Beartooth Harley-Davidson/Buell

Dealer Website:
6900 S Frontage Road, Billings, MT
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Type of Retail Business:
Franchised (selling new vehicles)
Barry M. Usher
General Manager: 
Barry M. Usher
Years in Business: 
Gear, Apparel and Helmets: 
Bell, RK Stratman, Global Licensed Merchandise, Stamper Jewelry, HJC, Genuine Harley-Davidson/Buell, Maui Jim Performance Eyewear, Road House, Wolverine, Bulova, Wiley X, Jostens
Genuine Harley-Davidson/Buell, Parts Unlimited, Tucker Rocky, Kuryakyn, Barnett
Parts and Tools: 
Parts Unlimited, Kuryakyn, Fat Baggers, Performance Machine, RC Components, Renegade Wheel
Helmet House
Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties
Tucker Rocky/Bikers Choice
Western Power Sports (WPS)
Average Age: 
43 to 52
Total Facility: 
39,000 sq. ft.
15,000 sq. ft.
PG&A Departments: 
10,000 sq. ft.
Service Dept: 
14,000 sq. ft.
Total Acreage: 

Mission Statement

Mission Statement: The mission of Beartooth Harley-Davidson/Buell is to provide quality products and customer service in an enthusiastic atmosphere while striving to exceed expectations. To create a positive experience that is memorable for a lifetime.

Showroom Design and Layout

Beartooth Harley-Davidson/Buell's showroom is clean and well-lit with state-of-the-art, energy efficient overhead lighting. There’s a customer lounge equipped with oversized black soft leather couches, a television, and coffee bar — this creates an inviting environment which allows customers the opportunity to relax while they wait for service, or a shopping spouse, or if they just want to duck in to cool off on a hot summer day, or warm up on a cold rainy one. The open, airy showroom floor features all bike models that are grouped by family. This complements the sales process by assisting the associates in helping customers (new and returning) to easily compare the features and attributes when searching for "just the right bike."

The General Merchandise (MotorClothes), and Parts & Accessories (complete with the "Chrome Consultant")  departments all border the showroom floor. General Merchandise stocks the latest releases for all riders — from basic wants and needs to advanced riding gear — jewelry, hair accessories, sunglasses, children’s wear, boots, chaps, vests, gloves, jackets, helmets and much, much more. In the Parts and Accessories department, customers can purchase parts for repairs or choose to customize with ease, utilizing the skill and knowledge of the Parts Manager and Associates. Should aesthetics be the focus, the Chrome Consultant (worth his weight in chrome) assists each rider in reflecting his/her own unique character and riding personality by ordering the correct bike/model part once a choice has been made. 

Service Department

With 12 motorcycle lifts in a 14,000 sq. ft. Service Shop that is well-lit, spacious and accommodating, one of the most specialized features of the Service Department is the Dyno dynamometer. Located in a separate well ventilated room, with a window in which waiting customers can watch technicians at work, the Dyno creates a huge visual impact at the dealership. Although customers are advised that Service Department technicians are well-trained and proficient in the application of the latest technology and techniques, when they actually see our techs at work, there's little doubt that their motorcycles are in the best of hands. Notwithstanding is the Service Department's warehouse, which is temperature-controlled, providing a cozy nest for all Beartooth Harley-Davidson motorcycles or "winter guests." Should clear weather prevail, customers may call ahead and have their bike brought out of storage for a brisk winter ride to clear the senses!

Training and Employee Motivation Practices

All associates undergo extensive orientation and training programs throughout the season. The training is geared to help them become more knowledgeable about their own departments, as well as provide them with a solid working knowledge of products in other departments — cross-training is imperative, as it enables each employee to assist each customer, and in doing so, begin the process of fulfilling customer wants and needs.

Further, it ensures that the customers are exposed to the full range of products and services offered by the dealership (whether they’re in for a gas cap, a change of oil, or a new leather coat). Upon the first week of hire, all employees undergo Orientation Training that includes an overview of Harley-Davidson’s history, Functional Components, and Operational Procedures Training commensurate with each of their departments and positions. Product Knowledge and Soft Skills training follows, which assists employees in learning the art of building customer rapport, as well as promoting positive personal encounters, and honing customer recovery techniques. Once complete, employees receive hands-on training utilizing techniques learned under the watchful eye of departmental coaches or managers.

