Bayside Harley-Davidson

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2211 Frederick Blvd., Portsmouth, VA
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Type of Retail Business:
Franchised (selling new vehicles)
Maurice Slaughter
General Manager: 
Kevin Johnson
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Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
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Gear, Apparel and Helmets: 
Harley-Davidson and licensed products, VF Imagewear, RK Stratman, MOD, ICON, Vega, Mustang, Sullivans, Daytona Helmets, Bravado, Fulmer, Global.
Harley-Davidson genuine parts and accessories, Vance & Hines, Rush Exhaust, Kuryakyn, Custom Chrome, Tedd's Cycle, Performance Machine, Tucker Rocky, Custom Dynamics.
Parts and Tools: 
Harley-Davidson, Kent Moore, Drag Specalties, Custom Chrome
Custom Chrome
KK Motorcycle Supply
Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties
Tucker Rocky/Bikers Choice
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Total Facility: 
36,000 sq. ft.
18,200 sq. ft.
PG&A Departments: 
9,800 sq. ft.
Service Dept: 
8,200 sq. ft.
Total Acreage: 

Mission Statement

The associates of MS Family Enterprises, Inc. take pride in serving our customers with excellent customer service. Our goal is to exceed their expectations while we continuously provide them with the highest-quality customer service in every department.

We take a great deal of pride in our Harley-Davidson dealership, the products, services and lifestyle we deliver to customers. We are motorcycle enthusiasts and very much enjoy participating in the events and activities sponsored by our dealership and the Harley-Davidson Motor Co.

Showroom Design and Layout

As home to the largest concentration of military installations in the World, our dealership was designed and dedicated to honor our armed services, specifically the U.S. Navy.

The interior of the dealership is a plethora of naval structures and traditions. As a customer enters the store, they are welcomed aboard the USS Bayside. Features include a second floor catwalk reminiscent of an Aircraft Carrier Bridge Wing; watertight doors; Port and Starboard running lights; and a life boat on the sales floor serving as the General Sales Manager's desk. Rooms and offices are named after shipboard places to include "Navigator" for the GM office, "Machine Shop" for the Service Department and the Employee Lounge is called the "Crew's Quarters."

A brass ship's bell hangs prominently on the retail floor just outside the Finance Office. According to Navy tradition, this bell is rung for each arriving and departing sailor. Every new owner gets their chance to ring the bell, announcing their entry into the enthusiasts' family.

The eagles nest in the center of the showroom is home for three American bald eagles. These eagles, full of the boundless spirit of freedom, symbolize the freedom that we enjoy as motorcycle enthusiasts and demonstrates our support of all military personnel, who defend that freedom. Large, life-size photographs such as a sailor returning home from a deployment adorn the walls above the showroom.

We also have a historical section, featuring a 1942 Harley-Davidson U.S. Army WLA. This motorcycle has been fully restored to its original glory, and is prominently displayed near the entrance of the store. Nearby is a Harley-Davidson MT500, a newer version of the military motorcycle. Throughout the dealership store are historical military Harley-Davidson ads, brochures, and posters.

Displayed throughout the showroom floor, there are numerous scale models of aircraft carriers and submarines built in the nearby Naval shipyards in Portsmouth and Norfolk.

We also have a large collection of Elvis Presley military memorabilia, and other items relating to his interest and enjoyment of the Harley-Davidson American Legend.

A flag flown over the USS Ronald Reagan is proudly displayed above the front doors, along with the dedication plaque from the sailors aboard the USS Reagan.

Bayside Harley-Davidson features a spacious showroom filled with Genuine Harley-Davidson Parts and Accessories. The P&A Department features a four-workstation counter, as well as a Chrome Consultant "Design Center" centrally located in the showroom. Our Design Center is surrounded by fixtures with P&A prominently displayed for add-on sales during the bike sales process. In addition, adjacent to the Design Center is the "Fit-Shop" area, specifically designed to demonstrate how the motorcycle can be customized to better "Fit" the customer. The Fit-Shop includes a 2012 FLSTF Fat Boy with interchangeable seats, handlebars, and windshields, to enable our Chrome Consultants to ensure fitment for any customer.

Our showroom features P&A on three walls, and is separated by model class for ease of shopping for our clientele. There are also numerous floor fixtures used to highlight accessories and display items too large for wall display. Travel bags, camping items, and Harley-Davidson touring supplies are all featured. P&A items are also featured in collections, with custom paint and wheel packages grouped with a family of chrome collection packages (flames, skulls, military, Harley Owners Group, etc.).

