Conrad's Harley-Davidson

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19356 N.E. Frontage Road, Shorewood, IL
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Type of Retail Business:
Franchised (selling new vehicles), Used Vehicle Dealer
Ray, Patrick, and Darren Conrad
General Manager: 
Patrick Conrad
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Gear, Apparel and Helmets: 
Parts and Tools: 
Custom Chrome
Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties
Tucker Rocky/Bikers Choice
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Total Facility: 
85,000 sq. ft.
20,000 sq. ft.
PG&A Departments: 
70,000 sq. ft.
Service Dept: 
10,000 sq. ft.
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Mission Statement

The Conrad's Harley-Davidson mission is to enhance the Harley-Davidson experience by consistently exceeding customers expectations through the products, services, and lifestyle we deliver to our customers.

Showroom Design and Layout

Conrad's Harley-Davidson is located directly off of the busiest interstate in the area, Interstate 55, and just a mile north of Interstate 80. Commuters cannot miss the massive building and huge foyer tower that fills the east side of the interstate. Attached to the building is a large parking lot which accommodates vehicles of all sizes. Conrad's Harley-Davidson is semitruck-friendly. Surrounding the property is manicured landscaping and a retention pond stocked with fish and various other wildlife. Conrad's Harley-Davidson has become a premier destination in the Chicago suburbs. As customers enter the dealership through the towering foyer, they are immediately awed not just by the size of the showroom, but by the size of the entire dealership -- all 85,000 sq. ft. of it. Brand new Harley-Davidson motorcycles line the uniquely stained concrete floors while the much-commented on "Big Ass" fans spin above.

Along the 2+ story floor-to-ceiling windows surrounding the showroom floor sits our huge selection of pre-owned motorcycles. Situated in the middle of the showroom is an inviting sales hub. The sales hub is the center of all of the activity for the sales department. This includes customer interactions and credit applications, as well as numerous motorcycle publications -- Harley-Davidson new motorcycle brochures, finance information, and various motorcycle magazines. Conrad's Harley-Davidson makes sure that every customer that walks through our door is greeted by our welcoming staff and made to feel comfortable whether they are just browsing our large selection of motorcycles or they plan on purchasing one. From the first interaction with the sales associate to the delivery of the motorcycle, customers know that they are receiving nothing but the best quality. That is what makes Conrad's Harley-Davidson a multiple Bar & Shield Award Winner for outstanding customer service.

As customers walk through the beautiful display of motorcycles, they are welcomed with smiling faces and warm greetings into the P & A department to the left and the MotorClothing department to the right. Fixtures line the walls with new products and interactive displays in the parts department, while all the latest fashions line the walls in the MotorClothes department. Conrad's Harley-Davidson utilizes a Fit Shop in the parts department to give customers a hands-on opportunity to be fit for different accessories, including handlebars, lowering kits, and seats. There are also various racks throughout the department displaying new wheel styles, travel gear, and cleaning products. All parts and accessories are easily accessible, and the parts associates are always available and willing to help customers find that perfect accessory. Throughout the MotorClothes department, customers can find fixtures full of the latest Harley-Davidson fashions, functional motorcycle wear, as well as home accessories, pet supplies, and more.

Customers of Conrad's Harley-Davidson can find everything they need to get ready to ride in all conditions. Not only does Conrad's have a large selection of regular-priced MotorClothes, the dealership is also known for its large clearance section. Customer can browse through a separate showroom filled with clothing and accessories priced at 50 percent to 75 percent off. The showroom at Conrad's Harley-Davidson is not only functional, but welcoming as well. Every customer is treated with the utmost respect.

Service Department

The service department at Conrad's Harley-Davidson can be accessed through two different areas: from the showroom or from its own entrance from the parking lot. The outside double, self-opening doors make the service department easily accessible for customers bringing in motorcycles for repair or leaving after service work has been completed. Customers coming in for service ride their motorcycles right up into the service write-up area. When they enter the service department write-up area, they are greeted by our highly trained service writers. Here, customers can set up appointments, learn about upcoming service events, check out the newest performance upgrades, discuss custom options, and get a quick diagnosis about their motorcycle.

Beyond the service write-up area are two sliding glass doors which lead into the service technician area. Customers are able to stand in the write-up area and look beyond the glass doors to observe the technicians at work. Located in this area are 12 individual bays where professionally trained techs each have two state-of-the-art motorcycle lifts fully equipped with all the modern tools. There is a designated area to work on tires, a brand new dyno room, and machine shop. Conrad's Harley-Davidson is equipped with everything a motorcycle service shop needs and more. It is because of this that we are able to offer customers a service experience like they have never had before. With the brand new dyno we can quickly help our customers build the motor and horsepower they have always wanted, or simply diagnose motor issues.

