GO AZ Motorcycles

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15500 N Hayden Rd., Scottsdale , AZ
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Type of Retail Business:
Franchised (selling new vehicles), Used Vehicle Dealer
Bob Parsons
General Manager: 
Gina Marra
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Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
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Gear, Apparel and Helmets: 
Arai, Shoei, HJC, Bell, Schuberth, Troy Lee, KLIM, Oakley, Gaerne, Roland Sands, Joe Rocket, Dianese, Triumph, BMW, MSR, Ogio, Fly Racing, Gerbings, LD Comfort, Alpinestars, Olympia, Atlas, Tourmaster, NEXX
All Genuine OEM, Akrapovic, Pro Circuit, Termingnoni, Rizoma, FMF, Arrow, British Customs, Touratech, GPR, Hyper Lites, Moose, MSR, Bikemaster, Kuryakyn
Parts and Tools: 
All OEM (BMW, Ducati, KTM), Motion Pro, Bikemaster, Moose, Ram Mounts, Yuasa, HiFlo, NGK, RK, D.I.D, PJ1
Helmet House
Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties
Tucker Rocky/Bikers Choice
Western Power Sports (WPS)
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Total Facility: 
35,000 sq. ft.
14,000 sq. ft.
PG&A Departments: 
10,500 sq. ft.
Service Dept: 
10,500 sq. ft.
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Mission Statement

GO AZ Motorcycles is passionate about motorcycles, the people who ride them and the community in which they ride. We strive to engage our customers in meaningful and long-lasting relationships by offering the best brands, employing well-trained and motivated sales and service staff, promoting safe and responsible riding, and actively connecting with and giving back to the local community we serve.

Showroom Design and Layout

GO AZ Motorcycles’ showroom/merchandising facility is comprised of three unique retail buildings:
  • Kawasaki/Triumph/Ural/Aprilia (around 11,000 sq. ft.)
  • Ducati/Vespa/BMW (around 11,000 sq. ft.)
  • KTM/Honda (around 13,000 sq. ft.)
In keeping with our commitment to superior customer service and brand representation, each showroom is designed to provide our customers with a high-end, personalized, brand-specific experience. Showrooms feature sleek, state-of-the-art design, including polished concrete floors, stainless steel towers and fixtures and distinctive merchandising displays. Most importantly, our showroom layouts are analogous to and in keeping with our approach to both our customers and our brands – each is unique and is treated as such.
Each showroom is designed with the distinctive brand identities in mind. In 2014, we made a significant investment in our both our Ducati and BMW showroom areas, refurbishing the designs to ensure alignment with updated guidelines from both manufacturers. We take our commitment to representing each brand seriously, and believe it is key to enriching our relationships with our brand partners and providing our customers with a welcoming environment. While several brands may share a showroom facility, we work diligently to ensure that each brand is uniquely represented, while maintaining a cohesive, high-end overall showroom appearance.
Customer comfort and engagement are paramount in our showroom planning. As indicated in our mission statement, our goal is to establish meaningful, long-lasting relationships with our family of customers. Toward that end, we strive to make GO AZ a destination facility. In addition to the distinctive merchandising displays, each showroom features flat screen televisions, comfortable seating areas, clean and well-appointed restrooms, and cold beverage stations (key in the warm Arizona climate). Additionally, the Kawasaki/Triumph facility also serves as a relaxing customer hub, housing our Internet café, coffee bar and foosball table. 
Our showrooms and our staff encourage our customers to linger, whether it be to discuss an upcoming model release, relax and watch race or seasonal sports coverage, or browse our extensive inventory of motorcycles, apparel and safety and customization gear. 
We frequently assess our showroom locations and displays and typically revamp layouts on a quarterly/seasonal basis to keep the appearance fresh for our customers and to coincide with planned model releases/events. 
We also continuously evaluate ever-changing market influences and make strategic modifications to our showrooms based on sales/market factors. For instance, we recently relocated our Triumph display to the Kawasaki/Ural/Aprilia facility, a change that allowed for both expansion of the Triumph showroom space, as dictated by recent sales growth, as well as increased traffic for a Kawasaki brand which has realized decreased sales nationwide. Calculated approaches such as this allow us to out-perform national sales averages. 
In addition to the spacious showrooms and service facilities, the GO AZ Motorcycles campus also houses a 60,000 sq. ft. underground garage, an air-conditioned delivery room in which customers take delivery on all bike purchases, a well-stocked parts facility, a 3 acre outdoor demo/event space, and a state-of-the-art training facility. In summary, our campus is a turn-key destination designed to meet every need of the motorcycle enthusiast. 

