Indian Victory Charlotte

110 Indian Walk, Lowell, NC
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Type of Retail Business:
Franchised (selling new vehicles)
Mark A. Moses
General Manager: 
Mark A. Moses
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Years in Business: 
Gear, Apparel and Helmets: 
Genuine Indian and Victory gear, apparel, and helmets.
All genuine Indian and Victory accessories, plus custom leather, specialty chrome and other popular items.
Parts and Tools: 
Genuine Indian and Victory replacement parts, including a large selection of Gilroy and Kings Mountain-era Indian parts.
Custom Chrome
Tucker Rocky/Bikers Choice
Average Age: 
Total Facility: 
11,300 sq. ft.
5,500 sq. ft.
PG&A Departments: 
2,800 sq. ft.
Service Dept: 
3,000 sq. ft.
Total Acreage: 

Mission Statement

The mission of indian Victory Charlotte is quite simply, to be the "World's Finest Dealer” and foster trusting relationships that result in customers for life. We understand that, on the surface, that mission may seem braggadocios or unachievable, but it is based on our honest and admittedly very passionate approach to the business. We are driven to be the absolute best in customer service and satisfaction and have a low tolerance for anything approaching average. We pursue the finest in areas of expertise, commitment and customer satisfaction that go well beyond Indian and Victory sales volume. 
Our passion for Indian motorcycles drives our organization. It's why we're here and remains our primary focus. It is a fact that we have one of the most knowledgeable and competent sales and service teams in the industry. Our leader and general manager--Mark Moses-- is in frequent contact with the product development teams at Polaris to provide feedback and help drive many aspects of product and marketing approaches. 
Mark was a part of the management team at Indian Motorcycle Company in Kings Mountain, N.C., and instrumental in designing and building the very first Indian dealership of the modern era—before becoming its owner and general manager. He opened Indian Victory Charlotte in 2008 as the World's First Indian Dealership--the flagship.
Our unique selling proposition is reflected in our approach to everyday relationships with our customers and prospects. Our staff works every day to accurately reflect and underscore our core values: friendliness, responsiveness, honesty, fairness, knowledge and commitment to excellence.  
Indian Victory Charlotte is pleased to be selling and servicing what we believe are the finest American-made motorcycles—Indian and Victory. We are also very proud that we’ve been selected a Top 100 Dealer for every year we were eligible. Our approach to sales has always been based on building long-term relationships. We don’t just want to sell people a new Indian or Victory, we want to make them customers for life. That singular view drives the way we conduct business every day.

Showroom Design and Layout

Our dealership was originally created to be a showcase for Indian, but we've fully integrated the Indian and Victory brands over the past 30 months. The exterior of our store is highlighted by a spectacular 50-foot Indian front fender in brushed aluminum with glass entry doors below. The showroom at Indian Victory Charlotte was designed to be our living room. The all-glass facade allows sweeping views of the showroom with beautiful motorcycles, apparel and merchandise on display for off-hour window shoppers. Just inside the front door is a motorized turntable that can display two motorcycles. 
Six months after Polaris acquired Indian in mid-2011, we re-designed the showroom to include Victory. While the overall design influence remains Indian, the Victory brand now covers about half of the showroom with a striking collection of new Victory motorcycles, accessories, parts and apparel on display. 
Our retail customer counter is in the center of the showroom floor, with Victory to the left and Indian motorcycles and gear in the center and on the right. A customer lounge is just beyond the central counter, away from the entrance and toward the back wall in the center of the showroom.
The customer lounge and much of the environment is influenced by our reverence for the Indian brand. You'll see historic Indian motorcycles and early photography. Rare Indian brand collectibles and specialty items such as custom oil cans, vintage gas pumps, and other rare objects of interest are offered for sale.
Indian has a rich and storied history, and our showroom was created to reinforce the marketing power of this legendary brand.  Classic vintage Indians are always on display, including a 1913 model and a 1950 model Chief. The showroom is decorated with Indian photos and memorabilia, and the wall of our customer lounge is upholstered in classic Indian red vinyl. Dozens of Indian head nickels are woven into the design of our retail counter.  Glass display cases exhibit a variety of Indian jewelry. 
But Indian is only a part of our story. Victory Motorcycle was born on July 4, 1998--only 16 years ago.  Each year, a range of new models with cutting-edge styling, advanced engineering and solid performance have made Victory an exciting, fast-growing American V-Twin alternative. Victory fans are also very ardent supporters of the brand.
Our Victory display area attempts to mirror the cutting edge design and styling of these advanced motorcycles. For retail flexibility, most displays are mobile.  Both genuine Indian and Victory apparel represent a big part of our retail sales and online purchases continue to grow. 
The best aspect of our showroom is how well it works.  Customers and prospects are continually telling us how much they enjoy being here and what a responsive and engaging staff we have.  Our customer lounge is a favorite place to sit and relax with complimentary coffee, tea, cold refreshments, baked goods and dozens of up-to-date motorcycle magazines. There’s desktop counter space for those wanting to do some paperwork. Free WiFi is appreciated by those with laptops, iPads and tablets. And because our displays are always changing, most customers spend at least a half-hour wandering the showroom, checking out new bikes, accessories, apparel and collectibles.  Naturally, our staff is always available to answer questions.

