag there’s a lot more give. It’s got a four-point mounting system to the rack with two straps over the seat, so it doesn’t move and is very stable, but it’s still in the soft case.”

The new Monarch Pass is a simpler, streamlined version of the Rocky Mountain saddlebag with a lower price point, while the new Hoops bag is designed to fit in the hoop of the Wolfman Luggage rack over the rear fender.

Photo by Gary Rohman