Customer Service

Customer service is the only thing that will truly bring them back.
To support our mission to make every visit to Freedom Cycles a memorable experience for our customers, we implemented a series of customer seminars.
The Off-Road Express customer rewards program has several benefits for our customers as well as the dealership.
Our motorcycle delivery process is one of the coolest customer service offerings I’ve ever seen.
We have utilized a customer rewards program called DucBucks for several years.
Our most successful customer service program has been our newly launched customer review program.
We hosted a V-Strom rally this summer.
I like to explain our relationship with our customers as being like a duck on the water.
At Mad River, we feel education for our customers is very important to keep our riders safe and active.
During the cooler months of November through March, Bud's Harley-Davidson holds a series of product or service seminars.