Service Department

The overall layout and design of the service department at Indian Motorcycle Charlotte is both welcoming and functional.  A significant inventory of parts and accessories located within a few steps of the service counter. The actual service area is separated by an interior all-glass overhead door that provides a view into the work area with six lifts, plus a staging area for customer bikes.
Service has its own entrance on the side of the building so riders enter via an overhead door and can immediately consult with a service advisor to get their needs addressed. The sign-in process is fast, efficient and hassle-free for all V-Twin customers.
Service is a critically important aspect of our mission to be the world’s finest dealer and we are committed to provide excellent service on all American-made V-Twin motorcycles--Indian, Victory and H-D. Our technicians are highly trained and their work area is brightly lit, hospital-room clean and designed for efficient, high quality work.  
A separate washing/detailing stall is in frequent use to prep new factory-fresh motorcycles as well as clean customer bikes prior to delivery. The entire service area is climate-controlled, and features a high performance air exchange system that can replace all air within 45 seconds. It is also the place where we assemble all the custom components to build a limited number of our Charlotte Special Edition machines.
After a customer has signed in, and depending on the extent and estimated duration of the service, it's good to know that our very comfortable customer lounge is only a few steps away in our showroom. It features free Wi-Fi, flat screen television and complimentary snacks and beverages.   
We are obsessed with delivering uncommon service to our customers. If a customer’s V-Twin machine becomes disabled within 25 miles of our shop, our policy is to pick it up for service in our enclosed trailer at absolutely no cost. (We have to admit that the quality of the motorcycles we sell has made this an extremely rare occurrence.) But it's nice to know we're always ready to assist.

Training and Employee Motivation Practices

We have been the flagship dealer for Indian Motorcycle since we opened in 2008 and a Victory dealer for about 3 years, following the acquisition of Indian by Polaris. We have a relatively small group of employees, but training happens almost daily, is often one-on-one and is integrated into existing workflow. 
As new products, motorcycles and performance parts are introduced, we constantly share new information among all team members as well as learning from their most recent experiences. The concept of "working lunch" is an ingrained part of our culture and enables us to communicate freely and openly about any new or potential challenges that may need a solution.
Frankly, we're too small to have a formal incentive program, but all employees are rewarded on a regular basis for demonstrating “customer obsession” in a measurable way. It may be the result of customer feedback, assistance with a difficult problem or simply going "above and beyond" in making sure that a specific task gets accomplished on time. We have found that by creating an atmosphere where “good things” constantly happen and extra effort is rewarded, we have established and maintained a company culture that is recognized and fully embraced by all our team members.  
Our staff is a relatively small, but dedicated working team that accomplishes an incredible amount of work on a regular basis.  The right chemistry, skills, talent and mutual respect ensure that our customers receive the very best treatment, work and advice. Our dealership continues to enjoy success and business growth in what remains a challenging economic environment. Constant interaction with staff and continual customer feedback helps us identify ongoing needs for specific communication and training initiatives.   
This emphasis on constant communication helps us maintain outstanding overall performance in the critical area of customer relations and helps us toward our stated goal of developing customers for life.

Commitment to Customer Service

As Indian Motorcycle Charlotte, and now as Indian Victory Charlotte, our consistent goal has been to attract and maintain customers for life. These are simple words, but they are at the core of everything we do. Call it customer obsession, relationship management or whatever, but we have a very long view of our customers and the motorcycle business.

