Cycle Center of Denton

521 Acme Street., Denton, TX
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Type of Retail Business:
Franchised (selling new vehicles), Used Vehicle Dealer
Randy Martin, Carlos Gonzalez, Kenny Martin
General Manager: 
Carlos Gonzalez
Years in Business: 
Gear, Apparel and Helmets: 
Fox, Thor, Shoei, HJC, Tourmaster, Olympia, Gerbing's Heated Clothing, Bell, Scorpion, Vegas, SIDI, Shift, Leatt, Alpinestars, Fly
Fox, Thor, Shoei, HJC, Tourmaster, Olympia, Gerbing's Heated Clothing, Bell, Scorpion, Vega, SIDI, Shift, Leatt, Alpinestars, Fly, Oakley
Parts and Tools: 
Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Polaris, Victory
Helmet House
Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties
Tucker Rocky/Bikers Choice
Western Power Sports (WPS)
Average Age: 
Total Facility: 
30,000 sq. ft.
19,000 sq. ft.
PG&A Departments: 
3,000 sq. ft.
Service Dept: 
5,000 sq. ft.
Total Acreage: 

Mission Statement

You, our Customer, are the reason we are in business. Each employee of Cycle Center of Denton is dedicated to the fun and safety of everyone who enters our doors. We are committed to offering quality products from reputable manufacturers and fulfilling each transaction with a genuine smile.

"Our Mission" is to perform all services beyond your expectations and to provide total satisfaction during every visit. You deserve nothing less than our very best...count on it!

Showroom Design and Layout

Cycle Center of Denton's expansive showroom evokes a friendly, inviting, deep-in-the-heart-of-Texas experience for each customer, new or returning. Our showroom is filled with new and pre-owned inventory, including motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, generators, and personal watercrafts. Upon arrival, our customers are greeted and encouraged to make themselves at home. Whether they are here for service work, purchasing their first motorcycle, or just want to hang out, we offer a comfortable customer lounge with leather lounge chairs, vending machines, kitchenette with complementary coffee and water, and a 41-inch flat screen TV so no one misses the race! We also encourage local groups and businesses to leave industry related fliers, business cards, and samples on the countertop for our customers to see and take.

Cycle Center of Denton is family-owned and family-oriented. We encourage our customers to bring the whole family in and offer a kids' fun zone with games and a 41-inch flat screen so mom and dad can have a look around.

Our apparel and accessories department surrounds the major units with everything riders of all ages could ever want or need. We utilize moveable displays so the showroom is constantly changing to keep our customers intrigued and updated on the latest products our vendors have to offer.

Integrated within the apparel and accessories is our huge selection of chemicals and cleaners over in what we call "Western Town." Bolt-on parts are displayed throughout on slatwalls complete with demos and examples of installs. We offer men’s and women’s fitting rooms along with a boot area designed specifically for trying on all of the footwear Cycle Center of Denton has to offer. It contains benches, easy-to-find boot cubbies, wall displays, and a large island which we utilize not only for boot storage but for food and beverage space during our popular ladies' nights! 

At Cycle Center of Denton, there is always an associate there to help you! We don’t believe in the counter barrier, therefore we have 4 POS kiosks set up throughout the showroom so that the customer has a comfortable and inviting experience when making a purchase. Customers are more than welcome to come around the kiosk and work with their CCOD specialist directly on the computer for online parts look-up or thumb through the catalogs.

All of our offices, with exception to our sales manager, are set up along the right side of the building upon arrival into the dealership. Each has a large window that faces out into the showroom for greater visibility of traffic and our doors are always open to each and every customer. The sales manager is positioned in the center of the showroom with an elevated platform office with 48”-high walls topped off with 8 inches of glass so he can see the floor at all times. On either side of the sales manager are sales call centers, where our sales personnel follow up on leads and can easily see the showroom and inventory to fully assist a caller’s question.

Lastly, Cycle Center of Denton offers a large conference room that any organization is free to use. Vendors use it to educate us about new products; DSMs use it to train us on new models along with promotional videos, and every weekend a motorcycle safety course is taught to new and existing riders. We recently hosted a First Aid and CPR/AED certification class through the American Heart Association.

Every square inch of Cycle Center of Denton was thoroughly thought out and planned for a positive customer experience and our main goal of exceptional customer service.

Service Department

Cycle Center of Denton’s state-of-the-art service department is built for productivity and, above all, customer service! Upon arrival into the service lobby, you will find our service advisers ready to check you in at our two POS kiosks. Although connected to the showroom, our service lobby offers a private exterior door for quick check-in and two full-size bay doors, one with a ramp and the other with easy-to-maneuver tailgate drop off. The entire property is protected with a security gate to ensure our customers’ machines are safe and secure. 

The service bay is equipped with 11 lifts, a full-service indoor wash bay, tire install area, spacious set up and prep area, state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, and special tools area. There is an immense amount of workspace for each technician and for the storage of their tool boxes.

Safety is our No. 1 priority within the service bay. We keep the area clean, up to code, and free of clutter. Emergency fire sprinklers surround the entire dealership, the eye washing station is easy to use and find, and the entire space contains high tech carbon monoxide censors with an automatic ventilation system.  The service bay is connected to our parts inventory storage so that our technicians have easy access to our parts specialists. This is also where our shipping and receiving takes place.

The service department also contains its own restroom and break room facilities with a fully equipped kitchen. 

