Fun Country Powersports, Inc.

1318 West Second St., The Dalles, OR
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Type of Retail Business:
Franchised (selling new vehicles)
Mike and Lisa Erland
General Manager: 
Alec Erland
Years in Business: 
8 years (Dealership is 48 years old)
Gear, Apparel and Helmets: 
MSR, Firstgear, River Road, HMK, Speed & Strength, Arai, Bell, Gaerne, Alpinestars, Oakley, GoPro, Renthal, Quadboss, Answer Racing, Fox, and others
Quadboss, Polaris, Honda, Suzuki
Parts and Tools: 
MSR, Park, and any manufacturer products offered.
Helmet House
Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties
Tucker Rocky/Bikers Choice
Western Power Sports (WPS)
Average Age: 
Total Facility: 
12,000 sq. ft.
5,000 sq. ft.
PG&A Departments: 
2,800 sq. ft.
Service Dept: 
4,200 sq. ft.
Total Acreage: 

Mission Statement

We believe that a powersports dealership must be inviting and supportive. Every person entering the building must be greeted and guided to the department or individual who can assist them the best. We believe in hiring highly capable employees and empowering them to a level which best serves the customer.

Units, PGA, and service are available everywhere. At Fun Country Powersports, we sell customer support. Profit is a fringe benefit of professionally serving people.

Showroom Design and Layout

Our showroom respects the nature of our community.  A highly respected local rancher visited our new building an said, "This is the most beautiful horse arena I've ever seen."  While we don't have dirt floors, we do present a very tasteful country environment with flourished concrete floors and rustic-colored walls. 

Our showroom is 70 ft. wide and blends into our merchandise and parts area. We often display units within our clothing racks. We have integrated our waiting room and coffee bar into the open space of our showroom.  The showroom / merchandising area extends into each office and the restroom.  We built each space large enough to actually display within them. We also utilize a purpose-built lofted display over the dressing room, which is large enough for a small unit. Our parts cabinets are even situated such that we can display two bikes on top of them.  (Vidmar cabinets)

Essentially, we designed our facility to be very flexible. We change the showroom display every 10 to 14 days. Our PGA manager shuffles product on a regular basis to bring a fresh look to his floor.  In addition to our inside display, we utilize a large outdoor "showroom" / storage space too.  

We make it comfortable and easy for customers to touch and see the products that interest them.

Service Department

Our service center is a typical rectangular facility with a large inside service storage area. We are actually in the final stages of situating all aspects of the department. As we moved into the new area, our service team requested that we take at least a year to determine the best placement for all features associated with service: tech benches, tire management, specialty tools, parts to service, PDI area, etc. This was an excellent recommendation. We changed-up three times since moving in.

Service is kept very clean. Due to the clientele, it is often difficult to keep the ol' boys from sneaking in to check on their machine. Though we deter customers from entering, it happens. Therefore, we maintain a very safe service space.

We train our technicians internally with support from our manufacturer partnerships. Currently we have a master tech, B+ tech, and an apprentice technician. Our master tech guides the others and our service manager evaluates each of them.

Training and Employee Motivation Practices

Staff at Fun Country Powersports are trained through team interaction and goal-setting, industry / vendor in-service, manufacturer training when applicable, and schools and workshops when offered and pertinent. As staff become "the expert" in a given area we refer customers to them and introduce the staff member as such.

We pay our team very well. We do not incentivize sales. It is our belief that a well-paid person that does not have to worry about a quiet session in the dealership will appreciate their position highly. Our team is very interactive, complimentary with each other, and eager to make their department profitable and inviting.  

One could say that we do incentivize our team through access to demo units, special pricing for them and their family, and paid vacation and special leave. We fully compensate all workshops, travel, and technician training. Additionally, our dealership "Pays to Play."  We pay our staff to represent the dealership team during recreational outings -- racing, sand-dune riding, snowmobiling, and guiding street rides. "It's as important to keep what you earn as it is to earn."

Commitment to Customer Service

Customer service is the only thing a dealership actually sells! My team calls me "The Walmart Greeter." I suppose the title is fitting. At all times, there is someone on the floor ready to greet customers, opening doors for the farmer's wife packing in a part needed on the farm, or guiding someone to the service department. Human interaction is critical. When a phone call comes in, we actually answer the phone on three rings or less. No auto attendant.  

We serve a large agricultural area. Our farmers and ranchers know that if we are in the dealership, we are open. Our staff knows that if they stop by the shop after hours and someone catches them, needing assistance, to lend a hand to whatever extent is required.  (Yes, we pay them when this happens.) This happens only a few times per month, but we do work hard to accommodate customers.

During harvest season, we provide immediate service for our agriculture groups. If we are not able to render repairs in a timely fashion, we provide an appropriate loaner. In addition, most farmers and ranchers have a special cell phone number they can call 24/7 during harvest for part and unit assistance. In our area, ATVs and SBSs are an important aspect of harvest. During this time of the year we are all farmers.

We're nice and truly sympathetic to customer needs  People like that.

Involvement in the Community

Clearly we support our community. We contribute to local clubs and organizations. We budget for annual participation and assist certain entities each year. It is the belief of our company that some must be given back each year.

We support local ATV and snowmobile clubs, give to the local high school each year, provide for the local senior citizen center with volunteer work and donations, and make sure that we have demo SBS units available each year for the not-for-profit organizations at country fairs and rodeos, as well as additional helps.

We support our local Chamber of Commerce. We assist with events when able and help promote the city. We take an active role in community politics. Currently the dealer principal is a member of the board of directors of the chamber and contributes time each month to meetings associated with the growth of the community.

It's very important to be active in the city. From helping accomplish tasks at the little league field with a Polaris Ranger to accepting governing roles in politics. Doing nothing is easy. Staying involved takes effort and promotes character. Character is the basis that fosters the values, by which, others view you and your company.

The dealership gives $100 to local Boy Scouts who achieve Eagle status. About $1,300 has been awarded so far.  There is a special test that each scout must pass with the shop owner to win the award.