Central Texas Powersports

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2534 N Austin Ave., Georgetown, TX
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Type of Retail Business:
Franchised (selling new vehicles)
Steve and Teresa Littlefield
General Manager: 
John Walker
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Years in Business: 
Gear, Apparel and Helmets: 
Speed & Strength, River Road, Icon, Tour Master, Joe Rocket, Fly, Icon, Olympia, Bell, HJC, Arai, Shoei, Scott, MSR, Answer, Fox, Shift, 6D
Cobra, Kuryiakin, Show Chrome, Yamaha Star, Pure Polaris, Honda Line, Colorado Components, Two Brothers, Pro Box, Fortress, Oxlite, Motovation, Yeti, STI
Parts and Tools: 
Bike Master, NGK, EBC, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, BRP, Kawasaki, Polaris, Motion Pro, K&L, K&N, Yuasa, Deka, Dunlop, Metzler, Michellin, Bridgestone, Pirelli
Helmet House
Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties
Tucker Rocky/Bikers Choice
Western Power Sports (WPS)
Average Age: 
Total Facility: 
43,500 sq. ft.
9,000 sq. ft.
PG&A Departments: 
7,400 sq. ft.
Service Dept: 
8,500 sq. ft.
Total Acreage: 

Mission Statement

We not only want to earn a customer, we want to make a friend. 

Showroom Design and Layout

The showroom has a unique corner entrance which allows the customer to view the entire store upon entry. In the spirit of Texas we have chosen an old west theme which can be seen throughout the showroom floor. Old-fashioned rustic tin roofs, wooden signs, and antique barn wood all add to the western theme. The customer path loops around the showroom highlighting the variety of models available, their accessories, as well as some vintage motorcycles that are on display. Our parts  and accessories department is separated from our sales units with a wooden western style split rail fence that "corrals" customers past the cashier when entering and exiting the department. We also provide a comfortable lounge area for customers waiting on either the finance or service department that provides free water bottles, coffee, and a television. Attached to the lounge area is also a children's play area to amuse the little ones during the wait.

Service Department

The service department is climate-controlled and fully equipped with the state of the art tools needed to service the multiple lines we carry as well as advanced safety tools such as our Eurovent exhaust system. Each technician has access to two motorcycle lifts and their own locker. Our service drop-off area is located under a large, weatherproof portico right next to the service entrance. Customer vehicles that need to be left overnight are never left outside at the mercy of the elements, and are all brought inside with the rest of our inventory to keep them safe and secure.

Training and Employee Motivation Practices

Central Texas Powersports requires ongoing OEM training, management training, as well as department-specific training for their employees. Each of our departments has weekly meetings to discuss issues related specifically to their department as well as monthly storewide meetings so that all employees are aware of any changes. Customer service skills are also very important to us and we are constantly working to incorporate these skills into our employee development programs. We take advantage of the training available through Spader, Dealership University, Sam Dantzler and Grant Cardone. We are always looking for ways to reward employees who participate in training activities, complete product knowledge testing, and certification. We believe that comprehensive ongoing staff development and training helps us to maintain our consistent goal of high customer satisfaction, as well as keep our employees knowledgeable of our products.

Commitment to Customer Service

Our goal is to provide our customers with the level of service of a small-town, family-owned business. We strive to make every customer feel welcome in our dealership and ultimately we hope to gain not only a new customer, but a friend. We implement this by employing people who are enthusiastic, friendly, outgoing and genuinely caring. In a recent store-wide meeting, we shared and implemented an article written by Sam Dantzler about 30 seconds of genuine gratitude. Shortly after, a customer was leaving the parts department with a few spark plugs and an oil filter. A salesman genuinely thanked him on his way out and asked him what he was going home to work on. "This 'ol Mule I have at home." He took about two more steps and turned around and asked about a new Mule we had out front. In short this customer purchased a new Mule the following day, and expressed to us the primary reason was the salesman giving a genuine "Thank You" and opening up conversation and making a friend.

Involvement in the Community

As Georgetown is a smaller community, we feel it is very important that with all the business and support we have received that we should give back to the community whenever we can.  We are very active in the community throughout the year but our annual Blue Santa motorcycle toy run is one of our favorites.  Each December we partner with the Georgetown Police Department to collect toy donations for local children. In addition to Blue Santa we also participate in Business Link of Georgetown, which allows local middle school students to shadow employees and learn about the different daily duties at our dealership. We believe in investing in the future of children who will one day take our place and believe in continuously supporting support local programs, like the Boys & Girls club to assist children in achieving their goals. We also participate in the Harvest Classic antique and classic motorcycle event that benefits the Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation as well as donated to the local Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter.