North County's House of Motorcycles

1725 Hacienda Dr. Ste C, Vista, CA
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Type of Retail Business:
Franchised (selling new vehicles), Used Vehicle Dealer
America's Powersports Inc.
General Manager: 
Mark Gusciora
Years in Business: 
Gear, Apparel and Helmets: 
Dianese, Roland Sands Design, Icon, Speed & Strength, AGV Sport, Spidi, Sidi, Alpinestars, Joe Rocket, Leatt, EVS, Bell, Fly, Scorpion EXO, HJC, Shoei, Vega, Fox, MSR, Oakley, Spy Optic, Gaerne, Troy Lee Designs, DC, Unit, Truth, We All Ride
Power Commander, Two Brothers Racing, GoPro, Chatterbox, K&N, ASV, ODI, ProTaper, Renthal, FMF, Moose Racing, Bikemaster, Supersprox, RK Excel, and OEM accessories
Parts and Tools: 
Motion Pro, Bikemaster and OEM parts.
Helmet House
Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties
Southern Motorcycle Supply
Tucker Rocky/Bikers Choice
Western Power Sports (WPS)
Average Age: 
Total Facility: 
33,000 sq. ft.
16,000 sq. ft.
PG&A Departments: 
7,000 sq. ft.
Service Dept: 
8,000 sq. ft.
Total Acreage: 

Mission Statement

As a powersports leader in our market, we develop relationships by sharing an exciting lifestyle with our customers and employees while providing quality products and best-in-class customer service in a dynamic environment.

Showroom Design and Layout

The first thing one will notice when entering our store is the pre-owned section right up front. We make a point to always have a large and diverse selection of pre-owned motorcycles. Once passed the pre-owned section, we keep our inventory split down the middle on each side of the walkway. Off-Road is to one side and street is to the other. We rotate based on season, and setup manufacturer-specific displays.

Throughout the showroom we have LCD screens playing the latest industry news, exciting race clips and ads featuring our current specials.

Like our sales floor, our parts and accessories is split evenly on each side between street and off-road. However, an entire wall of showroom reaching from parts through the sales floor is dedicated to casual wear.

Service Department

Upon entering the service department, we have a counter staffed by up to three writers depending on hours. This area also includes a small lounge area with coffee, snacks and entertainment (a TV and an xBox 360) for customers to pass the time.

The actual garage houses eight service bays, with a technician occupying each bay, three of them A Techs.

Training and Employee Motivation Practices

Like most dealerships, we put a constant emphasis on training and role-playing. Our employees attend manufacturer training events and demos. We use industry tools like Dealership University and Sam's Garage.

And we test their knowledge by having them present products on video that we'll post to YouTube. (They could be a little better on camera ... but we're not going for an Emmy)

We hire industry trainers like Sam Dantzler, we make a point to send all of our employees (including the cashiers) to his class.

Our sales managers create monthly competitions for targeted inventory to sell.

Commitment to Customer Service

Beginning with the goals, as of this year House of Motorcycles is a Yamaha Pro Dealer. That was a goal we set to achieve at the beginning of 2012 and hit it by achieving a high customer service rating.

Our philosophy? House of Motorcycles is “your house away from home.”

The most valuable tool we have to keep our theme strong is a smile. It’s free and the effect is powerful.

Just like at one’s house, we want to welcome and greet our customers like they were guests in our own home.

That starts with a warm smile from the first greet, throughout the whole sales process, from every team member in every department, to the T.O. to finance, to the final delivery.

When you walk into someone’s home, one of the first things you’ll always see are pictures.  In frames on mantles, side tables, hung along hallways, held with magnets on fridges.

What do pictures do? They transport you instantly into another world, into your host’s life. That’s why here at NCHM we’ve established a family tree on which to hang pictures of customers and the units they’ve purchased.

By ensuring the Sales team takes pictures of every customer that purchases a unit, the customer not only stars in his or her own special moment, they feel that extra appreciation from the staff for an act done solely for our guests' benefit.

This moment captured in time not only allows them to feel like an integral part of NCHM’s theme, “House away from home,” but also to relate to every other rider on the tree alongside them.

The tree has proven to be so successful, customers are repeatedly asking if they purchase a unit will they get to be on “the tree."

When you go into the Finance office, it is our House away from home, it’s like someone coming into our living room.

Paintings, photos of loved ones -- we create a relaxing place where our guests can get away from the hustle and bustle of the sales floor. While sitting in comfortable chairs, they can ask a friend any questions they may have.

When guests arrive in your home, you slow down, you spend a few moments talking. Ensuring they understand we want to protect them, give them peace of mind, not just sell to them.

What you expect to find in high-end department stores, we provide to our guests in Parts & Accessories.

Employees have expert knowledge to ensure the right questions are asked in order to get the guest the right part, the first time. We assist guests one-on-one to ensure. Proper fit to maximize comfort. Safety classification is met based on the guests' type of use.

In service. we always maintain a staff of veteran technicians and writers with years of both industry experience and life experience to best work with the customer and diagnose their issues. We go above and beyond to treat them like friends and make minor repairs/adjustments free of charge.

Involvement in the Community

Being so close to a military base and being concerned about the safety of their Marines on motorcycles, we host at the store or attend on base training sessions for Marines. In these sessions, we cover everything from the best bike to choose based on their experience, proper safety equipment and maintenance, to how to best store their bikes when on deployment.

Our Marketing Manager received commendations from command of both the 1st Marines and 3rd Marine Air Wing for our dealership's advocacy for motorcycle safety.

We constantly host events at the dealership - big and small. From bike nights that feature bands and stunt shows to simple rides that end with a free cook-out.

We're members of our local chambers of commerce and participate in community events across San Diego County and the south end of Orange County.

All store events are tied to a charitable cause, where we raise funds through raffle ticket and food sales. We host benefit rides including a major Toys for Tots drive in November. Our facility is open to those looking for a way to raise money for a cause through a ride or bike wash.