Our single biggest multimedia event / promotion annually is "Demo Days," every October.
Chaparral Motorsports launches fan site for Chaparral Honda L&Mc racing team.
Every December, Fay Myers hosts a special kids event with Santa Claus, free food and activities all day.
Our billboard campaign is always consistent, using posters and bulletins.
This year I wanted to do something different on the radio because most radio commercials sound the same.
This spring we partnered with a local radio group in a market area we were looking to target.
When Suzuki announced a 0% promotion earlier this year, we hit the ground running.
Every December, J&L prints over 5,000 calendars to distribute to customers. Now, many companies do calendars – but we do ours a little differently!
Again for this year, our most effective marketing campaign is for our annual Midnight Madness Sale.
The most successful marketing campaign is our November Black Friday and Saturday sale.