McGrath Powersports

4645 Center Pointe Rd. NE, CEDAR RAPIDS, IA
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Type of Retail Business:
Franchised (selling new vehicles), Used Vehicle Dealer
Mike Mcgrath
General Manager: 
Jeremy Richardson
Years in Business: 
Gear, Apparel and Helmets: 
Carries Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, Victory and Yamaha apparel brands; plus 100%, Alpinestars, Bell, Castle Sales, Cortech, First Manufacturing, FLY, Fox, FXR, HJC, ICON, Klim, LS2 Helmets, Moose, Oakley, OGIO, Shoei, Sidi, Smith, Teknic
Carries OEM accessories, plus accessories from Curtis Industries, MTA, Parts Unlimited, Tucker Rocky and WPS
Parts and Tools: 
Carries OEM and Motion Pro parts and tools
Helmet House
Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties
Tucker Rocky/Bikers Choice
Western Power Sports (WPS)
Average Age: 
Total Facility: 
40,000 sq. ft.
18,500 sq. ft.
PG&A Departments: 
9,000 sq. ft.
Service Dept: 
6,000 sq. ft.
Total Acreage: 

Mission Statement

McGrath Powersports' mission is To provide a fun experience that creates loyal riders.

Showroom Design and Layout

From service to a customer lounge, McGrath Powersports has a 50,000 sq. ft. facility with a wide-open floor plan. The departments are distinct and easy to navigate, which caters to its customers' every need.

Its showroom is designed to show the customer that McGrath Powersports is a destination, not just another motorcycle dealership. Its mission is “to provide a fun experience that creates loyal riders.” 

"Our showroom is where the FUN begins for our customers. To start, our two showrooms are huge, holding over 200 new and 200 used units.  We always ensure that our building is shining tall, because we know that our customers expect nothing less than greatness.

"We take time to re-arrange the entire placement of our units on the first of every month. This gives our customers a fresh perspective of our dynamic inventory. Our sales focus changes with the seasons and, therefore, so do our displays. For example, our displays change from a scene of mannequins racing dirt bikes to a scene of Santa’s sleigh being pulled by an assortment of vehicles around the holidays.  Not only are these displays fun to look at, they allow our sales team to feature certain items relative to the time of year."

The dealership has a customer display monitor for the dynamometer. "Customers can safely sit in our showroom and watch a technician dyno their machine via a window into the service department. The customers can see the dyno results in real-time on a flat-screen monitor located next to their viewing window. Our customers get the fun experience of actually seeing their unit getting maxed out on the dynamometer and the convenience of real-time horsepower, top-speed and torque results on the screen."

The McGrath Powersports Used Warehouse, built in February 2011, displays all makes and models in a newly renovated 6,000 sq. ft. showroom, with the ability to display over 200 used units ranging from ATVs and side-by-sides, to motorcycles and snowmobiles. 

"We also offer climate-controlled storage in the used 6,000 sq. ft. basement at a very inexpensive price.  We winterize or summerize their units upon check-in, store them over the cold/warm seasons depending on their passions and then prep units before they leap into their new fun and exciting adventure when the new season hits. This 'little sister' to our main building mimics the colors and setup, and has really given our customers easy viewing for all of their powersports needs.

McGrath was northeastern Iowa's first Roadsmith Trike dealer/builder.  "Our service technicians have gone through extensive training to make this available to those riders who still want to ride in luxury but may not feel comfortable with a larger bike.  We have truly become a full-service dealership so that riders can come to our destination shop and get everything they could possibly want right here in one location."

And then there's the air horn: "One thing that will never change at McGrath Powersports is our trademark air horn.  When a customer purchases a unit, they have the honor of pulling the chain to sound our horn, which closely mimics that of a factory whistle. The horn is a storewide signal for our employees to cheer and clap to welcome the customer to the McGrath Powersports family. Immediately after sounding the horn, the customer’s picture is taken and promptly posted to our website. This gives the customer an immediate sense of satisfaction with their purchase and is in keeping with our mission to provide them a fun experience.

"The 2011 Dealernews Top 100 logo is displayed proudly with a banner hanging in the entrance of the store above our reception desk.  We also paint the logo on our windows and use it on the front page of our website, which is often our customer’s first 'visit' to our store. This is a strong reminder to McGrath customers and employees of their association with a premium powersports retailer."

