Bob Weaver Motorsports & Marine, Inc.

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3400 Niagara Falls Blvd., N Tonawanda, NY
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Type of Retail Business:
E-Tailer, Franchised (selling new vehicles), Used Vehicle Dealer
Bob Weaver
General Manager: 
Mike Weaver
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
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Gear, Apparel and Helmets: 
Icon, River Road, Speed & Strength, Castle, Arai, HJC, Vega, Fly, Fox, AGV, Kabuto
Scott, Pro Taper, 100%, Kuryakyn, GYTR, Polaris, Victory, Ducati, Honda, Yamaha, Moose, Warn, Tamarack
Parts and Tools: 
OEMs (Ducati, EBR, Honda, Polaris, Victory, Yamaha)
Custom Chrome
Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties
Tucker Rocky/Bikers Choice
Western Power Sports (WPS)
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Total Facility: 
32,500 sq. ft.
20,000 sq. ft.
PG&A Departments: 
5,000 sq. ft.
Service Dept: 
7,500 sq. ft.
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Mission Statement

ALWAYS treat the customer the way YOU want to be treated.

ALWAYS wear a smile!

ALWAYS greet every customer you see.

Showroom Design and Layout

One half of our showroom was designed by Barb Miller from Polaris. It has dedicated walkways with different colored tiles that take the customer around the showroom on their way to the parts, accessories and service. It has a main focal point display that is changed many times a year. It is a bright and clean area with lots to look at whether it is displays, chrome, accessories or nostalgia items, like old gas pumps, old motorcycles and snowmobiles.  Most of all it is a friendly place to be. The coffee is always hot, fresh and free! The addition was designed in-house by employees, so everyone had a say in it. Using the same types of tile and slat wall but with a red accent for Honda as opposed to the blue accent on the Polaris/Yamaha side.

Service Department

Service has access for the customers from both the showroom and a direct outside entrance with a drive-up covered entrance for write-ups and loading/unloading. Our Service Department had 10 lifts/work stations, and six more were added so each tech has two lifts, to save time and money. We also added a full-size two-post automotive style lift for side-by-sides, which has been a HUGE time saver.  All work stations are equipped with benches, air, electric and exhaust removal system. Our service department is designed with two large garage doors at both ends of the shop. This was an extra investment when we built the building, but it made it easier for the service technician to drive right thru. It also adds an impressive view of the service department when the customer rolls up and the doors are open (the “WOW” factor). Our service managers along with all our technicians are dressed in uniforms for that professional look. We call each customer the next day after pick-up to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We are 5 Star Gold certified and the ONLY Gold Pro Yamaha Dealer in New York State (just one of 32 dealerships in the country).  We are also Yamaha High Output CSI for watercraft.  We are MSD certified with Polaris.  Last year we offered motorcycle and PWC winter storage. That worked out very well and we are expanding the storage space for this year. Not only did we find a new profit center in storage, but it created service work over the winter and in the spring getting ready, including detailing the customers' units.

Training and Employee Motivation Practices

We motivate employees by instilling a winning attitude. When the customer is happy, we all win. The entire store is committed to and works together as a team to achieve the Pro Yamaha Gold, Yamaha High Output CSI status and benefits.  
Every week we have sales meeting with the Sales Team, but more importantly we have monthly town hall meetings with all employees. At these meeting we go over sales, parts and service volume and profit for the previous month. Most important, we go over customer comments that came off of CSI Sales and Service Surveys.  
Here are some examples what our customers say:
  • “The sale associates treated you with respect and they took my likes and dislikes to heart, they knew what I wanted just from listening to me … GREAT JOB!!! I enjoy riding”
  • “I love the fact that the dealership worked with me on what was best for me and not just making a sale.  They made me feel like I was their only customer.”
  • “The staff was very pleasant and welcoming.  Made me feel as if I was part of the staff.”
  • “I actually got to deal with the owner of the whole shop.  He and his staff had amazing knowledge of ALL the bikes and made me feel like I made the best decision.”
We always give credit where it’s due, but never criticize in front of the group. Our employees are always involved in all our promotions and they come up with a lot of the ideas which help us. EVERYONE in our store participates in the Pro Yamaha. Yamaha High Output CSI and STAR Specialist training and we all work together as a team to win that award.  
Besides being #5 in the country in extended service contracts, we have moved into selling pre-paid maintenance and tire and wheel protection. We pay our salespeople $50 per contract. This has resulted in the sales team making more money along with the dealership. We are currently running a Year-To-Date Yamaha Extended Service penetration of 86 percent on motorcycles and 54 percent on ATVs.  
We have employee Demo Days for ATV’s, snowmobiles and watercraft.  That way ALL employees can talk the talk and have fun too.  This way our employees are not only book smart from what they read, they know the feel of the machine from being on it.  
We have a win-win attitude: when the store wins, everyone wins and benefits. We look for ideas from all employees when we are having an event or promotion.  Everyone was involved in our award winning “Get Out and Ride” display and open house. Employees can better connect with the customers if they are part of the concept or idea.  