The Parts Department has a large storage area with a mezzanine level for storage of large items. Service related parts are located in the rear of the department, nearest to the parts to service window. The upper level of storage has a large doorway for forklift access from the main floor. This enables parts for large jobs to be palletized, and then delivered to the technician via fork lift together.

Our Genuine Harley-Davidson MotorClothes & Collectibles are featured near the main entrance to the retail showroom. Numerous vibrant and diverse displays showcase everything from quality leather products, men’s & women's clothing, outerwear, riding gear, gifts and collectibles, and of course our exclusive collectible T-shirts.

We have a “Man Cave” display area, where we display neon clocks and signs, bar equipment, glassware, tin and mirrored signs, and many other items boldly displaying the Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield. The centerpiece of the display is a Harley-Davidson mobile bar, complete with glassware, drink mixing set and bar mats and towels.

We also have a camping area display compete with pop-up tent, hammock, and portable fire pit. Folding chairs are positioned around the fire pit, so the customers can have a seat and contemplate the peace and tranquility of being among all their favorite Harley-Davidson motorcycles and merchandise.

Service Department

Our Service Department is located on the west side of the dealership visible from the interstate, and is designed for up to 16 technicians. The large "Bayside Performance Center" signage welcomes all customers to our state-of- the-art facility. We have three service write-up stations located just inside an automatic sliding service door entrance.

The write-up area features a ride-in, drop-off area, so that our customers can ride their bikes directly up to the write-up counters, which is invaluable during periods of inclement weather. The write-up areas also have "no-cost" installation P&A items prominently displayed as well as daily or weekly service specials to promote add-on sales.

Inside our spacious Service Department, each technician's work area features Harley-Davidson orange and black workbenches, motorcycle lifts, floor mats, and tear-down racks. Our Service Performance Center is located between our Service Department and Customer Lounge. Customers can watch through huge glass windows as Factory-Trained Technicians service their motorcycles.

Our specially designed Dyno room is visible from three sides and is co-located with the Service Writer area, Rentals Department, and customer lounge. Video displays throughout the customer lounge and store show the performance output measured by the Dyno in real time. We also have a centralized oil bar, where fluids are dispensed remotely by the Parts-to-Service Associate.

Our dedicated Parts-to-Service Associate pulls parts needed for repair orders, and delivers them directly to the technician's workbench. This allows the technician to concentrate their efforts on the motorcycles on their respective lifts. Computerized time clocks allow the technicians to clock on and off of work orders at their respective workbenches to minimize loss time.

Our Shop Foreman has a station centralized within the service area, allowing him to assign work, supervise floor traffic and technician activities, and constantly assess the progress of the departments' daily workload.

Our 4,000 sq. ft. storage area features three-level motorcycle storage on two sides. This area permits pre-staging of motorcycles in for repairs or customization, streamlines the movement of customer units through the Service Department, and reduces time lost trying to locate a specific bike.

Our Service Department opens at 8 a.m. daily, an hour before normal store hours, so that customers can drop off their motorcycles before their normal workday. Our Service Department also features a "Fast-Trak" for same day routine maintenance services, oil changes, and basic accessories installation. The combination of Fast-Trak services and early drop-off hours permit our customers to drop-off their motorcycles on the way to work, and pick them up on the way home.

Training and Employee Motivation Practices

We have a monthly orientation and training session as well as a 90-day orientation review for all new associates. The sessions are conducted by our chief operating officer, who is fully versed in all policies and procedures, and can offer insight and advice for specific concerns. New associates are provided with a comprehensive listing of suggested or required training, complete benefits package, an Associate Handbook, and a copy of their job description.

Our ongoing employee training program includes formal in-classroom on and off-site training as well as online training. Each Service Technician is sent to a Technical Service School annually. We also utilize motivational speakers familiar to the motorcycle industry to reinforce enthusiasm, positive attitudes and persistence during difficult economical times.

Associates are required to keep up-to-date with all Harley-Davidson University (HDU) online training as well as to attend any on-site training. We frequently ask our associates with an expertise in a certain area, to provide training at our other dealerships. With multiple dealerships, this sharing of expertise helps to promote teamwork among all dealerships and builds camaraderie among all of our staff.

The goals of our training program include improving the responsiveness and effectiveness of our employees; linking regular customer feedback to quality service improvement plans; and promoting a customer base that is more informed and ready to purchase.

We meet this goal through continuous employee training, coaching, mentoring, and measuring by means of customer feedback. Some of the methods we utilize for monitoring our customer service are independent call centers, corporate and in-house customer satisfaction surveys, in-house customer call-backs, recorded phone conversations, and role-playing.

