Ducati/ Triumph Newport Beach

1601 Newport Blvd., Costa Mesa, CA
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Type of Retail Business:
Franchised (selling new vehicles), Used Vehicle Dealer
Michael and Judy Guerin
General Manager: 
Mark McKinsey
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Years in Business: 
Gear, Apparel and Helmets: 
Ducati Performance, Triumph, Dainese, Revit, Arai, Shoei, Schuberth, Bell, Sidi, Forcefield, Oakley
Ducati Performance, Triumph, Termignoni, Arrow, Speedymoto, CRG, ASV, Rizoma, Rhinomoto, Pitbull
Parts and Tools: 
Ducati, Triumph, Cruztools, DID, EBC, AFAM, Motul, Castrol, K&N
Helmet House
Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties
Tucker Rocky/Bikers Choice
Average Age: 
Total Facility: 
8,400 sq. ft.
5,900 sq. ft.
PG&A Departments: 
500 sq. ft.
Service Dept: 
2,000 sq. ft.
Total Acreage: 

Mission Statement

Ducati/Triumph Newport Beach is owned and operated by enthusiasts. The store was established to provide an unrivaled European motorcycle experience, to support the brands, and exceed the needs and expectations of our clients. We provide the best possible sales experience anywhere.

Our service department has the best technicians and equipment to maintain and enhance our customers' investment. Our parts, accessory, and apparel department is well-stocked and carries the latest styles in apparel and gear for street or track. Above all, our team members are dedicated to the needs of the motorcycle enthusiast. All are handpicked European motorcycle specialists with years of experience and a passion for motorcycling. At Ducati/Triumph Newport Beach, we pledge to provide the best customer experience available.

Showroom Design and Layout

As you pull into the parking lot of Ducati/Triumph Newport Beach, the first thing you notice is the exterior of the building: white with red Ducati Corse striping, race image graphics in the windows, and the display of immaculate demonstrator bikes on the walkway to the entrance. Large monument signs for both Triumph and Ducati also help build the brand image. From the moment you walk in the front doors, you are immersed in motorcycles, corporate branding and graphics, bikes displayed in an open area, and a welcome from an enthusiastic staff.

Our newly remodeled showroom, which has been described as a cross between a contemporary art museum and a race paddock, is very fitting for the brands represented. It has epoxy coated floors, high ceilings, large front windows for natural lighting, flat screen televisions, a customer lounge, bold graphics on the walls, and corporate-branded displays.

Our addition of the Triumph line required us to integrate their World Design Program with our existing Ducati Retail Design store plan. Our goal was to allow each brand to have their own identity, in turn creating two unique European dealerships under one roof. The result of this "marriage" between these two European brands exceeded our expectations. It has worked well for us, at the recent Ducati Dealer Meeting, we were awarded the Top Sales Award for all North American dealers for the second year in a row. In our apparel and accessories department, items are displayed in a modern, high- end boutique-style layout.

Corporate-branded displays and graphics were utilized throughout the store to showcase the items. We have dedicated dressing rooms and changing areas in the apparel section, and numerous accessorized bikes on display to help promote accessory sales. All of our staff is knowledgeable in fitting of both technical gear and helmets, and are well-versed in accessories and fitment. Our PG&A sales are integrated with the sales department so customers don't feel abandoned once they return after their bike purchase, bringing the sales experience and after-sales experience full circle.

Service Department

With 2,000 sq. ft. of shop space, five highly trained technicians, and an always-evolving training curriculum, we are constantly striving to stay ahead of the current technological advancements used in today's motorcycles. Our service department is one of the top-rated service centers in the country. We have two lifts for each of our master technicians, stainless steel bench tops, a clean "race shop"-themed environment, and every special tool necessary to be the top service center. We even added a window in the showroom so customers can watch our technicians at work.

While our primary focus is on Ducati and Triumph, we service all brands. Ducati/Triumph Newport Beach has one of the highest-trained service staffs anywhere. We are one of two dealerships in the country with three certified Ducati Master Technicians. Each year, we send our technicians all over the country to receive the latest training updates. In addition to their extensive training background, our lead technicians have worked on several race teams, experience that is priceless in the eyes of the customer. We also offer free pickup and delivery of service bikes in our enclosed Sprinter van, often outside normal business hours to accommodate customers' busy lifestyles.

