Man O'War Harley Davidson

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2073 Bryant Rd., Lexington, KY
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Type of Retail Business:
Franchised (selling new vehicles)
Jim Bentley
General Manager: 
Dale Condra
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Gear, Apparel and Helmets: 
Parts and Tools: 
Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties
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Total Facility: 
35,000 sq. ft.
16,000 sq. ft.
PG&A Departments: 
6,000 sq. ft.
Service Dept: 
13,000 sq. ft.
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Mission Statement

At Man O’War Harley-Davidson, our mission is to provide a customer service experience that is a model for the ultimate motorcycle dealership. We create long-term relationships by providing Kentucky motorcyclists and enthusiasts with a premium Harley-Davidson experience, both inside our dealership, and in the community at large. In order to do this, we must personalize our customers' experience and employ exemplary customer service practices.

Showroom Design and Layout

Our showroom is designed after a thoroughbred horse barn. As you enter the store, the horse-racing theme is very apparent. Each salesperson has his or her own “stall” and the walls are lined with a rustic wood. We also have six stalls placed in the center of the store that are used to highlight each of the Harley-Davidson model families. They are placed in such a way that 90 percent of our traffic flow walks though this area. Toward the rear of the store, the showroom opens up into a large open area. The entire store is very well-appointed with abundant horse-racing memorabilia.

Kentucky, particularly Lexington, is known worldwide for its thoroughbred horse-racing heritage. We are also home to Keeneland Racecourse. Because our dealership is named after a legendary racehorse, and because we have integrated the horse-racing theme, we have effectively woven our brand into the fabric of our community. We strive leverage the heart and soul of Kentucky and bring that horse-racing pride through our front doors.

Service Department

With a 15,000 sq. ft. service department, Man O'War Harley-Davidson is equipped to handle all of Central Kentucky's Harley service needs. From the automated double glass sliding doors, where our customers enter, they are guided in by a painted "road" or drive into the center of two service writer stations. From there, needs are assessed, and the service drive continues through the branded glass garage door, and into a meticulously maintained and well-organized shop. The shop boasts 14 motorcycle lifts, as well as a Tri-Glide lift. Most of the Man O'War Harley-Davidson techs are certified MasterTechs, and all have years of Harley experience. From the Dyno room, to the tire station, to the well-equipped wash and detail bay, our service department is clean, well-lit and well-equipped. We also maintain a full time parts to service counter, where parts and supplies are pulled for maximum efficiency. At the Man O'War Service Department, we pride ourselves on providing a great service experience, whether it be for scheduled maintenance, accident, or a traveler's tire repair. Every bike that comes through our Service Department receives a complimentary bike wash, and we offer free pickup and delivery within the greater Lexington area.

Training and Employee Motivation Practices

As a management-driven dealership, we hold weekly manager meetings in order to help stay on the cutting edge of our business.  Our managers read and discuss one particular industry-related book per season, applying those principles where applicable. This unifies our efforts to implement sales and management strategies based on current trends and market conditions. In a dynamic marketplace, we as managers, sales people and associates, strive for consistent, driven, and integrated policy.

Most of the positions at our dealership are, to some degree, commission-based. We find that this makes things personal with our employees. They are more apt to feel a sense of ownership and/or go the "extra mile," when providing our customer service experience. We believe in rewarding a job well done.  By using these incentives, we make fewer mistakes, and tend to be more efficient with our time.

In addition to our Sales department, our General Merchandise, and Parts & Accessories departments also employ tracking boards, where everyone in the department can see average sales per transaction, units per transaction, and gross sales per employee and by date. This creates a little friendly competition among associates, but more importantly, it provides an instant accounting of one's own performance, and encourages us to continually improve.

Commitment to Customer Service

Our entire staff is concerned with every customer's experience, and we do our very best to "personalize" that experience. Whether a customer is purchasing their 10th bike or their first T-shirt, we strive to make the experience live up to the Harley-Davidson reputation, and to exceed any preconceived expectations. In order to retain our customers, we realize that we have to go an extra mile. Our corporate culture realizes that in order to maintain a long-term relationship with our customers, we must earn and retain their loyalty. We must ultimately create a partnership.  As we encourage participation and dialog through our events, emails, website and other marketing efforts, we are able to keep our customers engaged. By promoting events which help charities, we can find common ground with our customers, as well as make a difference in the community. We become partners in the same cause.

We try to personalize our customers' experiences in a number of ways, including variable data print and emailings, extensive followup procedures, New Owner's Parties, mobile app notifications, picnics, and more.

Involvement in the Community

We believe that our involvement in our community is paramount to our continued success as a business. We feel that our community should be not only aware that we are here, but that we are a vital part of what makes Lexington unique. Our name, theme and everything about us leverages the fact that we are in a horse-racing community. We want our community to feel a sense of pride that we are here. In order to achieve these things, we must educate the public and demonstrate our principles through our charitable works.

When and where we can, we are active at public events and festivals. We signed on for an entire season, from April through October, to set up every Thursday night at a downtown Lexington event called Thursday Night Live. Here we brought out a "jumpstart," portable Dyno machine, and offered the public free motorcycle "rides." Citizens of all ages, genders, shapes, and sizes, could get on a Harley and simulate riding. They could get the feel of the throttle. This was a huge success, and those who were interested in actually learning to ride, could sign up for our MSF Motorcycle Academy. This year we trained over 120 people to ride safely. They all now have their motorcycle endorsements. Those not interested in riding became educated about our business, and we had real conversations and interactions with the community at-large. This not only helped our visibility, but informed the public about various charities and events we are involved with. This was a win-win for everyone.