Freedom Cycles, Inc.

12501 S US 71 Grandview, MO
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Type of Retail Business:
Michael and Jenni Stanfield
General Manager: 
Jeff and Jim Stanfield
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Years in Business: 
Gear, Apparel and Helmets: 
Arai, Shoei, Scorpion, Speed and Strength, Fox Racing, Fly Racing, Answer, MSR, Bell, First Gear, GMax, River Road, AXO, Gaerne, Alpinestar, Icon, EVS, Leatt, Moose, Scott and more.
OEM genuine accessories (Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Polaris, KTM), River Road, Cobra, Memphis Shades, Pro Taper, Oakley, Quad Boss, Ogio, Go Pro, Vortex and more.
Parts and Tools: 
OEM genuine parts (Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Polaris, KTM), Bikemaster, Quad Boss, Clymer, VP Race Fuel, Motion Pro, Pro Taper, Michelin, Metzler, Dunlop, ITP, Bridgestone, Repsol, Motorex, Two Brothers Racing, Bel Ray, Yoshimura and more.
Helmet House
Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties
Tucker Rocky/Bikers Choice
Western Power Sports (WPS)
Average Age: 
Total Facility: 
75,000 sq. ft.
20,000 sq. ft.
PG&A Departments: 
15,000 sq. ft.
Service Dept: 
10,000 sq. ft.
Total Acreage: 

Mission Statement

Freedom Cycles strives to be an outstanding powersports experience. We are not just the dealership down the road where a customer picks up their oil filter. We are the dealership that strives to give our customers memorable experiences each and every time they visit us. Through all departments, providing an outstanding powersports experience for the customer starts with quality customer service. Our established business practices ensure that our employees are experienced and ethical in their decision making skills in order to provide our customers with the highest level of customer service possible.

Showroom Design and Layout

Upon entering the dealership, customers are promptly greeted by a Freedom Cycles associate. Our greeter serves the purpose of properly directing customers to the department they need to visit or just providing a welcoming smile and hello to customers stopping by to take a look at the newest motorcycle. 
It is immediately apparent to our customers through the design of our dealership that we have one of the largest selections of parts, accessories and apparel in the city. Our layout is open and spacious, grouping like products together. One example is our ladies department. With the growing base of female motorcycle riders, we want to make sure their products stood out from the rest. The ladies department includes jackets, casual apparel, boots, gloves and more. 
The in-stock selection at Freedom Cycles is unlike any other dealership in the Midwest. At any given time, Freedom Cycles has over 450 jackets, 800 helmets and 400 pairs of gloves in stock. And that is just a highlight of our offerings. Freedom Cycles implements an in-stock guarantee on bread and butter items, such as oil filters, spark plugs and air filters. 
From our parts and accessories department and into our expanded showroom, customers immediately notice the incredible selection. Our showroom, which totals 20,000 square feet, displays over 300 motorcycles, ATVs, dirt bikes, UTVs and personal watercraft at any given time. Customers can browse our showroom with ease, comparing models side-by-side. In addition, we space our powersport machines generously so customers are encouraged to throw a leg over without worrying about motorcycles crowded too closely. Customers can also relax in our customer lounge, which features leather chairs and a flat screen TV. 
With over 20,000 square feet of showroom space, the use of our raised platforms and programmable spotlight systems give our showroom dimension, keeping the customer's attention and encouraging them to move throughout the showroom. In addition, these platforms and spotlights served as a runway for our Tucker Rocky Fashion Show held in the fall of 2013. Displaying our powersport machines in action is easy with the use of our showroom platforms. In addition to the platforms, our personal watercraft selection is displayed at a full-size dock, built just for our showroom. This dock decorated with rope, buoys and life jackets.
Freedom Cycles' associates are the number one feature of our showroom. In the sales department, our associates follow a specific sales process to ensure that the customer is getting the right machine for their needs and that we are providing them with the best customer service possible. During the sales process, customers are introduced to a member of the parts department and the service department. This gives them a personal introduction to every department in the dealership to make the customer feel more comfortable in the process.
We also offer test rides for our customers. For many of our customers, choosing the right dirt bike, ATV or UTV is difficult because a test ride in a parking lot is much different than how the machine would perform in the dirt. Unlike any other dealership in Kansas City, Freedom Cycles owns 3 acres located just behind the dealership. Customers are encouraged to take their test ride up to the acreage and get a real feel for the performance of their next machine. At Freedom Cycles, we make choosing a customer's next machine an experience and there is no better way to experience a dirt bike or ATV than to take it out in the dirt!
Lastly, since Freedom Cycles began business in 1976, all customers who purchase a powersport machine would ring the Freedom Bell. This bell announces their purchase as the entire dealership applauds and hollers with excitement! With the expanded showroom, a bell simply was not enough, so the Freedom Bell tradition has continued with the use of a storm siren. Where else do you get to crank a storm siren to celebrate the purchase of your new toy?! 