Beartooth Harley-Davidson/Buell provides employee incentive activities that include handing out “Ten Spots,” while associates are out in the general public, involved in activities outside the work place. A “Ten Spot” is a business card-sized incentive card that drives traffic back to the store by allowing the recipient $10 off general merchandise when the card is redeemed (some exclusions apply). The associate with the most cards redeemed for the month receives either a day off with pay, or a dollar amount credited to his/her account. Most Customers Referrals is another successful employee incentive activity wherein the winner of this contest (with the most customer vehicle purchases) also wins a day off with pay, or a dollar amount credited to his/her account. Team incentives are also rewarded wherein the collective team members are rewarded with money on each of their accounts if they reach a prescribed goal together — this encourages team cooperation rather than individual competition.

Commitment to Customer Service

The philosophy of Beartooth Harley-Davidson/Buell associates is to "go above and beyond the call of duty" when providing customer service. It’s not uncommon for the dealership to pick up stranded riders and their bikes, and trailer them back to the dealership (free of charge). If needed, hotel accommodations and transportation are arranged, a pizza may be ordered, or, in the case of accidents, the service department does its utmost to provide quick repair quotes to expedite assistance and authorizations.

Beartooth Harley associates pride themselves on being knowledgeable about the dealership, the products, and the riding lifestyle, which is the catalyst for their easygoing, open and friendly attitudes toward customers — the associates “walk the walk," and are thus in tune with customers' frames of mind and reference (even in the most trying of circumstances).

The dealership’s customer service goal coincides with its mission statement “To create a positive experience that is memorable for a lifetime.” Achieving that goal is best explained by the positive actions and attitudes of the dealerships’ associates each day. They have undergone training by nationally renowned team-building and customer service expert John DiJulius, and put that training to work daily. Turning an unhappy customer into a customer for life by clarifying miscommunication, correcting the problem, and delivering a bike by 8 a.m. over 300 miles away (free of charge) is a key example.

Lastly, sending “Happy Birthday,” “Happy Anniversary” and “Get Well Soon” cards allows employees to provide customers with a personal touch that demonstrates the dealership cares about them and their families as individuals, not just paying customers.

Involvement in the Community

Sitting adjacent to Interstate 90, with four acres of prime location, Beartooth Harley-Davidson/Buell is the perfect place for the dealership, local nonprofit groups, and members of the motorcycling community, to host events. Accordingly, we have a simplified community involvement philosophy, which is “To give help where help is needed, whenever and wherever possible.” With that philosophy in practice, Beartooth Harley hosted a record number 55 scheduled events that were annual and/or pre-planned events, as well as a host of unscheduled events (most for non-profit organizations and charities), which were hosted either in lieu of giving donations, or to help with an immediate need in the community.

Beartooth Harley Davidson’s community involvement goal is twofold: a) to raise money and awareness at events, and b) to measure the events’ success and impact within the community. Both are measured by the culmination of factors as follows: 1) the amount of money raised; 2) the attendance rate and heightened awareness of guests, 3) feedback in the local media and chatter on web and Facebook sites, and most importantly, 4) whether or not the event is worth repeating. All events are summarized at conclusion, and findings filed for future reference.

EXAMPLE OF SCHEDULED EVENT: Annual “Munchie Bowl.” Businesses and community members (contestants) are invited to bring their favorite Super Bowl snacks and appetizers, and compete for prizes. A $3 fee is collected at the door from “Munchie Bowl” participants, which allows them to taste test and vote for their favorite munchie. Prize drawing tickets are given away throughout the day, and prizes awarded to “Munchie Bowl” contestant winners. Door proceeds are donated to the Billings Public Schools Student Need Fund, which “. . . provides young people in need with the tools and basic necessities to remain and succeed in school and to show them their community cares.”

EXAMPLE OF UNSCHEDULED EVENT: In the late summer, two gentlemen came into the dealership looking for input on how to host a poker run for a young woman who was fighting breast cancer. By the end of the day "Ashleigh’s Fight Like A Girl Run (F.L.A.G. Run)" was born — the route mapped, poker stops contacted, activities planned, patches designed, and the date set for 10 days later. The run turned out to be one of the biggest the dealership hosted for the season, and breast cancer awareness was raised within the minds of every rider in that group, and all stops along the way. Over $2,500 (cash) was presented to Ashleigh at the close of the day.