Employees and department managers are empowered to resolve customer issues and concerns as they arise. This approach enhances the overall customer experience at our dealership by reducing the number of personnel a customer must express their concerns to before arriving at a resolution.

We carefully hire people, train them extensively so they have the knowledge and skills to achieve the service standards, and then empower them to work on behalf of customers, whether inside or outside the organization. Employees are recognized and rewarded for their service accomplishments, sometimes individually, sometimes as a group effort, in particular celebrating the successes of employees who go one step beyond the expected actions for their customers.

Incentive activities include in-store competitions, recognition programs and special pay programs.

Bike Build-Off: We also have a Spring and Fall Bike Build-off, where the MotorClothes, Parts, Service, and Sales Department personnel put their heads together, and create unique custom bikes that are then judged by customers and senior management. The winning department receives a department-exclusive award from dinner on the dealership to most recently, a night of go-cart racing at a local facility.

Top HOG Competition: Initially, an associate was selected by the department managers who best represented the core values of customer service. Each month, the previous months' selected associate must pick a new recipient of the award, and present the individual with the award and explain the reasons for their selection at the monthly all associate meeting.

We also have a monthly Associate of the Month recognition program, with the selected associate receiving recognition on a plaque displayed in the showroom and a reserved parking spot for the month.

All incentive plans are all goal-oriented and reality-based. We develop these goals and incentives based on current market trends and historical sales data. All incentive plans are reviewed on a monthly basis and refined to meet the current market trends. Special incentives are put in place to respond to specific sales goals such as a model of motorcycle that is not selling, MotorClothes or P&A that are slow or non-movers, or on finance products that are not meeting sales goals.

We also have special incentive pay plans for customer service and satisfaction surveys. We utilize programs such as mystery shops to evaluate our staffs’ customer service, and reward those who achieve an overall score of 95 percent or higher.

Through our training programs, employee and departmental incentives and team approach, we achieve cohesiveness among our employees to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. This has resulted in our numerous awards of the Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield Award, a program that recognizes outstanding customer service and satisfaction as evidenced by customer service questionnaires received by the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. MS Family has received the Bar & Shield Award from Harley-Davidson Motor Company in 13 of our 14 years of business.

Commitment to Customer Service

We work hard at MS FAMILY, however we also have fun. We provide training and management support/guidance to ensure our employees are comfortable making the day-to-day decisions necessary to run our business profitably, while serving our customers.

As previously outlined in the Mission Statement and Staff Training sections, our focus is on Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction. Our primary goal as outlined in our Mission Statement, is to exceed our customer’s expectations while we continuously provide them with the highest quality customer service in every department.

As part of our focus on customer service during a difficult economy, and through feedback from our staff and customers, we have developed and implemented several customer service programs to allow us to continue to improve services to our customers.

One of the most important is our Military Customer Care Program. Many of our customers are Active Duty personnel who deploy frequently, or even purchase their bikes through Overseas Military Sales and have them delivered at our dealership upon their return. We instituted the Military Customer Care plan which includes communicating with the deployed military personnel via email or other social media. Through these services, deployed personnel can discuss additional finance product offerings, dealership location and services provided, as well as ordering parts and accessories, MotorClothes and riding gear, and have their bikes customized and/or serviced before they return home.

Fast-Trak Service Lane: Our Service Department now opens at 8 a.m. daily, an hour before normal store hours, so that customers can drop off their motorcycles before their normal work day. Our Service Department also features a "Fast-Trak" for same day routine maintenance services, oil changes, and basic accessories installation. The combination of Fast-Trak services and early drop-off hours permit our customers to drop-off their motorcycles on the way to work, and pick them up on the way home.

In-House Poker Run: All customers purchasing a new or used motorcycle complete and in-house poker run. Each department serves as a poker run stop, and has a unique gift for the customer. The salesperson walks the customer to each department and introduces them to a department associate. The associate congratulates the customer, presents the customer with a gift, and has the customer draw a playing card. The card is then recorded on the poker run form, and the customer is walked to the next department and introduced. After the customer has completed the poker run, dependent on their poker hand, they could win prizes from a free t-shirt to a $500 gift certificate. Upon completion of the deal, the customer is asked to "ring the bell," a Ship's Quarterdeck Bell mounted immediately outside the finance office. When the bell is heard, staff and customers alike shout aloud, applaud and greet the new owner to the Harley-Davidson family.