Service Department

Freedom Cycles offers a full range of services for our customers from basic oil changes and tune-ups to racing modifications. Our service technicians are highly skilled and factory certified at the highest of levels, included Honda Red Line and Polaris Master Dealer Service. Freedom Cycles covers the expenses for our technicians to continue their training outside of the dealership, not only for their personal growth, but for the improved knowledge and quality of work that will reflect to our customers' customer service experience. 
In addition to the highest levels of training, Freedom Cycles' service department has numerous service associates registered to complete Missouri State Motorcycle Inspections. Having several associates registered allows us to meet our customer's needs quickly and efficiently.
With customer service always at the forefront of our minds, Freedom Cycles' service department even has a loading dock for our customers to utilize when dropping off or picking up their powersport machine. This service dock makes it convenient for our customers, eliminates the use of ramps and lowers the risk of any unforeseen accidents. 
Not every service department can speak to diversity, but with a growing Hispanic population in the Midwest, we have recruited bilingual personnel to stay ahead of the competition. Our bilingual service technicians gives us the ability to clearly communicate with our Spanish speaking customer base and ensure the accuracy of their service needs. 
Freedom Cycles proudly offers an in-house maintenance package called the Annual Service Advantage Plan. This three-year plan covers all manufacturer recommended maintenance for our customers. With this plan, we know our customers are properly taking care of their units and it allows us to grow our relationship with our customers each time they visit. Priority scheduling, free winterizations and oil changes are all included in this plan and locks in labor rates for our ASAP customers as well.
To ensure the accuracy of our quotes to service customers, Freedom Cycles utilizes the program Service Manager Pro. This system is designed to streamline the process of providing quotes to customers as well as the items to be performed during a service to the technician. The use of this program has saved our Service Department time and helps eliminates chances for miscommunications, too.
Freedom Cycles' service department even has a digital service menu. This flat screen TV mounted behind the service department counter serves multiple purposes, such as posted labor rates, mechanic tips, monthly specials, reminders on recalls, upcoming store events and more. This digital service menu has allowed us to educate our customers on items they should watch for (like what to check before you ride) and help our service associates upsell services! 

Training and Employee Motivation Practices

Before training and incentives, hiring the right people for the job is key. At Freedom Cycles, providing quality customer service starts with hiring experienced and ethical associates. We are a dealership that rides. We experience our products every day from the street to the track and everywhere in between. Motorcycle and off-road riding enthusiasts who use the products we sell and can share their personal experience with the customer are the best associates to have on the floor. Having associates who can speak from experience, and not strictly from product training videos, gives us an advantage to better serve our customers over the competition. In addition, background checks and drug screenings are conducted on every associate to ensure quality and safety for our customers and the business.
Hiring employees who ride is a great foundation, but training is still needed. Freedom Cycles provides many ways that associates can receive training, varying by department. In-person training and webinars provided by RPM One and our vendors have always proven successful. All departments utilize factory training, from Polaris training, which has earned Freedom Cycles Polaris VIP status in 2013, to training provided by numerous Tucker Rocky brands. In addition, short weekly training modules have been created in-house to refresh our staff on the sales process. Topics have included Assuming the Sale, Positive Language and Upselling. We fully utilize available training programs to enhance the expertise of our associates and the experience for our customers. 
Outside of training, we have many company benefits. Health insurance, IRA's, paid vacation time, an extra day of vacation during an associate's birthday month, attendance awards and company-provided lunches are just a few of the perks we offer. Cash bonus incentives are also done to motivate our associates in a variety of ways. From the most improved sales per hour in parts to selling the most units in a week in the sales department, these bonuses keep our associates excited and motivated!
To reward associates for their longevity of service with Freedom Cycles, an employee banquet was scheduled for September, providing awards for years of service and employee of the year within each department and giving managers the opportunity to thank and reward their staff for a job well done. This banquet will be held annually, but in order to recognize employees for a job well done on a regular basis, there is the Powersport Press. This company newsletter is created to recognize employee birthdays, outstanding testimonials from customers and achievements of the staff. This newsletter has give us the opportunity to learn more about our associates and make the dealership more of a family.