Service Department

McGrath’s high-tech service department at the rear of the building can be accessed by customers by either pulling straight into the service drive under a covered overhang or by walking through the sales floor to the in-store service entrance.

The service department covers an area of 6,000 sq. ft., with a separate room for consultations to avoid the sounds and distractions of the main service area.  Three large overhead doors allow for easy access and changing out of equipment.

The main service area is home to 12 service bays, along with a wash bay and a DynoJet  in-floor Dynamometer.  The facility also includes a separate tool room, battery room and maintenance room.

"McGrath Powersports’ service personnel are certified Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Polaris and Victory technicians and boast a total of over 30-plus years of combined service. They are able to execute anything from a quick fix to a complete rebuild. Each unit is hand-washed before being returned to the customer.

"With the addition of our used warehouse, we are now able to offer our customers climate-controlled storage. This is a great benefit to our customers at a very inexpensive rate and, if the service department winterizes their unit for them and stores it, they are given a spring start-up special for free. McGrath Powersports guarantees that when a unit comes into our service department it will always be stored inside and will stay away from the elements."  

Training and Employee Motivation Practices

McGrath University:
•    Weeklong orientation process led by management for new hires.

Weekly Monday Meetings:
•    Opportunity for training.
•    Make sure employees are all on the same page.
•    Update all employees of upcoming events and any rolls that they will pay in the preparation.

Book Club:
•    Managers and their departments all attend “book club."  In this group, they are welcomed and urged to speak about similar situations that are written about in the book and how it relates to them in their daily lives. They discuss how they use the book's information to make them better at whatever they do.
•    Managers have recently read “It’s Your Ship”  and “Wooden on Leadership” and are now re-visiting the “Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless” book by Jeffery Gittomer.

Event Team:
•    Consists of the department heads who come together to plan each event that draws near so that they can make each event the very best that it can be for our customers.

Idea Day:
•    An awesome way to get our employees' ideas so that we may work on ways to improve procedures, plans fun events, adopt new policies, save the company money and bring in more revenue and overall better the store in its goal to continue to grow and  move forward.  This is done quarterly and has been a huge benefit to our employees and overall staff. 

Show Stopper Award:
•    A trophy is awarded to the most prestigious employee that displays the following characteristics:
o    Going above and beyond the call of duty for a customer or co-worker.
o    Keeping a cool head under pressure.
o    Displaying contagious enthusiasm.

Employee Night at the Races:
•    A fun night for employees and their families at the local track.
•    Held at least once per year.
•    Includes adult beverages and as always an amazing catered dinner.

Annual Christmas party:
•    McGrath Powersports plans an amazing and fun Christmas party each year for the employees and their families to show the appreciation to those who support the business and it’s every need. Each year is different than the year before. Who know what this year could bring.

Commitment to Customer Service

Rider Rewards program:
•    Set up as a reward for being a loyal customer.
•    Open to anyone.
•    Allows customers to accumulate “free” money at a growing percentage up to 7.5 percent at $1,000 spent.
•    Cashed in for goods and service within the dealership.
•    Powered by More Than Rewards -  integrates with 50 Below website to reach all cardholders and people who have signed our guestbook to thank them for purchases, update them on events and sales, reward them with a discount on their birthday and even remind them of services.

Learn to Ride for Free Program:
•    McGrath Powersports has teamed up with a local community college to offer the state DOT motorcycle rider’s course at no charge after a customer has purchased an on road motorcycle from McGrath Powersports.
•    McGrath Powersports is a sponsoring dealer of the ride safety course at local Kirkwood Community College providing financial support annually.

VIR Pit Pass (Very Important Rider):
•    Offered to new customers but is available to anyone.  
•    Offers customers the option to purchase (6) pre-paid services at the time of sale of a new or used unit.  Customers also have the ability to purchase this program during their ownership experience as well.  
•    Allows them to save up to 40 percent off first six services.
•    Pit Pass give customer the choice of pick up or delivery free of charge.
•    Customers do not need an appointment and we are required to have their bike back to them within 48 from drop off.
•    An awesome feature to this program is that it moves the “pit pass” holder to the front of the line. This speeds up the process for them and gets them back on the road in record time.

Green Lane Service:
•    Allows customers to stop by our service department unannounced and receive regular services (tire changes/ repair, oil changes, etc…).
•    Guaranteed to be the areas lowest priced tires.
•    Purchasing tires at McGrath Powersports allows customers to have tires installed at a lower rate than purchasing them from an outside source.

