Frieze Harley-Davidson Sales, Inc

1560 N. Green Mount Road O Fallon, IL
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Type of Retail Business:
Franchised (selling new vehicles), Used Vehicle Dealer
Virginia G. Frieze
General Manager: 
Etta Madura
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Years in Business: 
Gear, Apparel and Helmets: 
Harley-Davidson, R.K. Stratman, VF Imagewear, Bravado, Tori Richards, Main Gate, Jostens, S.G.I., Performance Marketing, Stamper, M.O.D., Bulova, ACE, DartWorld, David Uhl, Dept 56, Ande Rooney, Dunlop, Bakery Crafts, Benchmade, Global Product, Global Vision, Classic Leather, Hair Glove, Hallmark, Coastal Pet, and many more.
Harley-Davidson, Kuryakyn, Rush, Carp's Creations, V-Twin, Arlen Ness, Paul Yaffe Bagger Nation, Supertrapp, Progressive Suspension
Parts and Tools: 
Harley-Davidson, Vance & Hines, Rinehart, S & S Cycle, Fuel Moto, Motion Pro, Kent-Moore, Jims, Rowe, Arlen Ness, Zipper's Performance, Barnett, V-Twin, Rush, Kuryakyn
Custom Chrome
Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties
Tucker Rocky/Bikers Choice
Average Age: 
Total Facility: 
33,000 sq. ft.
3,240 sq. ft.
PG&A Departments: 
6,550 sq. ft.
Service Dept: 
9,800 sq. ft.
Total Acreage: 

Mission Statement

Frieze Harley-Davidson believes in providing outstanding customer service to all motorcycle enthusiasts, therefore helping to fulfill our customers' personal dreams of owning their own Harley-Davidsons. Motorcycling is more than a hobby or business to us, it is a lifestyle. As well as hoping to inspire people everywhere to do their part in protecting and conserving the environment, we have fun at what we do and continue to sell that Fun and Excitement since 1963.

Showroom Design and Layout

When walking through the front doors of Frieze Harley-Davidson, our open floorplan awaits you. Within steps, you are in contact with the greeter’s station, where the greeter is there to welcome and assist customers upon arrival. It is vital to find out what our customers' needs are when they walk through the doors so that we can cater to them and seek assistance where needed.

Step past the greeter's station and into the showroom, where natural slate flooring is used to highlight the newest collection of 2013 Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Step back to see the steel-grated catwalk located above the showroom, a unique feature used to showcase the owner’s antique motorcycles. This diverse collection includes three 1926 Board Racers, a '55 Hummer, a '63 Topper Scooter, a ’77 Café Racer, a '77 XLCH, a V-Rod Destroyer and other antique classics. Accompanied by floor-to-ceiling windows, the catwalk is easily recognizable from Green Mount Road. Illuminated with lighting at night, this display has become a staple of our two-story dealership. 

As you explore more of the showroom, look down and notice the difference in flooring as you venture into the MotorClothes and Parts & Accessories departments. This stylistic choice of bamboo flooring provides the perfect pathway to lead our customers from one department to the other. The flooring representation throughout the dealership is just another reminder of Frieze’s commitment to an environmentally friendly building.   

Make a straight path from the doors, through the showroom, and you will find yourself in the MotorClothes Department. Greeting you is the “Hot Spot Display,” showcasing the Harley-Davidson Pink Label Merchandise in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Continuing past the display will take you to the U-shaped cash wrap, which allows MotorClothes Associates to see all areas of their department. To the left of the cash wrap, a free-standing wall displays footwear and other accessories, accompanied by the glass helmet display. Walking past the helmet display will lead you into the core of the MotorClothes department. The entire right wall in the department is devoted to showcasing both women’s and men’s apparel. At the far right, you will find our children’s corner. The department is set up so that the sections are easily recognizable at first glance to our customers, making for an easy shopping experience. 

Moving through our fashion forward MotorClothes Department, customers can follow the crescent-shape to the right, into our Part & Accessories Department. This department can also be easily seen to the left of the showroom when walking through the front doors. When you enter into the P&A department, you are met by a large free-standing wall to your right hand side. One side of this wall features our “Design Center." This is where the Chrome Consultant sits with you and customizes your bike from top to bottom, creating the bike of your dreams. The “Design Center” is very beneficial to our customers when deciding how to customize their bike. Our Consultants are there to help you not only focus on the cosmetic aspects of your bike, but the performance as well. However, if you are looking to spruce up your bike on your own, the multi-fit wall may be what you are looking for.