Commitment to Customer Service

Freedom Cycles strives to give our customers memorable experiences each and every time they visit us. We strive to be more than the shop down the road where they pick up their basic maintenance needs. We provide our customers with memorable experiences that they can share with their family and friends. This is a philosophy instilled in each associate by Freedom's late owner, Michael Stanfield. 
As previously mentioned, our sales associates follow an established sale process to ensure that the customer is getting the right machine for them, and that our associates are providing the best customer service and buying experience possible. During the sales process, customers are introduced to a member of the parts department and a member of the service department, providing them with a personal introduction and go-to no matter what their future needs may be. 
Also as previously mentioned, our storm siren is a very exciting feature providing our customers with a unique experience to celebrate the purchase of a new powersport machine. The cheers and applause of Freedom Cycles associates once that siren starts going lets everyone know how excited we are to have helped that customer take home their next powersport machine!
Over 300 powersport machines on the floor. Over 450 helmets in-stock. Over 700 tires in-stock. The selection at Freedom Cycles on in-stock items improves our customer's shopping experience and the level of customer service we are able to provide them. There is no need to visit more than one shop to get those last minute items on the way to a race or out of town. Freedom Cycles has your bread and butter items in-stock and that is guaranteed.
Freedom Cycles utilizes the services of More than Rewards for our Customer Loyalty Program and email marketing services. The combination of these services allows us to clearly and effective communicate to returning customers, as well as encourage them to visit us over the competitor to earn Reward Points. With this straightforward, no-card-to-carry loyalty program, customers earn Reward Points based on parts, accessories and service purchases, earning up to 10 percent back in the form of Freedom Cycles gift certificates. Point promotions such a Double-Point Days and Birthday Bonus Points further promote our loyalty program. With almost 13,000 customers in our email database, all of our in-store events, promotions and seminars can be quickly and effectively advertised.
Providing our customers with a memorable experience extends beyond the dealership doors. We understand that purchasing a new powersport machine is a big decision and an investment for our customers. To properly thank them for their purchase, we send personalized thank you notes, all signed by the owner. The thank you is personalized to recognize the customer and let them know they are not "just another purchase." An example includes, "Thank you Dan for purchasing your new KTM from Freedom Cycles. We appreciate your business and hope you have fun hitting the motocross track on your new bike!"
Freedom Cycles has continued regular seminars and events, including the 4th Annual Bug Run, Track Day Tutorial and Group Riding Seminar. These unique seminars are led and developed by Freedom Cycles associates. Being able to educate our customers and provide them with an exceptional experience that they can pass along to their friends and family is very important to us.

Involvement in the Community

Customer Appreciation Days,a  tradition for almost 10 years, are held on the first and third Saturday of the month beginning in March and ending in September. Customer Appreciation Days provide our customers with free lunch grilled by local riding organizations. This allows our local riding groups to advertise upcoming rides and recruit new members. All donations by customers go straight to the riding groups, and we provide each riding group with Freedom Cycles' Gift Certificates as a thank you for their time.

As part of the expanded showroom, Freedom Cycles now has a conference room available for public use. This conference room can hold groups of up to 50 people for meetings, seminar, classes, etc. Each seminar conducted at Freedom Cycles is held in the conference room. In addition, local riding groups can reserve the room for their monthly meetings. In addition, groups can reserve the room for safety courses. Groups like the Victory Motorcycle Club and Trail and Adventure Riders of KC reserve the room for their monthly meetings and the local chapter of the GoldWing Road Riders Association frequently utilizes the conference for First Aid and CPR training. 

There is always a ride happening in Kansas City and Freedom Cycles proudly supports a variety of charity rides and events. In 2013, Freedom Cycles donated $3,000 in gift certificates to events and served as the kickoff destination for many rides. With our spacious parking lot, Freedom Cycles is able to accommodate riding groups of 200 or more. In addition to supporting charity rides and local riding groups, Freedom Cycles also supports local race tracks. We have sponsored motocross, enduro and hare scramble riding events as well as riders racing in those events. In addition, Freedom Cycles is a sponsor of the 2014 Motorcycle Track Day season at Heartland Park in Topeka, Kansas. Motorcycle Track Day tickets are sold to customers at cost in order to give every street rider an opportunity to experience riding on the track! 
Freedom Cycles contributes to the local community beyond supporting charity rides, riding organizations and local racers. Freedom Cycles has supported the Harvesters by sponsoring food drives, has made annual donations of school supplies to the Grandview Assistance Program for many years and has donated office supplies to, volunteered time with and participated in adopt-a-family with the Salvation Army. In 2013, Freedom Cycles offered employees the opportunity to volunteer at the Salvation Army during the Christmas season. Employees who volunteered did so on company time and were paid as if they were at the dealership working as usual. Associates volunteered over 60 hours with the Salvation Army during the 2013 holiday season and proved to be a huge help!