Service Department

Our 7,500 sq. ft. service department features 11 service bays manned by 12 technicians, 10 of whom are master certified. Our service team also includes four full-time service writers and a full-time service scheduler, each of whom possesses a comprehensive knowledge of the nine motorcycle lines we carry and is thoroughly trained to focus on customer service.
GO AZ’s spacious, state-of-the-art service department affords our technicians the opportunity to provide unequaled service to our customers and includes an on-site Dynamometer featuring the most current software and manned by the most renowned Dyno tuner in the Southwestern region. This apparatus and in-house expertise permit GO AZ to provide our customers with the ultimate diagnostic, fine tuning and performance upgrade services.
In order to showcase this powerful tool, in 2014, GO AZ added a Dyno room from which customers may observe our Dynamometer in action. A television showing Dyno results also plays in the customer lounge in our “Green Lane” service area, allowing all performance enthusiasts to enjoy the display.
GO AZ expanded our service facility this year, adding 2 service bays to accommodate our new “Green Lane” service option. This new service allows customers to stop by for expedited service on minor, unscheduled repairs. Customers now have the option of scheduling their service appointment online, another 2014 advancement.
In addition to the convenience afforded by our “Green Lane” service option, customers may also participate in our GO AZ Priority Maintenance Plan through which they receive discounts on routine maintenance, priority scheduling, pick up or delivery of their bike (we offer only one or the other because we want to make sure that at least part of the service experience includes a visit to the dealership) and a rare option in the motorsports industry – a courtesy loaner bike as their motorcycle undergoes service.
Also in 2014, GO AZ bolstered our already superior service with the addition of a full-time quality control specialist. This individual is charged with verifying each service item for every bike and also performs a full detailed cleaning on each bike serviced at our facility. 
All of our motorcycles, both customer-owned and new/used inventory products, are stored in our service department’s 60,000 sq. ft. underground garage, ensuring they are never exposed to the potentially harsh elements associated with our geographic region. This expansive underground facility also permits GO AZ to offer motorcycle storage amenities for our customers.
Of course, with our sizeable service facility and the volume of waste products generated via operations, GO AZ takes our responsibility to ensure that all such items are handled and disposed of properly seriously. As such, we have instituted strict procedures for the handling/disposal/recycling of tires, lubricants, batteries and paper products generated by our Service Department.
Finally, complementing our service capabilities, GO AZ Motorcycles introduced customization and fabrication resources for our customers this year with the addition of our sister company Spooky Fast Customs. The GO AZ campus now provides our customers with a one-stop shop for all of their service, upgrade, customization and fabrication needs.