All of our multi-fits can be found on the opposite side of the free-standing wall. Laid out in specific categories, it helps our customers shop for their bike from the rear to the front.

At the end of the multi-fit wall, you will find our large glass display of every cleaning supply you need to make that motorcycle look showroom-clean. As customers make their way to the back of this department, the entire back wall is broken up into Harley-Davidson Motorcycle families. With the help of prominently displayed signage above each section, it allows for easy identification by the customer. With the use of the back wall to showcase different models, it allows our P&A to display other accessories on free-standing fixtures throughout the department.

Service Department

Frieze Harley-Davidson has a state-of-the-art service facility equipped with the latest in diagnostic technology and equipment. As customers arrive, they notice the clean, well-lit Service Writers area, where they can check their bikes. The Service Writers area was constructed like a large breezeway, where customers can check in their motorcycle at one of our two service writer stations. As their bike is being worked on, they can have a seat in our customer lounge, located between the service and Parts & Accessories departments. Showcased with windows looking into the Service Writers area, here is where we treat each customer to complimentary coffee and popcorn. By having the customer lounge adjacent to the Parts & Accessories departments, it gives our customers the option to shop while waiting. After the motorcycle is serviced, our Service Writer will locate their customer and check them out at their own cashier’s office, allowing for easy customer service and explanation of services.

For customers unable to ride their motorcycle in to be serviced, our large floor power lift is conveniently located at the back service door for use. This one-of-a-kind lift is like none other in the area. Usually this type of floor power lift is run on a hydraulic system that uses hydraulic fluid, but not Frieze Harley-Davidson’s. When installed, it was very important that it was made more eco-friendly; therefore it was converted to a canola oil-powered lift. The transformation was fairly easy, eco-friendly and proved to be a great benefit for our valued customers who need assistance loading or unloading their motorcycle. This unique feature is just another “Green” initiative that powers Frieze Harley-Davidson.

When constructing the Service Department of Frieze Harley-Davidson, it was very crucial to continue the path of conserving energy. With a vast space of 9,800 sq. ft., we looked to using methods such as utilizing recycled motor oil to run through our radiant heat system located in the service department floor. We also installed nine sola tubes along with windows, which allow for a significant amount of natural light to stream in the service area. These are a few of the “green” features we take pride in, but our service department is home to several other unique qualities that set us apart from the rest as well. One of our popular aspects of service is our in-house Dyno Tuning Center. This takes the guesswork out of machine setup and offers reliability and performance to the customer that is second to none. Accurate data is gained by testing of the machine, which allows the technician to optimize your machine for the best performance, economy and power. Customers are invited to view the technicians as they work on their bikes through a window located on the side of the Dyno Room.

Our Fast Lane Service has become a favorite feature among our customers. Having Fast Lane allows them to bring in their motorcycle at their convenience during regular business hours, without an appointment. All Fast Lane services that are on our menu take under an hour for our technicians to complete. This includes an oil change, single tire change, installation of battery, grips, derby covers, air cleaner cover and many more.

In keeping with excellent customer service, there are six separate service bays that Frieze Harley-Davidson has to offer in our Service Department. This allows each of our valued technicians their own work benches with 4 large cabinets, a place for their tool boxes, motorcycle lift, used oil recycling container, and separate oil pumps that come directly to each station. By having separate oil spigots, it cuts down on foot traffic and spillage, which helps all of our techs to keep up their efficiency. The main oil supply is housed in two 330-gallon totes in our “Cold” Storage area, located past the service bays in the back of our service department. This area of our building is not heated or air conditioned to help us conserve even more energy, along with three sola tubes allowing motion detection lighting. In conjunction with Harley-Davidson, we were able to replace the normal 55-gallon metal drums with a much more eco-friendly oil tote system. The totes are made up of a large plastic bladder, inside a thick cardboard protection barrier, that is shipped on a sturdy wood pallet. All of those components are completely recyclable.