Throughout the year, the service department offers performance seminars, dyno shootouts, free dyno evaluations, as well as various other demonstrations. Located just beyond the service technician area is an additional warehouse used as a detail center and for winter storage. Included in most service packages customers motorcycles are washed and detailed prior to pick up. Also included in qualifying winter service appointments is free storage with battery tender leads and hookup, free detail with spring pick up, and even free pick up and delivery. Our motorcycle winter storage area is huge and can easily accommodate any motorcycle - Harley-Davidson or competitive brands. The one thing the service department at Conrad's Harley-Davidson prides itself on is the Express Lane Service offered for basic service appointments. These services are done in an hour or less and the service technicians will perform the services while the customer waits in the plush customer lounge. Here the customers can watch TV on the huge HD TV while relaxing in the comfortable leather couches, play pinball on the old school pinball machine, enjoy a snack or beverage from the vending machine, or do business from the free WiFi connection, all while waiting for their motorcycle to be serviced. This Express Lane Service has been a huge hit for our customers, especially on Saturday mornings, when our customers want to get in and out to spend the rest of the weekend out riding.

The service staff at Conrad's Harley-Davidson is quick to offer any help which goes above and beyond the normal range of service. The service department has the capabilities to unload motorcycles from any type of vehicle or trailer, storage facilities to store bikes for extended periods of time, and delivery options for door to door service. From tightening a kickstand spring, to rebuilding an engine - the service department at Conrad's Harley-Davidson can do it all.

Training and Employee Motivation Practices

Conrad's Harley-Davidson prides itself as being a great place to shop and work. The minute an employee is hired, they are made to feel like one of the family. Each employee, on their first day, is given a full dealership tour, introduced to the owners and managers, and they immediately begin hands-on training. All employees are encouraged to stay up to date on the latest news, training, incentives, and programs offered by Harley-Davidson through Harley-Davidson University online. Besides online training opportunities, employees are also given the chance to enhance their knowledge by attending seminars, training workshops, and dealer shows throughout the United States.

Because the management at Conrad's Harley-Davidson knows the importance of keeping employees up to date on the latest technology, the employee's training is all paid for, including transportation, hotels, meals, and all other fees. This is especially important for the service department. All service techs and service writers are required to maintain a certain level of education. When service techs go above and beyond their basic education, they are reward with shirt patches, showing their level, all the way up to master tech level. Besides staying current with knowledge pertaining to the Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Conrad's Harley-Davidson employees must also stay up to date with everything going on at the dealership.

Monthly staff meetings are held on the first Saturday of every month. Employees are treated to free doughnuts and coffee. During these meetings, store information is discussed, including upcoming events, store policies, and customer reviews, employees are also encouraged to provide feedback in all areas. During the meeting an employee of the month is awarded, this employee is chosen by department managers based on exemplary service and going above and beyond the call of duty. The employee of the month is awarded a preferred parking spot, notification in our monthly e-news, and a store gift certificate for $50. To end the staff meetings on a fun note, a team-building competition is run. These competitions can be between departments or individuals and consist of both physical and mental challenges. The winning department is awarded free lunch from their restaurant of choice. In addition to employee training and the store meetings, employees of Conrad's Harley-Davidson are treated to various other perks.

After 90 days of service, employees are granted discounts in the MotorClothes and Parts & Accessories departments, as well as discounts for service work. Once a year, usually around the holiday season, all employees are invited to participate in an employee appreciation day where all store items are sold at the same cost the dealer pays. Some employees are even given the chance to demo a brand new Harley-Davidson motorcycle for an entire year (or at least until that bike is sold). Other employee events that have been done in the past include: a summer picnic, a holiday bowling party, free turkeys for Thanksgiving, go cart racing, and department get togethers. It is because of the family environment of Conrad's Harley-Davidson and all of the incentives employees receive, that there is very little turnover throughout the dealership. Conrad's Harley-Davidson prides itself not only by being family owned, but making everyone feel like part of the family - staff members and customers.

Commitment to Customer Service

Conrad's Harley-Davidson prides itself on going above and beyond our customers' expectations. That is why the dealership is a multiple Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield award winner, which is presented to the top Harley-Davidson dealers who display exemplary customer service. Going above and beyond our customers' expectations can be demonstrated in various ways depending on the customer. This could include: allowing a customer to take a test ride on the motorcycle they are thinking about buying, physically going outside to tighten a bolt that has come loose, properly fitting travel gear, making hotel arrangements for a customer who's bike has broken down and is being fixed, or locating an obsolete part or article of clothing from a vendor or another dealership.