Training and Employee Motivation Practices

Employing a well-trained and motivated sales and service staff is at the heart of our mission at GO AZ Motorcycles. We believe that staff training is integral to achieving our customer service, sales and staff retention goals. As such, all staff undergo initial and ongoing training in areas essential to their performance.
GO AZ takes great pride in our service department and spares no expense in the training afforded our technicians. As noted previously in this application, 10 of our 12 technicians are master certified. Each attends updated manufacturer’s training without regard to expense or location – a case in point, our Ducati Master Technician was sent to Italy to receive training and certification.
All members of our sales team receive training on the two sales and customer management tools utilized by GO AZ Motorcycles: Customer Relationship Management and Nine Steps to Fail-safe Selling. Each sales staff member undergoes comprehensive training in the philosophies behind and proper execution of these tools/methodologies. (Each of these tools is described more thoroughly later in this application in our “Customer Service Philosophy/Goal” narrative.)
Additionally, many GO AZ staff are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) trained and certified and engage in continuing education via both online and in-person manufacturer-provided training to ensure that their knowledge of our various product lines is beyond reproach. We utilize a train-the-trainer approach, requiring our brand experts who attend manufacturer-specific training to formally share their new knowledge with colleagues upon their return so that all staff have a general, conversational-level understanding of all our brands.
In regard to incentives, sales staff operate under a salary-plus-commission compensation structure and receive weekly SPIF disbursements. All staff enjoy extremely competitive compensation plans and are eligible for a benefits program virtually unheard of in the industry. This includes: medical (with deductibles as low as $250), dental and vision insurance, the premiums for which are supplemented substantially by GO AZ in order to ensure their affordability; paid holidays; and a generous leave structure that starts at 10 days for new employees and increases commensurate with tenure.
Beyond these financial incentives, GO AZ believes that employee inclusion and team-building – across all departments – are perhaps the most important elements of our employee incentive program. That’s why each department conducts weekly staff meetings at which employees take part in training exercises and are encouraged to share ideas and best practices. Our management team also participates in weekly meetings, facilitating the coordination and sharing of ideas and instilling a true team mindset across the operation.
Additionally, GO AZ ensures that staff at all levels in the organization are given the opportunity to actively participate in the dealership’s success. Every two months, we hold departmental-level focus groups which serve as brainstorming sessions and provide an opportunity to assess the effectiveness of previously enacted programs/policies/procedures.
In addition to these ongoing efforts to create an inclusive, team culture while maintaining our focus on continuous improvement, GO AZ also sponsors biannual, storewide outings to promote team building. These events take place off site and allow staff to interact in a fun and relaxed atmosphere and win prizes such as cruises, flat screen televisions, gift cards, designer sunglasses or payment of their summer electric bill (quite a prize here during the blistering Arizona summers).
Finally, GO AZ offers an Employee Recognition Program to honor contributions made by our staff. Criteria for the awards are varied – top sales, excellence in customer service, best attitude, etc. – allowing staff in every department an opportunity for recognition. 
At GO AZ, we believe our culture of teamwork and shared success are the greatest incentives of all and ultimately contribute to the success we realize as a dealership. GO AZ Motorcycles is a thriving enterprise, achieving/exceeding our financial/sales goals, receiving enthusiastically positive reviews from our customers and garnering recognition from our brand partners and community. Just this year, GO AZ received Triumph’s first-ever 100 percent score on a U.S. secret shopper test. We also received a Triumph 100 units sold award, Ducati Platinum market share award, Ducati Gold market share award (regional), the Ichiban Silver sales award from Kawasaki, and were named one of the Phoenix area’s “Best Places to Work” (#9).

Commitment to Customer Service

At GO AZ Motorcycles we strive to provide each customer with a memorable and enjoyable sales and/or service experience and to ensure that each is treated as an individual, each with unique needs/wants/interests. Our goal is to build relationships with our customers that will grow and sustain well beyond a one-time sales experience.

As introduced previously, we employ two widely implemented tools for managing our customer and sales relationships. These are: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Nine Steps to Fail-safe Selling (Nine Steps).

CRM requires that every customer interaction be logged into a database to which all appropriate staff have access. Via use of this tool, staff members can quickly reference a client’s entire history with the dealership, from the first time s/he visited through his/her last service appointment.

CRM allows our dealership to track, manage and follow-up on every customer interaction and ensures that each customer-facing employee is equipped with the knowledge s/he needs to serve the customer in the most effective and efficient manner. We believe that by taking this real-time, holistic view of each customer our staff is able to cultivate relationships that foster long-term dealership loyalty, increase referrals and solidify GO AZ Motorcycles as the preferred dealership when customers make buying decisions for years to come.

The Nine Steps process equips each sales team member with an easy-to-implement playbook by which s/he manages the customer experience. The process consists of the following steps:

  1. Greet
  2. Probe
  3. Identify Machine
  4. Presentation
  5. Sit Down
  6. Write Up
  7. Close the Deal
  8. Finance
  9. Deliver

By unfailingly adhering to the Nine Step process, sales associates ensure a consistent customer experience and, together with the CRM, maximize each interaction with the customer.

A first-time customer at GO AZ would immediately be greeted upon entering the dealership. S/he would receive a tour of the dealership and be introduced to the head of each department. The customer would then be matched with the applicable brand expert to refine the customer’s interests and needs. If this first-time experience results in a sale, the customer would be introduced to one of our financing experts to help ascertain the customer’s resources and financing options. Throughout the process, each GO AZ staff member is challenged to create an experience or engage with the customer in at least two ways that are unique to our dealership (i.e., that a customer would not expect to experience elsewhere). This might involve something as simple as a handwritten note being placed on the bike by the service technician preparing it for final delivery to the customer.

GO AZ Motorcycles is also introducing a new delivery room area at the dealership in which every new motorcycle will be delivered to the customer. The customer will take delivery of his/her new motorcycle in air-conditioned comfort and will be welcomed to the GO AZ family by GO AZ sales and service staff. A short video of the customer taking delivery of the bike will be created and then both sent to the client and incorporated into an iMovie featuring the entire GO AZ family of customers. The delivery area will also feature lifestyle displays highlighting various accessories and equipment and will serve as the last imprinted memory with the customer before s/he exits the facility.