Some of this stems from the fact that our Indian motorcycle clients tend to be better educated, financially secure -- price is rarely the deciding factor. Most are long-term Indian motorcycle fans and many have Indian stories of relatives who rode Indians in the 1920s and '30s and more recently. The key deciding factors for these client-customers is competence and trust.       

As the world’s leading Indian dealer and newer Victory dealer, we work to apply this customer philosophy to everything we do. One ongoing example is that we typically spend an hour or more delivering a new Indian and making sure all questions are answered. We believe the joy of owning and riding an Indian is one of life’s greatest experiences. Taking the time to make sure they understand how all the systems work is very important to them and us.

So while this customer-obsession culture is fully ingrained among all team members, it is not without challenges as we adapt to marketing Victory motorcycles, as well. Victory machines are great American-made motorcycles with advanced styling and very impressive performance.

What we have found is that our Victory customer demographic is very different from our Indian clients. While it is our constant goal to fulfill the needs of every customer and deliver superior service, we are discovering a larger emphasis on price than we expected. This is disappointing, but not unexpected, and we will never lower our standards of quality to compete with dealers who only focus on low price.  It is not who we are.
Our response has been to communicate to potential Victory customers that we will meet or beat any written price on any new Victory from any dealer within 100 miles. This has been somewhat but not always successful since there are several Victory dealers competing in our backyard.  Bottom line: our goal to attract and keep customers for life, and this will always be our working philosophy.

The Victory line also has two different kinds of customers, and rarely does someone interested in a Victory Cross Country Touring machine cross-shop one of the Victory cruiser models. The touring machines tend to be husband-and-wife purchase decisions, while the cruisers attract a slightly younger rider. Victory cruisers have been a great alternative to lower end H-D models, but the new 2015 Indian Scout with a starting price of $10,999 may change that.   
We feel quite confident that we will continue to excel in the area of technical expertise, competence and ongoing customer service, but those are qualities that become recognized by customers over time. We know our approach will prevail over the long haul, even if we lose some sales to price-cutters along the way. Our dealership continues to enjoy great success and solid business growth and we look forward to many great years ahead.

Involvement in the Community

Our community involvement philosophy and goals are rooted in the knowledge that life is short and good works are essential in defining our value as human beings and as a business entity. We all have a responsibility to assist those less fortunate in situations out of their control and to support non-profit organizations that work to improve our overall quality of life. Our goal is not necessarily to become visible and well known for our contributions, but to inspire others to help.   We strongly believe in giving back to the community that supports us.  

As the world’s leading Indian dealer, our customer base is scattered and relatively few sales are made to those in our immediate neighborhood. Our few staff members mean that time is always an issue, so we are not able to personally volunteer on a regular basis. However, against that backdrop, we believe in and support the local chambers of commerce, civic organizations and broader-based children’s charities like Make-A-Wish and the Victory Junction Camp. (For example, our owner and general manager, Mark Moses, served on the board for Make-A-Wish for several years.)

As a leading motorcycle dealer, we recently formed an Indian RIders Group and support many motorcycle-associated organizations and events such as the AMA, ABATE, Motorcycle Riders Foundation, Iron Indian Riders, Motorcycle Cannonball Run, Trail of Tears, and others. Quite frankly, there is never enough time and/or resources to be involved with all the worthy causes that we are interested in.

The community that has supported us consistently since our opening in 2008 has been the broad “Indian owner” community at large. We are in constant contact with this group and are aware of many of the projects and programs they are working on. We always try to find the time to assist in things that matter to them.  (It’s an obvious extension of our “customer for life” philosophy.)  

As a Victory dealer, we are working to identify the interests of this diverse group of customers. The reality is that we must select community involvements that satisfy our own interests first and then, those of our customers. We believe this “enlightened self-interest” approach makes sense for anyone in business.    

Customer feedback is important, but not usually the guiding principle for our charitable involvement. Our company culture encourages charity in any form, but as a dealer, we cannot put ourselves in the position of over-committing our few resources. From a public relations/community relations standpoint, we want to be known as a dedicated, responsible, community-oriented organization that is always willing to help.  At the same time, we will never make promises we cannot deliver on and we believe our community respects that.