Customer Callbacks: All customers of our Sales and Service departments are logged into a customer database, and are then contacted by an independent agency to assess their satisfaction of services provided by our dealership. Followup calls are also made by individual salesmen and service consultants. This program provided concise and timely feed back to management, and provides positive reinforcement of exceptional customer service.

Customer Passport: All customers purchasing a new or used motorcycle receive a Preferred Customer Passport Rewards booklet with over $1,500 in coupons. The passport booklet includes coupons and certificates good for free seminars, free weekday rentals, free 10-point pre-trip check-ups, discounts on safety gear, MotorClothes, and Parts & Accessories, and free tire changes and State Inspections.

Customer Lounge: Our Customer Lounge was redesigned for customer comfort and convenience. It features a 40" LCD TV, Harley-Davidson leather couches, Cafe tables and chairs, spacious and clean restrooms, and a self-service vending area complete with complimentary coffee and snacks. During the winter months we have "Hot Soup Saturdays", where our Associates prepare a different hot soup for our visitors each Saturday. Complimentary hot dogs are available every weekend. A computer is provided for customer utilization, as well as WiFi access for customer laptops and other electronic devices. Waiting Service customers can look through the large windows into our Fast-Trak service bays, and watch the technician performing the service or installation on their motorcycle.

All of these programs, coupled with the ongoing training and customer service oriented goals, allow us to achieve high levels of consistently excellent customer service throughout all departments of the dealership.

Involvement in the Community

Bayside Harley-Davidson is a community leader in the Hampton Roads area, and was selected as the 2010 and 2011 Small Business of the Year for the city of Portsmouth by the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce. This selection was based on financial performance and business history, staff training and motivation, community involvement and development, business plan, growth, and customer service and satisfaction.

The dealership has assisted in raising over $2 million in donations since opening in 1998. The dealership is active in assisting local organizations to expand or improve services to the community through fundraisers and charitable events. This involvement in the local and regional communities brings motorcycling and motorcyclists in touch with people from all walks of life.

In 2013, Bayside Harley-Davidson continued to increase our support of charities due to the economical hard times that have affected everyone, specifically so many small charitable organizations. Bayside hosted more than 40 charity fund-raising events to benefit the local community to include the SPCA, homeless shelters, and Project Life-Saver (a program for locating and rescuing missing persons). Bayside Harley-Davidson also hosted on-site events for local chapters of National Charities for the March of Dimes, American Diabetes Association, Muscular Dystrophy Association, and the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society.

Bayside Harley-Davidson also sponsored more than 100 community events such as local police and fire department annual fundraisers, military organization recognition and awards events, church and school activities, and charity golf tournaments.

The dealership is also a leader in promoting Motorcycle Awareness and Motorcycle Safety Training through hosting the region's only dealership sponsored Virginia Motorcycle Safety Foundation Motorcycle Safety Course. The course is located on-site and is visible from the interstate, which demonstrates our commitment to motorcycle safety to all who pass by.

Active in local business organizations, senior management personnel are board members of the Portsmouth Division, Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce and Portsmouth Partnership. These organizations articulate business viewpoints in the public arena and strive to be the region's primary source of information about business issues. They also strive to improve our local economy by helping existing businesses to expand, by working with partners to improve the local workforce, networking opportunities, educational programs, cost-saving employee benefit programs, marketing tools and other services to fill the needs of our business members and contribute to measurable growth for them and their employees.

The following is a partial list of organizations of events supported by Bayside Harley-Davidson to date in 2014:
Ride for Autism; Breast Cancer Foundation Poker Run, Alzheimer's Association Poker Run, Food Bank of Eastern
Virginia Thanksgiving Food Drive, Make-a-Wish Foundation, Special Olympics, Orphan Helpers Fund Drive, Toys for Tots, Disabled American Veterans, Tidewater Autistic Outreach, Portsmouth Humane Society, Children's
Hospital of the Kings Daughters, Western Branch Primary School, Christopher Academy, Hampton Roads Supply
Corps Association, Sherry Parker Memorial Fund, Susan G. Komen Foundation, Corinth Baptist Church, The
Elizabeth River Foundation, Portsmouth Museum Foundation, Hampton Roads Crime Line and Bon Secours
Maryview Foundation.
Bayside Harley-Davidson received the following Awards and recognitions during 2013:
  • #1 NEW Harley-Davidson retailer in the State of Virginia.
  • DealerNews Top 100 Dealership.
  • Powersports "Power 50" Dealership.
  • Harley-Davidson Financial Services "Top Military Sales" Award Recipient.
  • Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield Award "Honorable Mention" Recipient.