Last but not least, for easy bike delivery, the service department has its own loading dock. The loading dock is a covered, dry area. This allows us to safely unload motorcycles without exposing them to the elements. Once the bikes are delivered from the factory, they are placed on our stackable storage space, located in “Cold Storage," which allows the dealership to receive more bikes without the concern of where to store them.  All these features help us with our “Green” initiative and protecting and conserving the environment.

Training and Employee Motivation Practices

With customer service being at the top of our priority list, it’s crucial to keep our employees motivated and knowledgeable on Harley-Davidson product, so that they can sell to their best abilities. It’s important to create a desirable shopping experience for our customers, and that they feel welcomed and invited to come back. In order for our customers to be satisfied, our employees must be helpful and informative. Frieze Harley-Davidson strives to constantly keep their employees up to date on the latest information that will benefit them and our customers. Our parts & Motorclothes department managers participate in Talon, Connect & CIM seminars, which fill them in on what’s new, what’s changed, etc. Talon is the most common with all of our employees. We use this program for everything from point-of-sale to service scheduling. It is the common thread that spans through all of our departments and keeps our customers under the same system. Connect is a tool that is primarily used by our salesmen to further their education, allowing them to maximize their sales opportunities. The Connect seminars help train on customer leads, prospects and the customer maintenance program. These are helpful because our Sales Team can take them at their own convenience, and specifically choose a webinar that meets their needs. Lastly, CIM (Collaborative Inventory Management) is a tool that is crucial to our Managers. When the CIM Representatives sit down with our Managers they set-up the most accurate reorder points for their department. This gives our managers the knowledge to know what is the best seasonal & core inventory to keep on hand to keep our customer’s satisfied. After the Manager’s partake in these seminars, they take time to meet with their department as a whole to discuss the new information, as well as conducting one on one’s to individually sit down with each department employee to see what their concerns and questions are with the new information/systems provided. With these tools and information, both of our parts & Motorclothes departments have earned Platinum level status within CIM, which in turn helps the dealership gain more “Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield” points. 
To ensure the success of all Frieze Harley-Davidson employees, we implement a mentoring program. This tool teams up a new employee with their department manager. This allows our new team members to first and foremost, feel comfortable and not intimidated by their new tasks. The Manager’s go hand in hand with them with product knowledge and how to maintain the level of customer service that is expected by Frieze H-D. Most importantly, it allows them to build a relationship with their Manager. To assist our employees in continuing education, they have access to H-Dnet. This provides tools to better our dealership, such as HDU, the DME and Shop Talk. Our employees are required to participate in the HDU (Harley-Davidson University) program. The Motor Company provides this continued education program to ensure that all employees stay current and educated on their products, and it is a crucial aid in employee success. We also encourage the attendance of DME (Dealer Marketing Engine) webinars. These allow our departments to stay updated on current marketing campaigns and materials being used by Harley-Davidson. The webinars are perfect for dealer-to-dealer interaction, and allow you to speak to Harley reps first hand with any questions you may have on materials provided as well as ideas to strengthen your marketing strategy as a whole. Our marketing manager attends these regularly, and most recently she attended a “Fall Preview” webinar. This allowed her to gain information on the upcoming model year, assets that will be available and new H-D event promotions, before the materials are actually launched. Shop Talk is utilized by our parts & accessories and service departments. This gives them access to information on the latest features as well as learning tools catered to their departments. Finally, the Frieze family enjoys getting the employees together after work hours, such as get-togethers at the dealer principle’s house, celebratory dinners for employee milestones and of course the staff Christmas party. This allows our team to step away from the work environment and relax and socialize with each other in a non-formal environment. We also host monthly staff meetings where management can update employees, discuss upcoming dealership events, discuss dealership reviews (the good and the bad!) and offer them tips on how they can improve. They are also the perfect opportunity to recognize team achievements or personal "kudos." Each Department has a monthly goal, which is tracked on their board designated for their department. They are then reviewed at the monthly meeting. Any department that meets their goal is rewarded with a free lunch. All of these different tactics have strategically been combined to build a strong and knowledgeable staff.