In addition to these formalized sales/customer relationship management tools/actions, GO AZ further enhances the customer experience by providing access to our 70,000 sq. ft. training and demo facility (featuring the first-ever commercial application of real live motorcycle simulators), and other perks such as our offered pick-up/delivery service option and fleet of demo bikes which we make available to customers as loaner bikes during major service visits.

Atypical of the industry, GO AZ Motorcycles also allows customers to enjoy a test ride when contemplating a purchase.  We strive to provide an exceptional buying experience – again with an eye toward establishing long-term relationships – and believe the test ride option is key to that experience.
In an effort to further enhance our ability to meet our customers’ needs, GO AZ Motorcycles introduced two notable technological advances in 2014. First, we released a full-service application, available for iPhone and Android phones. This free app allows customers to view the dealership’s hours, browse inventory, make a service appointment, read customer reviews, explore financing options and much, much more – all via their smart phone. We also introduced a live online chat function which allows customers to interact with GO AZ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
The utilization of the CRM program, the implementation of the Nine Steps and our focus on providing our customers a truly unique experience are all examples of how we achieve our customer service goals at GO AZ. And the evidence of the success of this approach is in our customer satisfaction reviews, our sales figures and the countless customers who consider the GO AZ team part of the family. 

Involvement in the Community

As noted previously, establishing long-lasting customer relationships is paramount in all we do at GO AZ Motorcycles. Nowhere is this more evident than in our event-based, community involvement efforts.

First, we believe in ensuring the safety and well-being of those in our community who enjoy the riding lifestyle. Toward this end, GO AZ offers comprehensive introductory,  licensing preparation, and skill enhancement instruction. Our instructors are passionate about what they do and view their work as a life-saving community service. Also with an eye toward safety, we offer various technical seminars on everything from routine bike maintenance to proper helmet fitting.

Next, we work diligently to develop relationships with the various motorcycle clubs in the area, hosting/sponsoring rides and promoting their events to our customers.
At GO AZ, we also host numerous brand, partner and other events – new model releases, military appreciation barbeques, holiday fashion shows, Father’s Day parties, female focused rides and initiatives, Go to Lunch at Go AZ, World Ducati Week Go AZ, vintage motorcycle show, Bob’s Biker Blast, AZ Bike Week and much more. We were also recently awarded the exclusive honor of providing motorcycles to local law enforcement via an award from the Arizona Department of Public Safety.
Thus far in 2014, GO AZ has hosted 18 events ranging from the recent Ducati Monster 821 National Premier (held at a local pizzeria) to our 370-mile, 3rd Annual Sedona Ride, to a screening of the award-winning film “Why We Ride,” to a Honda Supercross teams Meet & Greet. We still have several more events planned for September – December, including Ural National Rally Day, the Route 66 Grand Tour Ride, a Horsepower for Heroes Ride (benefitting an organization which provides support to firemen and police officers injured or killed in the line of duty) and, our largest event of the year, Bob’s Biker Blast 2014.
Via our new, exclusive partnership with AZ Backcountry Discovery, GO AZ Motorcycles now offers our adventure motorcyclist clientele elite access to Arizona’s remote backcountry. The Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route is a scenic, 750-mile ride across the state, beginning at the Mexico border and finishing at the Utah border. Enthusiasts can enjoy a ride through old west towns, the Mogollon Rim, Sunset Crater National Monument, the Grand Canyon and the Navajo Nation. We are proud to be the sole presenting sponsor for this incomparable ride, providing a one-of-a-kind experience to our community.
Finally, we believe deeply in giving back to the community in which we are located. GO AZ sponsors/hosts a number of events benefiting military/veterans’ organizations and public service groups such as Boots for Our Troops, Girls Scouts Beyond Bars, Phoenix Children’s Hospital and Walk for Wishes. We are also a proud host Bob’s Biker Blast annually, one of the largest biker rallies in Arizona. Named for GO AZ owner, entrepreneur and philanthropist Bob Parsons, the event draws approximately 10,000 patrons and all proceeds benefit Phoenix Children’s Hospital. The event features food, legendary musical performances (the October 2014 event will feature Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members, Heart), charitable rides, and lots and lots of bikes.
The GO AZ Motorcycles team is very much a part of the local community. Our customers become our friends and our friends become our family. We believe that our focus on customer service and relationships serves to ensure our financial success; and our financial success allows us – and compels us – to serve our community.