The service manager’s office is prominently positioned in-between the service lobby and service bay with windows on each side for easy visibility.

Training and Employee Motivation Practices

We want our employees to have an enjoyable workplace environment. We have sales training for all departments every Tuesday morning so that everyone feels confident and proud to interact with our customers and to represent the many products Cycle Center of Denton has to offer. This typically involves a lot of role-playing and recreating past events to learn how to improve and use as examples for what works.

Along with that, we have storewide “Get Ready for Retail” breakfast meetings on Saturdays to boost morale and get everyone pumped up. We encourage an open forum policy and often discuss our individual retail experiences. This is also where we inform the employees on where we stand for the month and if we are on track to meet or exceed goals. No one is left in the dark at Cycle Center of Denton.

We want our employees to do the best job, be the best at it, and be proud of the job they are doing. No position is ever overlooked therefore; we send them on fully paid off-site training seminars to better improve their skills and bring those skills back to the dealership for further training. This also includes vendor conventions. They can interact with the representatives to build relationships and spend the day with their families checking out all of the new cool and innovated products.

Each month, the departments are given goals and spiff games. Everyone looks forward to the games and are rewarded based on goals met and exceptional performance. The rewards have been anything from cash prizes to dinners out on the town to fully paid track days at local motorcycle and ATV tracks. In addition, there are department rewards, including group trips to near by area lakes, amusement parks, and team-building dinners.

Commitment to Customer Service

Referring back to our mission statement, You, our Customer, are the reason we are in business. Each employee of Cycle Center of Denton is dedicated to the fun and safety of everyone who enters our doors. We are committed to offering quality products from reputable manufacturers and fulfilling each transaction with a genuine smile.

"Our Mission" is to perform all services beyond your expectations and provide total satisfaction during every visit. You deserve nothing less than our very best...count on it!

We are a service industry and customer service is paramount. Without exceptional customer service and satisfaction we wouldn’t exist as a business. It is so important to us that our customer has a positive experience and ultimately wants to continue the relationship. We instill into all of our employees the value of each customer whether they come in just to browse or purchase a fleet; every customer matters and they deserve the utmost respect.

We also greatly value knowing how our customers’ experiences went. We send out a Customer Satisfaction Survey weekly to those individuals who came in and had service work performed with in the previous week. For submitting the survey, the customer receives a 10 percent off coupon and a follow up phone call if there were any concerns. We do the same for anyone who purchases a unit. Every survey is reviewed by the owners and the department managers. They are then passed along to the employee who worked with the customer so that they know what a great job they are doing or where they can improve.

Involvement in the Community

We love being involved in our local community by helping and promoting organizations and local businesses.

We team up with local restaurants to cater our events, like our Customer Appreciation Extravaganza in October and our Anniversary on Acme Street in April. After the event, we donate any leftover food to the local food bank and soup kitchens.

The Blue Knights of Denton, consisting of our area’s police officers, come out and grill hamburgers and sell T-shirts to raise money for their charity. We provide the food and they bring their grill and DJ to attract donations.

It is important to us to support the area schools. Every year we donate a Kawasaki Mule to the University of North Texas to be used all year long during football season at their brand new stadium and around campus. We also advertised heavily within the stadium. Other advertising includes the Argyle High School football program, the Denton Dance Conservatory Holiday Production of “A Gift for Emma," and the Dancer’s Workshop Studio’s Spring Show.

Other notable local foundations we have supported and promoted this year were the Medal of Honor Ride beginning in Gainesville just north of us, the Grace Point Church Poker Run benefiting the Little Elm area food bank, the Justin Hunger Run benefiting their food bank, the Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute ride and concert in Dallas, The annual Elvis on the Square Ride and Concert in Denton, Spokes 4 Hope poker run to raise money to buy bicycles for Christmas for underprivileged children, and the upcoming Coats for Kids Ride where riders donate new or gently used coats for children.

Along with this, we proudly sponsor local ride groups like the Twisted Riders and the GWRRA and often open up our facility as a meet up point for their rides on the weekends. Quarterly, we host a ladies night where we keep the store open until 10 p.m. just for women riders and non-riders. We play games, put on fashion shows to show off new apparel and gear, and teach about safety and motorcycle maintenance complete with demonstrations.

When the fall season hits, you can find the Boy Scouts of America selling popcorn and promoting scouting on Saturdays. They even held their annual Push Cart Derby in our secondary parking lot over the summer.

Partnered with the well-known local lawn and tree service and retired veteran, Frenchy’s Lawn and Tree will park one of their big orange trucks to advertise for the benefits hosted at Cycle Center of Denton. Everyone in Denton knows these rolling billboards and it's a great way to spread the word about a good cause!

Cycle Center of Denton wants to make sure everyone who rides or wants to ride is taught the proper way. Every weekend we host the Texas B.E.S.T. Rider school for safety to those wanting to get their license or for those who just want to freshen up their knowledge. The school uses our facility at no charge and it has been a great success in raising awareness about motorcycle safety.

Lastly, just hit our one-year mark with the Denton Chamber of Commerce which has been a great outlet for us to get more involved the the community and so far have made some great friends! We strongly believe in the "Shop Denton" campaign and supporting local businesses. We were excited to host our ribbon cutting last April and very humbled by the great turnout of supporters!

Most of what makes Denton feel unique are all of the local businesses and organizations. We want to make sure we do our part to see those organizations and businesses grow and hold a place within the community for a very long time.