Social Media:
•    Facebook chat is available for customers with questions when a McGrath Powersports representative is online and logged in.
•    Allows McGrath Powersports to post latest events, sales and all other fun factors associated with the industry.

DOT rental motorcycle:
•    McGrath Powersports has outfitted a Honda 250 Rebel for available usage for all customers wishing to take the state's required driving test.  This allows customers to take the test on a smaller more manageable motorcycle than they may own.

Involvement in the Community

St. Patty’s Day Parade – March 17, 2012
•    Much of our staff dressed up in the craziest Irish garb, donning anything from Dr. Seuss hats and flags of Ireland as capes.  This is a very large event in our community and it is great being able to participate in our cities SAPADAPASO parade.  Cruising the parade route is a hoot for the kids as we hand out assorted candy and high fives while riding everything from side by sides to kids dirt bikes.  To keep is as entertaining as possible, our “largest” albeit best looking staff were riding the smallest of the units.

Motocross Clinic - April 1, 2012
•    Community members signed up for a full day of lessons from local pros including a lunch provided by McGrath Powersports.  Riders and their families took part in educational and informational training sessions for safety riding and maintenance.  This event is always an amazing opportunity for the young riders to get the care and training they need to make sure they are safe at all times and performing the best that they can from local pros.

McGrath Night at the Downs – August 3, 2012
•    McGrath Powersports took part in the amazing support that was given for this event.  The entire Hawkeye Downs Speedway was rented.  Dinner was served to all employees and their families to thank them for their hard work and dedication that is given every day.

Summer in January
January is a month that usually we can’t wait for it to be over. This year we said no more. The managers got together and decided we are going to grab the bull by the horns and turn January into a month that kicks our year off right! We came up with Summer in January as a total store sales theme. We dressed the store up as if it were 80 degrees, with tiki huts, colorful lamp shades, and even had the employees wear Hawaiian shirts. This gave every customer who came in something to laugh and talk about. We weren’t sure what to expect, but we where floored by the results. The positive attitude of the entire staff yielded amazing results with a 200 percent increase in major unit sales. This helped drive parts and service business as well.

Bike Night 2012
Bike Night is our largest promotion of the year. We partnered with Victory Motorcycles, two major radio stations, along with a local bar and grill and beer distributor. We start off by blocking off the front parking lot and designate it to bike parking only. We also put up fencing and hang up manufacturer banners, creating a enclosed party area. At the entrance our beer distributer, Fleck Sales, blows up a huge dome that bikers get to drive thru to get in. Inside we have Chrome Horse, our local biker bar, serving ice cold beverages and serving food. Also located in the center of the lot is a live band that changes each Bike Night. With around a 1,000 bikers the lot fills up fast. All types of bikes and bikers line the lot giving McGrath Powersports the feeling of a major biker rally. Just what this town needs! We have two local radio DJs doing live radio remotes inside the store that helps promote the main attraction, a free Victory Vegas 8-Ball. Each night we have hourly drawings to qualify for the grand prize. At the final bike night we have it narrowed down to 25 finalist who all get to draw a key, whoevers key starts the bike wins!  

Night 1- May 31
 The first bike night is always important to get the message out that we had teamed up with Victory to give away a brand new victory Vegas 8-ball at the final bike night.  Sign ups were held each night where all riders had the chance to get into the finals.  We kicked the party off with the local band Slap n' Tickle and a Miss Coors Light Summer Talent Search.  The Coors Light Girls were looking to add another addition to their team and this was a perfect way to find that one lucky girl. Even though the weather was in the low 50's, this wasn't going to keep out loyal bikers away! We started off with a bang!

Night 2- June 28
Bike night number two is always a fans choice.  Not only was the local band Lonesome Road playing live, and the Miss Coors Light Summer Talent Search sign ups going on but it was also the night we had the Burn-Out Contest.  We allowed ten entries in this event with prizes going out to the top two performers.  Each entry had two minutes to show what they got.  We had Harleys and sport bikes battling it out for that number one spot.  There was even a sport bike that had a smoke bomb tire that filled our entire parking lot with red smoke, the crowd loved every minute of it. We judged each entry by crowd noise. With the weather cooperating, we had the front parking lot so full we had to rethink parking for the next two nights (What a great problem to have).