Filer's PowerSports

1136 Pittsford-Palmyra Rd., Macedon, NY
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Type of Retail Business:
Franchised (selling new vehicles), Used Vehicle Dealer
Ted Filer
General Manager: 
Tom Dysart
Years in Business: 
Gear, Apparel and Helmets: 
Shoei, Arai, HJC, Skid Lid, BRP, MSR, Alpinestar, Cortech, Tourmaster, S&S, River Road, Arctic Cat, Yamaha, Polaris, Arctiva, Castle
Yamaha, Polaris, BRP, Parts Unlimited, Tucker Rocky, Arctic Cat
Parts and Tools: 
Yamaha, Polaris, BRP, Parts Unlimited, Tucker Rocky, Arctic Cat
Helmet House
Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties
Tucker Rocky/Bikers Choice
Average Age: 
Total Facility: 
20,000 sq. ft.
15,000 sq. ft.
PG&A Departments: 
4,700 sq. ft.
Service Dept: 
3,750 sq. ft.
Total Acreage: 

Mission Statement

Filer's PowerSports will provide a fun and valuable experience to everyone through our commitment to exceeding expectations everyday.

Showroom Design and Layout

Our showroom has visible I-beams, industrial lighting, voluminous ductwork that conveys an outdoor cabin feel! We are not frivolous with decoration and often use units and our own accessories to show our customers the brute force of our products!

Upon entering the showroom, customers will walk through large glass doors that display our latest and greatest products on each side of them. Before they enter they are impressed by a long line of 20 + side by sides that they are able to explore before they even walk in! Upon entry guests are wowed by a showroom that is stocked with the season’s units and have full accessibility to our sales manager and his team, who are always greeting customers when they arrive.

Throughout the front showroom area, a fusion of concrete and carpeted floors direct customers to focal points such as a large television luring them into watching the next up and coming, vehicle or accessory. The front of the showroom has ten foot tall windows that span across the building to bring in the natural light of the season. The ambiance it creates only adds to the awe of the 15,000 sq. ft. showroom which is outlined with green steel roofing, log pillars, and mounted units weaving into that rustic powerful feeling. Keeping with the tradition of “the milk is always in the back of the grocery store,” P&A is located at the back of the showroom to strategically allow the customer to ogle the goodies on the showroom. The knotty pine and log constructed roofline further enhances our comfortable, outdoor-type atmosphere. This area is designed as an interactive high-end boutique with merchandise hanging high from the top of the steel lined walls down to the floor. There is a cozy corner dedicated to winter boots, with a working fireplace and chairs to try on bulky boots with ease. Large mirrors placed throughout the department allow customers to admire their new duds as they find the right size with the help of an employee, who are not far in distance behind both counters available. A private fitting room is also available for even more added convenience.

Taking into consideration the changes of the season, P&A undergoes the same changes as the showroom does for spring, summer, fall and winter. Every season has its own theme and layout that incorporates a relevant vehicle display whether it be hanging from the ceiling, on the far right of our showroom, or in front of the P&A department. Creating an in-action display exudes excitement to customer and that we are ready to ride at any point during the ever-changing seasons!

Service Department

Our service department is located directly off of our showroom so the customer knows right where to go and doesn't have a long way to walk. We used the same idea with our P&A department and create a walkway through the showroom to the service department for customers to admire what's on the floor. Once customers approach the service desk, they are greeted by both service writers who are able to come out behind the desk and further engage.

Next to the service desk are large glass doors that showcase our large service garage. Customers can take a peak in and watch their machine be serviced! The service department incorporates a spacious shape with high ceilings. The warehouse built in allows us to utilize a loft type of storage that holds 30+ units to keep them out of the harsh elements. Using the 1,900 sq. ft. loft system as well as our 4,500 sq. ft. warehouse that has a racking system that goes four high, we are able to reap the benefits of extra storage. The system allows us to keep our stock up and out of the way, so machines do not run the risk of accidental damage.

New to the layout of the department is a fenced in area that is outdoors in front of the garage-like doors into the shop. It provides a much more organized drop off area for customers, and allows them to pull right up to our shop for extra added convenience. Our technicians also are able to work out in this area and spread out a bit during the warmer months. Technicians also have their own work space and are located around the perimeter of the shop. This allows for all techs to see what the other is working on, promote teamwork and the opportunity to learn as the day goes on.

The service department here at Filer’s PowerSports excels in customer service. Working in conjunction with the sales department, service writers and techs take special care of customers who select PMP. PMP members receive same-day service on routing maintenance as well as same-day delivery for brand new units. We commend them on their ability work on their toes and at a fast pace to make sure our customers get take care of they way they should.