Our service department also offers free technical presentations and owner's clinics, allowing customers a chance to learn more about their motorcycles, and also build rapport with the technicians that maintain them. This combination of outstanding work environment, highly trained technicians, and attention to customer service has helped Ducati/Triumph Newport Beach become one of the top-rated service centers in the country.

Training and Employee Motivation Practices

One of Ducati/Triumph Newport Beach's biggest motivators is our working environment. Ownership is in the store every day, and the business is really run as a team effort involving every employee. One form of involvement is the sharing of financial data with every team member. Daily gross numbers by department are posted every morning, as is gross profit per bike sold and dealership gross. By doing this, every department knows what they need to contribute, creating a friendly competition within the dealership. This kind of transparency helps break down walls and makes everyone feel like part of the team.

Internal training in all departments is conducted on an as-needed basis. Upon any new product launch (parts, accessory, or motorcycle), we invite the appropriate sales representative to come to the shop and update everyone, keeping our team ahead of the curve. Outside training for the team is also available.

This past year, we have sent team members to Triumph training (service, sales, and PG&A), Ducati training (service, sales, and PG&A), RevIt! product knowledge and fitment, F&I training, and outside sales training.

We also want every employee here to make a career at Ducati/ Triumph Newport Beach. To do this, our benefits of employment include vacation time, medical benefits, competitive salary, training opportunities, 401(k), employee events, a "hire from within" policy for advancement, and a stable and enjoyable work environment. This has created an environment with low employee turnover, increasing customer confidence and loyalty.

Commitment to Customer Service

Our customer service policy is not one single thing, but a mindset that revolves around personal attention to detail and truly caring about each person. Our personal touch on everything we do carries through each and every person here. For example, we don't divorce a customer from the sales team or main showroom once they purchase their motorcycle. Returning parts and service customers enter the same main showroom entrance and are often helped by the same person who sold them their bike, until a parts employee or service writer is available.

Having our sales staff cross-trained in parts and accessory sales helps us build a closer relationship with our customers. Follow up calls after both sales and service visits further strengthen that relationship. Additionally, all incoming phone calls are answered both quickly and personally, with strict time limits placed on hold waiting times. If the requested person or department can't take the call, another employee (even from another department) will take the call and assist the customer in any way possible.For our customers' benefit, we extended our hours to be open on Sunday, done in response to customer request.

To help expand our service business, we started a free pickup and delivery service within 25 miles of the dealership. After this was started, we found that the Palm Springs area riders (about 120 miles away) didn't have anywhere local to get their service work done. In response, we arranged with their local riding club a service shuttle to pick up and deliver their bikes to our service department. The club now refers to us as "their" dealership, even though several other dealers are geographically closer than us. Employees are not allowed to tell a customer "no." The end result may be no, but the customer will always be given the benefit of the doubt, and all efforts will be made to resolve the situation. We are here for the customers, and because of the customers, and we always remember that.

Involvement in the Community

One of our goals is to reach out not only to the motorcycling community, but to our surrounding community as a whole. One of our conduits for community involvement is through the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce.

Relationships and contacts built through there have helped us locate community events and communicate with our neighboring cities and businesses. As one of our continuing events, we are a returning sponsor with the Huntington Beach Concours d' Elegance, a car and motorcycle show benefiting the Huntington Beach City Library Children's Resource Center. This event is in its 27th year, and through its efforts, has resulted in a large addition to the public library. We also support and participate in "Surf City Nights," a street fair and gathering, also in neighboring Huntington Beach. Response from the non-motorcycling community at these events has been encouraging and has helped improve the "biker" stereotype.

We are also involved with Lighthouse Outreach in Costa Mesa, a homeless shelter and help center several miles from our dealership. They provide clothing, free showers, shelter, and serve over 2,500 free meals a month. In addition to donations, we have utilized our customer base to collect food, clothing, and monetary donations to help our local homeless community. Additionally, several of our employees have been donating time to help out at the shelter.