Commitment to Customer Service

Our customers are not really customers but friends and are treated like friends by all employees. It is very simple: smile and say “hello” and treat the customer the way you would want to be treated. All managers as well as parts department employees are empowered to make the necessary decisions to take care of the customer and make them happy. You just need to listen to the customer then ask what would you like me to do, and then come to some mutual ground that makes the customer happy.

What makes us feel so strongly about this and makes us unique and different is we will take action on the customer’s behalf regardless of support from the manufacturer. In some cases, you might have to wait weeks for an answer as to whether the manufacturer will help the customer. That’s UNACCEPTABLE!  We will do whatever is necessary to correct the situation immediately.

On our most current Sales and Delivery Survey Summary the top three reasons customers picked for purchasing at our store this year continues to be the same as previous years:

  1. I felt welcomed at the dealership
  2. Honest and friendly dealership personal
  3. Dealership reputation.

We recently had two customers with service issues. The first one had a Polaris ATV that was out of warranty by well over eight months and the rear end seals had started leaking. We called the customer and he authorized the repairs but when he came to pick it up he got quite mad and vocal. After listening to his reasoning I simply stated that the manufacturer's warranty would not cover this repair because he was eight months out of warranty. I then asked him what did he think was fair?  His response was he would pay the labor $180 if we would credit him the parts $30. I agreed and everyone was happy.  

The second customer purchased a brand new 2010 Polaris 550 XP EPS.  He had it for one day and put only five miles on it when the bolt on the timing gear backed out and did lots of damage to the motor. The customer was very mad because not only was his new ATV blown up, but the parts were not all available. It was very simple. What I would want to happen in this situation if that were my ATV? I’d want a replacement. We called the customer and told him we were going to replace his ATV with a new one but it would take a few days since we had to go across the state to pick one up. He was ecstatic!  He said “that is exactly what I wanted to hear."  It is easy to take care of the customer if you put yourself in your customer’s shoes.  

Involvement in the Community

Our philosophy is to get in front of as many enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts (potential enthusiast) as possible. To achieve this, we do as many non-enthusiast events as we do enthusiast events. Some of the community involvement is as follows: Spring open house, Retro Saturday, Dunlop Motorcycle Charity Ride, PWC Poker Run, ATV Demo Days, Cool Fall Days Open House and Warehouse Sale, Snowmobile /ATV Grass Drags, Hot Winter Nights, Spring Bike Blessing, Customer Appreciation Day, Sponsor a STAR Chapter and have bi-monthly rides from our store. 

We had displays in banks, food stores, liquor stores, convenience stores, car dealerships, casinos and malls.  We also displayed at local field days, weekly cruise nights, craft shows and at union halls. We made ATVs available to youth hockey leagues, volunteer fire companies and gun clubs to raffle off. We gave away scooters to Camp Good Days and Special Times and Make-A-Wish Foundation to be raffled off. We loaned Rangers for use at charity races and marathons.

We take loads of pictures of our customers at every event and post them on our Facebook page and our web site. This creates tremendous goodwill at virtually no cost.  

We try to be active with all our customers in all aspects or our business. Here are the three events that helped us achieve our goal:

  1. Our biggest event and the one that brings the largest number of people to our store is the Spring Open House. We had thousands of customers come through the store and we sold ten of thousands of dollars of merchandise in our warehouse sale along with 132 motorcycles and ATVs. Customers love it when they are allowed in the service department or warehouse which normally might not be accessible to them. Our warehouse is sort of a museum with lots of old snowmobiles and motorcycles on display on pallet racking above our used units.
  2. We held a Retro Saturday event with a Vintage Bike Show and Poker Run. We judged and awarded trophies to the different classes. We served free food and had over 100 Vintage bikes show up. For the show, all of the employees wore retro shirts of all brands. We gave away free T-shirts to any customer wearing an old retro shirt. This was a very fun event and brought lots of new faces into our store. As a matter of fact, no event we have ever had brought as many new faces into our dealership as this Retro Ride and Show.
  3. Again this year, we were one of the sponsors for the Dunlop Tire Charity Ride this past September. We were the third stop in a four-stop ride. The first stop was at a Triumph dealership, second stop was at a Honda dealership, third stop was at our store and the last stop was at a Harley dealership and then back to the Dunlop Tire Plant for a show, refreshments and a band. I wanted to be different so for our stop we cooked and gave out free hot dogs and pop. The riders were hungry and while eating, roamed through our dealership.  They were very appreciative and we got a lot of goodwill from this. And again this year the Harley dealer closed at 3 p.m. and we stayed open and served hot dogs until 5 p.m. More than 530 bikes participated in this ride and we raised more than $250 in hot dog tips for Camp Good Days and Special Times. This was a great success since 90 percent of the bikes were Harleys and normally would not have come to our store. Imagine their surprise when they got to the Harley dealer and they were closed!