Training and Employee Motivation Practices

Filer’s PowerSports’ employees are always involved in ongoing training and team building. Filer’s provides a training program that prepares a potential sales person to get off to a positive start the moment he or she steps on that sales floor. We feel this training, provided by the Otis Hackett Group has been the key to our sales force success, and what separates us from the competition. This 10-step training program, along with those sponsored by our OEM’s such as “Way Out Training” by Polaris makes for a well-rounded sales force.

Training goes beyond the 10 steps however, as we are always sending employees to national conferences to keep sharp on their lead generating skills. Incentive plans that are currently in action are designed to drive sales. The day is treated like a contest, where each step in the sales process counts for “points." The person with the highest points at the end of the day is able to roll dice for an additional incentive. Steps in the process, such as touching base with the sales manager, is also a training opportunity on a daily basis. During this step, the sales manager has the chance to incorporate his thoughts on the deal at hand.

To further elaborate a financial spiff is also available for simply writing a quote for the customer, promoting extended warranties and the PMP program. The same incentives are provided for our parts department. Our service department receives additional trainings from hands on experience with patron techs and workshops. The contest described above is strictly motivational, and we never imply that the person with the highest points is the “top sales person.” We believe that understanding how a powersports business runs and prospers is important to the success of the individual, which is why all employees’ opinions and ideas are welcome and acknowledged. Team building is prevalent here as well. Group rides during every season are a great way to have fun with each other and have the latest feel for the equipment we sell. Filer’s PowerSports also offers all positions to become a career with vacation and benefit packages to committed employees.

Commitment to Customer Service

Our customer service philosophy is to provide an experience for the customer that is second to none and to be recognized as one of the best in the area whether it is in our industry or not. Our goal is to have our customers see us as an organization that is reliable, responsive, friendly, flexible, and very knowledgeable Our staff does its best to anticipate the needs of or customers and have all the product information and training to satisfy the needs. When a staff member is approached with a question they cannot, our philosophy is to be honest and go find someone who can help them!

Our priority maintenance program is one that has proven to work! Designed with the customer in mind, this program allows the purchase, at a reduced rate, of the required maintenance outlined by the manufacturer for any particular vehicle. When purchases, our customer's don't have to reach into their pocket for a dime for ANY covered maintenance. They also receive same day service if they call in and schedule the appointment before 11 a.m. Another service to our customers is our Delivery Coordinator. This position oversees the process from initial review of the documentation to final presentation of the product. Our delivery coordinator provides comfort and stability to our customers when they are making such a big purchase decision.

We also have same-day delivery and are always ready for on-the-spot action. Following today's trends we have also taken a giant leap of development towards our social media strategy and have been engaging our customers in a digital way we never thought would have exploded the way it has! We think the best way to engage customers is on a personal level. We post relevant links on our Facebook page and encourage comments for feedback. We also host trivia contests every Friday, which have become a great tool for increased interaction. The goal is to have our Facebook page become a full-on conversation! Our newest program is the quintessential program that sets us apart in customer service.

The Loaner Vehicle Program has already impressed many of our patrons and it keeps the people that mean the most to this business and us out riding. When a customer’s vehicle is down, the customer can choose from a variety of sleds, ATVs, motorcycles, and watercraft. Our love for powersports is directly reflected in the programs that we have for our customers. We treat them as our own! In an effort to never have to apologize for business practices, we have now implemented a process for keeping our doors open 7 days a week! Now, every customer can visit us when it is convenient for them!

Involvement in the Community

Our community involvement philosophy and goal is to be a large presence in local as well as non local events that help our industry, local sports teams, local racers, and police organizations. We are the primary sponsor for Fairport Football Boosters Club! Our goal is to be the primary resource and top of mind business to reach out to for industry events. We strive to put ourselves out to the community with every chance we can!

Over the past year, we are proud to be the primary sponsor for the 30th annual Macedon Center Community Lumberjack Festival and supporter of both the Rochester Americans (professional hockey team) and the Rochester Knight Hawks (professional lacrosse team). We have provided equipment to both teams for mascots to use during game time.

Filer’s PowerSports is also a community partner to a local ride park called Tall Pines ATV Park in Andover, N.Y. Over the years, we have donated several units to Tall Pines and supported any event that takes place at their park! We also support DEC shows as well as the ASPCA Barktober fest. This past year we were also the Satellite Start location for MotoMarathon! A group of riders from upstate and western ny gathered here to participate in a long ride in conjunction with a national ride for Motomarathon!

Filer’s also posts community event posters in our front entry way for customer’s to see, so we can help any organization that wishes to contact us-we try to help as much as possible. Our employees attend as many local snowmobile grass-drags, and motorcycle rides for Star and the American Red Cross!