Champion Motorsports

Dealer Website:
2801 W 2nd St., Roswell, NM
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Type of Retail Business:
Franchised (selling new vehicles)
Jimmy and Crystal Allison
General Manager: 
Alyse Allison-Dowson
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Years in Business: 
Gear, Apparel and Helmets: 
Harley-Davidson, River Road, Speed & Strength, Bell Helmets, Answer, Thor, Fox, Arai, MSR, Fly, Skid Lid, Alpine Star
Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph, Yamaha, Tucker Rocky, Parts Unlimited, Western Powersports, Kuryakyn, Rush, Vance & Hines, Screamin Eagle, Drag Specialties
Parts and Tools: 
Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph, Yamaha, K&L
Custom Chrome
Helmet House
Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties
Tucker Rocky/Bikers Choice
Western Power Sports (WPS)
Average Age: 
Total Facility: 
26,000 sq. ft.
8,700 sq. ft.
PG&A Departments: 
9,300 sq. ft.
Service Dept: 
8,000 sq. ft.

Mission Statement

To provide "Out of this World" customer service.

We will provide our customers a fun environment to be in; a staff that is passionate and dedicated to our customers, the products we sell and our jobs; a place where the customer is priority by making sure they are happy with the services they receive in our dealership; a business that cares about the community we live in and a professional and organized staff and enviroment.

Showroom Design and Layout

Champion Motorsports is unique in that we carry Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha and Triumph. Since we carry Harley-Davidson, Triumph and all the major Japanese brands, our showroom is divided by a wall. When you enter Champion Motorsports, you first arrive in our foyer where a collection of used inventory is displayed and a bulletin board with all of the upcoming events. You will also find a Roswell and New Mexico Map and flyers with local rides. From here, you can go right and enter the Harley-Davidson side of the showroom or you can go left and enter the import side of the dealership.

The Harley-Davidson side of the showroom has a round window area where we have a feature display of Harley-Davidson motorcycles.  All the remaining new Harley-Davidson motorcycles are displayed in front of the accessories department. The MotorClothes department is to the right side for the motorcycles and accessories.  

Roswell's claim to fame is an alleged 1947 UFO crash. A 1947 Ford pickup truck with military personel and alien are displayed in the MotorClothes department and is available for cameo photos with all our customers.  The bed of the truck has been converted to display merchandise for sale.  

On the import side of the showroom you will find Triumph World on the left side displaying Triumph motorcycles, accessories and apparel. The center for the import showroom has a large display of Japanese motorcycles and ATV's. You will see a mezzanine where 10 vintage motorcycles are displayed. The vintage motorcycle display rotates twice a year and there is always something interesting to see. There are tables and chairs throughout the showroom for the salespeople to sit down customers and work their deals. The tables are spread out in order to provide privacy to the customers.

The sales manager's office is located in the middle of both sides of the showroom allowing for a great view of the showroom to see customers and staff.  The status board is located in the office and can be seen from the showroom floor.  Down the half wall that seperates the two showroom floors there are two phone stations. Directly behind that is a workstation with computers for training and printing brochures. Our receptionist works out of this station.

Service Department

The service department has a counter with two workstations for taking in customers' units. The area is open and has two benches and glass doors and a window for customers who are waiting. There is a slatted wall where we rotate merchandise customers may be interested in.  

We also have two stages with bike displays, one of which is a 1910 Harley-Davidson replica. We have a Tech library where all the service manuals and training materials are kept. There are also two computers with internet for research and training.  

The service department has five bays with two lifts each. We have replaced two lifts with trike lifts. This year we became a Express Lane dealer and have dedicated the two front lifts to the Express Lane. There is a tool room which houses all the special tools and a moveable cart which houses the digital tech for the Harley-Davidson's.  We also have two tire machines, a tire balancer, blast machine and a parts cleaner.  

The service department also has a wash bay for cleaning all the motorcycles we work on. Unless a customer declines we perform a courtesy wash on all bikes.