Conrad's Harley-Davidson will also ship parts, accessories, or MotorClothes anywhere in the country. This could be for customers who call in to place an order or customers who are physically in the store and don't have the room to bring their purchases home with them. The most recent addition to the Conrad's Harley-Davidson customer service programs is the new V.I.P. rewards program. This points-based rewards system gives customers an opportunity to build up points for free gift certificates. Points can be earned through the entire dealership includes over the counter purchases, on labor, for motorcycle sales, and even for the Rider's Edge program.

Conrad's also rewards volunteers who help at our events by giving bonus points. We have seen an increase in return customers because of this program and the feedback has been positive. The customers love the idea of being able to earn FREE money. One of the most important customer service programs we have implemented is for our motorcycle sales customers. Whether our customer has purchased a new or a used motorcycle, they will go through the program we call our "customer path." After a customer works with a salesperson to choose the bike of their dreams, they begin the customer path. They are walked through each department by sales associates from the MotorClothes, P & A, and Service Departments. These new bike owners are treated like VIPs and given a behind the scenes look at how the dealership works and is run. Included in the customer path is the opportunity for the customer to ring the Conrad's bell, signifying a new bike has been purchased. When the bell is rung, staff and customers all stop and clap for the new bike owner. The dealership has received a lot of positive feedback from this program, the customers feel as thought they are getting special VIP treatment and allowed to see areas of the dealership that the general public does not get to see on a daily basis.

Additional customer service programs which Conrad's Harley-Davidson has implemented includes: Free WiFi throughout the entire dealership, free fresh coffee daily, free fresh popcorn through the day, free winter storage on most winter service packages, free $100 gift card for all motorcycle sales referrals, free hot dogs and lemonade on Saturdays throughout the summer months, pick up and delivery of sales and service motorcycles, and a minimum of one dealership-sponsored event each month. Conrad's Harley-Davidson feels that it is very important to give back to our customers and its because of this idea that each month Conrad's host a dealership event. These events can range from an Open House with vendors, Free food, and storewide discounts to a Breakfast with Santa event for all of the children in the area to a military appreciation fundraiser sending gifts to our soldiers overseas. Our customers know that every month they can expect something fun going on at the dealership.

In addition to our special events, Conrad's also hosts a dealership dinner ride every Tuesday throughout the summer months - staff members of Conrad's Harley-Davidson lead a predetermined route to a local restaurant where the entire group enjoys dinner together. Conrad's Harley-Davidson realizes that it is our customers who make the dealership and that one of the first things the staff at Conrad's is taught.

Involvement in the Community

Conrad's Harley-Davidson feels that it is very important to not just do business within a community, but to be a part of that community. There are a number of events which Conrad's Harley-Davidson either hosts or is a part of to help the community. An event Conrad's Harley-Davidson is very proud to be a part of is the Chicagoland's Run for the Girls, a fundraising event providing low cost mammograms for the poor and elderly. The ride was police escorted from downtown Chicago, riding approximately 45 minutes out to Conrad's Harley-Davidson. Once the participants arrived at Conrad's Harley-Davidson, they were treated to free food and beverages, entertainment from a DJ, a custom motorcycle and car show, and dealership discounts. There was also a silent auction and raffles throughout the day. The event ended up raising over a couple thousand dollars for women in need.

Conrad's Harley-Davidson is also proud to sponsor and host an event for the Will County CrackerJacks Baseball team. This team is made up of college students looking to advance their careers in not just baseball, but also through the community. Every year, the CrackerJacks baseball organization has an event to kick off the season and introduce the players. This event is held at Conrad's Harley-Davidson. Various media outlets, local community leaders, and business owners attend this private event. The partnership between the CrackerJacks and Conrad's has been a great asset to the community. Additional community events that Conrad's Harley-Davidson is a part of include: the Harleys Heroes fundraiser for Disable American Veterans, the Marine Corp toys for tots Christmas toy drive, American Veterans Motorcycle Riders Association annual ride to the local veterans home, a starting location for the Green Ribbon Rally (fundraising event for UIC medical center), as well as many others.

Conrad's Harley-Davidson is also a proud sponsor of many different organizations - Morris Cruise Night, Elwood Days Cruise Night, Shorewood Fest Duck Races, Joliet Police Golf Fundraiser & Poker Night, Will County Police Organization, Will County Humane Society, and Disabled American Veterans. Conrad's Harley-Davidson believes that community involvement is essential to the success of the dealership and we are proud to be a part of the Joliet/Shorewood Community. It is because of this belief that Conrad's Harley-Davidson was recently awarded the Joliet Chamber of Commerce Retail Business of the Year for community involvement.