Bud's Harley-Davidson

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4700 E. Morgan Ave., Evansville, IN
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Type of Retail Business:
Franchised (selling new vehicles)
Larry and Mona Morand
General Manager: 
Dawn Morand
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Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
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Gear, Apparel and Helmets: 
Harley-Davidson, Kuryakyn, Drag Specialties, RC Components
Harley-Davidson, Kuryakyn, Drag Specialties, RC Components
Parts and Tools: 
Harley-Davidson, Kuryakyn, Drag Specialties, RC Components
Custom Chrome
Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties
Tucker Rocky/Bikers Choice
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Total Facility: 
43,500 sq. ft.
19,000 sq. ft.
PG&A Departments: 
10,000 sq. ft.
Service Dept: 
14,500 sq. ft.
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Mission Statement

To promote and encourage the excitement, enjoyment and camaraderie of the motorcycling community through continued attention to customer satisfaction, further educating ourselves on products and relevant information and participating fully with a surrounding community who supports our business.

Showroom Design and Layout

Bud's showroom has a very modern design with fixtures that welcome and reflect the lines and feel of a motorcyclist. When you walk through our front doors, you enter a spacious stylish sales floor, and are proudly greeted by our receptionist or another member of our award-winning staff. Above you is a 6' x 40' wall mural of the 1912 Evansville Motorcycle Club, showing value to the the fact that our industry as well as dealership has been a part of Evansville history for many years. Multilevel displays about the showroom display vintage H-D models that are a part of the extensive collection of our founder, Bud Barnett.

A large customer lounge that includes flat screen media, pub-style tables, a coffee and soda bar, large comfortable reading chairs, and a children's play area are a key to the family values included with the Bud's shopping experience. Large overhead signage clearly describes each section or service offered to our customers. A ever-expanding and constantly changing landscape/layout of our showroom is one of the key entities helping our general merchandise department succeed.

Our main customer service and cash registers are circular in shape and centrally located in the center of our showroom. This allows accessibility from any point of our store. Display monitors are placed throughout the showroom and continually entertain customers with the latest Harley-Davidson digital media network, this is a valuable extension to product knowledge and customer education on warranties or services offered to all the Harley-Davidson lifestyle products. With this being presented by Harley-Davidson media, it complements our general merchandise sales team much like having a digital assistant.

The flow and feel of Bud's Harley-Davidson is impressive. The size of our dealership is complimented daily, by customers as well as manufacturer representatives who visit for the first time. One of our favorite comments from Harley-Davidson corporate visitors: "It sure is nice to walk into such a large, stylish dealership." It's a statement of a dealership well done from Milwaukee, Wis.

Service Department

Bud's Harley-Davidson's Expresslane certified service department is located on the northwest side of the building, near the front of our dealership. The service entrance is visible from our dealership entrance, well-lit, with covered outdoor parking, and a ride-in service reception area for our customers to escape the harsh weather conditions while registering for service. Immediately inside the service doors is the customer kiosk, with a second receiving kiosk for those high-traffic hours. Both kiosks have complete computer scheduling, customer work order programming. Both have flat screen overhead service media screens promptly displaying service menus with pricing for all models and can inform customers of accessory installation options while they are being taken care of by one of three full time service writers.

The same media also displays dealership activities and offerings. Bud's offers the skills of five master registered p.H.D. Technicians, 12 lift stations, and a fully enclosed temperature controlled detail station. Bud's service also offers a state-of-the-art full dynamometer with gas analyzer that is visible through a soundproof glass to the customer, allowing them to see the performance of their machine while we maintain a safe environment for them to experience the dyno.

Customer confidence is a key part of the Bud's Harley-Davidson Expresslane service department. Once you experience our staff and the difference in the continually educated, factory trained Harley-Davidson technicians, you ride away with the true meaning of the Harley-Davidson marketing phrase "more than an oil change."

Training and Employee Motivation Practices

Bud's Harley-Davidson is continually investing for the future of our employees and customers through Harley-Davidson training and related industry training. This is done through Harley-Davidson tutorials, webinars and education classes as well as manufacturer and distributor representatives who visit the dealership hosting employee training classes. Service technicians are required to update certifications through the H-D p.H.D. Program. Sales training includes Harley-Davidson seminars as well as subcontracted sales and customer relations classes.

The parts and accessory sales/customer service team also has an updated product training program with distributors and manufacturers from the aftermarket portion of our industry. Incentive programs are in place for each department: sales through unit sold, sales growth and profitability.

General merchandise or MotorClothes has group as well as individual goals which are posted and updated daily in the MotorClothes warehouse or staging area. Each MotorClothes sales assistant has a personal growth goal, based on customer satisfaction reports and monthly sales numbers. The parts and accessory sales/customer service team also operates on a daily updated report on sales and customer satisfaction response. These numbers directly affect the team and the team members individually.

Commitment to Customer Service

Bud's Harley-Davidson is very proud of our family-owned dealership heritage. We look at customer service as the extension of our founder Bud Barnett's goal: to treat the customer as family, not only as a member of the Harley-Davidson family, but as member of his or our own family. Bud's strives on getting to know the customer -- first name relationships are built right here from every aspect and every department. Sales follows up on customer satisfaction after the sale. Our sales process focuses on helping the customer understand and recognize that we are not just focused on the sale, but rather creating customers for a lifetime.

All departments at Bud's maintain contact with the the customer after the initial purchase of any motorcycle by checking in on concerns or needs they have. The service department offers free pick-up and delivery of units needing service. We also offer no appointment necessary services.

General merchandise or MotorClothes associates help customers locate specialty items we may not have in stock, many times we source the Harley-Davidson dealer network, find the item and transfer the item to our store for purchase. Our parts department totally understands the commitment to fit the customer to the accessory or item they are searching for. The in-house seat and windshield demo program is a testament to our parts department and their goal to strive for customer satisfaction.

Involvement in the Community

Bud's Harley-Davidson's belief in community is simple. To believe one's business can prosper without community involvement is to believe one's business can prosper without community. Bud's Harley-Davidson is one of the founding charitable donors to found Evansville's Ronald McDonald House of the Ohio Valley, located on the campus of Saint Mary hospital in Evansville. This is a continuing effort through monetary donations, dealership events and participation in regional rides/runs supporting the Ronald McDonald House.

Bud's is also a key supporter to MDA, Evansville Hadi shrines, the American Cancer Society, junior achievement, the American Red Cross, Evansville Vanderburgh county schools, both community medical centers and the regional arts development council just to name a few.