Commitment to Customer Service

As our Mission statement says, “Frieze Harley-Davidson believes in providing outstanding customer service to all motorcycle enthusiasts, therefore helping to fulfill our customer's personal dreams of owning their own Harley-Davidson. Motorcycling is more than a hobby or business to us, it is a lifestyle.”  This has been a family-owned and operated business since the doors opened. Everyone that walks through our front door is another addition to our family. We have strived to accomplish those goals and have the testimonies to prove it.

One recent customer, Alan, wrote in on our website to tell us how pleased he was when our busy service department was able to squeeze his bike in one day earlier, without even requesting it, so that he could partake in the Patriot Guard Riders Mission in Murphysboro. It's stories like these that make us live for what we do, after all owning a Harley is all about the rides! 

Frieze prides itself on having customer loyalty programs at the dealership and online. Our customers are very important to us; after all, we wouldn’t be in business without them! It’s important to incorporate more than one way to show we appreciate them. Our two most popular in-store programs are the “Frequent Shopper’s Club” and “Military Wednesday." The “Frequent Shoppers Club” card gives our customers stamps for every $20 they spend on regularly priced items. We have also had double stamp days and opportunities for customers to receive stamps on sale merchandise. “Military Wednesday” gives active military personnel 15 percent off their purchase every Wednesday. Since our dealership is only minutes away from Scott Air Force Base, this is just a little way for Frieze Harley-Davidson to give back to all of those who give so much for our freedom. In addition to our in-store programs, we have an E-Mail club that you can access on our website. Every month we have an “Eblast” winner that is randomly selected from our list of subscribers. We use this to thank customers for staying up to date with us. 

The “Customer Path” is another unique service we offer to our new bike owners who at the time of purchase tour the different departments of Frieze, so they can get acquainted with our staff and the services we offer. We want to get to know each and every one of our customers by their name, so they feel welcome when they return. Continuing down the “Customer Path," they receive a “Welcome Packet” when they finish their motorcycle purchase, which allows us to get the customer involved in our events and promotions. In addition, they receive information on our local and national Harley Owners Group (HOG) member benefits, a copy of the latest Hot Bike Magazine and much more. Frieze Harley-Davidson encourages our new bike owners to get involved with HOG by gifting them their first year of membership to the national and local HOG.  By giving them this opportunity, we feel they will become more inclined to meet new people who love the kind of lifestyle they do. It is a great way to make lasting friendships with fellow riding buddies. We also have upcoming event flyers posted throughout the dealership to inform all returning and new customers on what we have going on as they shop.

We reward our motorcycle purchasers by having a day at the dealership just for them! Our Customer Appreciation days are the perfect way to celebrate our long time customers and to get to know our new customers. We provide the riders with breakfast, a great ride put on by the sales department, and then serve lunch upon their return to the dealership. This provides the new riders great bonding time with our employees and fellow riders. We also offer men’s and women’s garage parties to give our customers the chance to learn even more about riding in general, mingle with fellow riders and get to know the dealership. We provide lunch, multiple learning exercises, a safety seminar by a Motorcycle Safety Foundation officer with corresponding handouts, free goodie bags and a booklet to keep on their bike with helpful tips and tricks.

 One seminar we hosted was for the BOOM! Audio system, since the 14’s were launched with a new infotainment system, we had questions flooding in! This allowed us to approach all questions and concerns, put on demos and provided a space for customers to chat with each other about their opinions; and of course we provided a free lunch! Proof that our customer service philosophy works, lies in the hands of our customers. In early 2014, a long time customer of ours, Dave Geggus, purchased his third Harley from us. Dave has purchased a bike from every one of the Frieze H-D Locations over the years; that spans back to 1977 when he purchased his first Super Glide at our original location in East St. Louis. In 2007 he traded up to a Heritage Softail Classic at our Belleville location and recently in 2014 he purchased a 2014 Electra Glide Ultra Limited at our current O’Fallon location. It speaks volumes that Dave has followed us from location to location and made a commitment to only purchase his motorcycles from Frieze for almost 40 years.

Proof that our customer service philosophy works, lies in the hands of our customers. Recently a customer, Kurt Lanner, returned to Frieze to purchase a new 2013 Electra Glide, which marked Lanner’s 50th year of purchasing motorcycles from Frieze H-D. Lanner has lost track of how many bikes he has had over the past 50 years, but has purchased every single one from Frieze. Our customers are part of our family. Our owner Jenny Frieze and her husband Larry were there to present him the keys to his new bike and a local magazine was there on-site to capture the celebration.