Training and Employee Motivation Practices

Our training and incentive philosophy is to provide extensive and continual training for all employees with incentives to provide "Out-of-this-world service." Our training consists of phone training for all staff when they are first hired, regardless of whether they will be answering phone calls. We also record phone calls to monitor performance and provide refresher training when needed. We provide copies of Departmental Procedure Manuals to new staff so they can familiarize themselves with the rules of the road and how to use our dealer management system.

We also provide training from all of our manufacturers and Dealership University. Employees are not limited to just training for their specific job but are encouraged to complete training in other areas. We also provide cross-training during the winter months. Salespeople go to service and parts for a week and so on. It has really allowed our staff to truly understand what their co-workers tasks are and experience each day. They have become more understanding of why things are done a certain way and obstacles that occur. They have even come up with ways to make things work better. We participate in the Harley-Davidson mystery shop program. We use these mystery shoppers as a training tool in department meetings. We talk about what was done well and anything we can improve on. We also use CSI reports this way. Any employee who receives a 90 percent to 100 percent mystery shop score receives a Above and Beyond reward for a soda and snack of their choice. We have department and store meetings each Friday to go over what is happening in the coming week and any training or kudos we have. We have a Above and Beyond recognition where any employee can recognize a fellow co-worker for catching them providing "Out of this world service."

This year we began the 5 stars experience with Powersports Marketing to obtain reviews about their experiences at Champion Motorsports. The department that receives the most positive reviews in the month receive free lunch and the employee who receives the most positive reviews gets a $50 spiff. We provide spiffs that change each month as an incentive to the staff. We provide a 401(k) plan that pays employees based on the profitability of the store as a whole not based on their salary. Employees do not have to contribute to the plan to receive money.

Commitment to Customer Service

Our customer service philosophy as stated in our mission statement is to provide "Out of this world service." We achieve this with our extensive and continued training with employees as described above. We offer all of our customers a chance to participate in our free Rider Rewards Program, which rewards loyal customers through their store purchases. Customers earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards. They receive a point for each dollar they spend. There are 5 levels.

Once a level is reached, the points can be redeemed for a gift card or they can continue to accumulate points for a larger gift card. We also use them to promote events by offering double points at special promotions or for items we want to move. We use our CRM to continually reach out to our customers and thank them for their business. Customers who purchase a vehicle will receive a thank you email with a $10 spend as you wish gift card within 24 hours of the sale.

Over the next two years, customers will receive the following emails:

  1. Asking for referrals of friends and family who do not reside at the same address. Once the referrals are verified the customer receives a $25 gift card no strings attached. Each person they refer will receive a $20 gift card to use any way they wish in the store. If a referral purchases a vehicle the customer who referred them will receive another $25 gift card.
  2. Parts and accessories email goes out 30 days after purchase.
  3. Service email goes out at 45 days after purchase with a $10 gift card.
  4. Happy 1/2 Birthday with a $10 gift card.
  5. Happy Birthday with a $10 gift card.
  6. Anniversary with $10 gift card.
  7. Two years trade-up email.

We also send out letters to all Harley-Davidson new vehicle purchasers reminding them of the Customer Coverage Program. We send a letter reminding customers that their factory warranty is about to expire and offering a free inspection and the ability to purchase an extended service agreement and/or tire and wheel. We also send a letter about our Priority Maintenance Program and encouraging customer to take advantage of it. We also call 24 hours after purchase, reminding them about the importance of them filling out and returning the purchase survey and ownership survey they will be receiving from the manufacturer.

Involvement in the Community

Our community involvement philosophy is to be active members of the community by participating in community activities. We do this by hosting events that our customers say are important to them. We support the local Motorcycle Safety Foundation by providing them motorcycles for training purposes. We encourage all new riders to attend this training. We provide all graduates with a congratulations letter and a 10 percent off coupon. This year we participated in the Eastern New Mexico State Fair and parade, Chili Cheese Festival, Cowboy Alien BBQ and Salsa Competition.  Every year we support a local troop of the Boy Scouts who cook buffalo burgers at a event and all the monies they earn we match.  These funds help send the scouts to National Jamboree or summer camp.