Involvement in the Community

The Frieze family has opened the dealership to many charitable events throughout the year. This past May marked our 19th Annual Bikers Against Cancer Ride. At this year’s ride we hosted over 500 riders and generated $22,500, which bumps our total contribution to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society over the past 19 years to $388,500. We have high hopes for our big 20th Annual Ride in 2015 and breaking that $400,000 goal! Another event we host every year that continues to grow is our Annual Pink Pancake Breakfast & Ride. This year will be our 5th year hosting this event. Each year we pick a different local breast health charity to donate the proceeds to. We provide the breakfast, made by Chris Cakes of St. Louis, along with having vendors, a mini-silent auction, and we collect for donations. The breakfast is open to anyone and everyone; after the breakfast all of our riders are invited to go on a PINK Ride and then back to the dealership for a free lunch on us. Last year we were able to raise $550 for the “No Woman Left Behind” Organization. They provide bras, support for reconstruction patients and medical assistance for women going through treatment. The organization even attended and did a Free Bra drawing. We are excited for this year’s event and making it even bigger and better! We continue to host our monthly Friday Night LIVE’s throughout the summer months, in which we invite anyone in the community and our customer base to come out and enjoy live music. The past few FNL’s we have teamed up with the local Moose Lodge to sell BBQ, in which part of the proceeds are donated to a charity; last year it was the Elks Children’s Care Corporation. We also invite the Collinsville VFW Riders to man the beer wagon, in turn giving the beer proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project. This is an organization very close to our Dealer Principle, Jenny Frieze. The money is used to help supply every day items to our wounded warriors and their families staying at the Fischer House in St. Louis, which is a home away from home for those receiving treatment. It’s a great relaxed event that is all about having a good time and giving back to those in need. 
Other smaller community involvement projects we have include two senior days at two local Cambridge House Senior Living facilities. These are hosted by our own Stone Celts HOG Chapter. A group of members volunteer each day to have lunch with the residents and then give rides to anyone who wants one. If they want helmets, we’ve got them; if they just want to sit on them, that’s OK too. It’s all about giving them a day to do something that’s fun and adventurous and out of their everyday routine. We take their pictures, give them some Frieze H-D Bead Bling and off they go. Getting to see the looks on the residents' faces when they take off makes it very rewarding. We also contribute to a variety of community charities by donating silent auction baskets, giveaways & door prizes throughout the year, as well as serving as a national drop-off location for Cell Phones for Soldiers and Hope for Heroes. It’s very important to us as a dealership to give back and support our surrounding communities as best as we can. 
In keeping to our eco-friendly way of business, Frieze has stepped outside of our role as a motorcycle dealership and became an environmental advocate by holding meetings and tours on the green initiative for businesses and schools such as Ameren IP, Southwestern Illinois College, McKendree College, University of Missouri – Rolla and numerous architectural firms. We have even hosted a tour for dealers from Harley-Davidson of Japan to explain how we went green and keep the eco-friendly lifestyle alive. We also offer a drop off location for ink cartridges, toner cartridges and household batteries for recycling and proper disposal. 
This year will be the third for our “Frieze-Cycling Drive” at the dealership. Since we believe in an eco-friendly lifestyle, we felt it was time to venture beyond just a drop off location for certain recyclable materials. We partnered up with CJD E-Cycling for twice-a-year community electronic recycling drives. This has become a great opportunity to get surrounding communities
involved in recycling. We don’t stop at just electronics either; CJD has vastly increased their list of acceptable items, we also provide a tire and battery drop off in back. The feedback from the community has been very successful. 
Other ways Frieze Harley-Davidson likes to get involved with the community is to open our dealership to other local businesses and organizations as a venue to have their events. We have hosted The Southwestern Illinois Resource Conservation and Development Trivia Night, a Harley enthusiast’s wedding and lend our conference room to our neighbors at Sonic to have their monthly meetings. These events were a way for Frieze Harley-Davidson to show the neighborhood our desire to become a valuable addition to the community.