Powersports East

620 Pulaski Highway, BEAR, DE
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Type of Retail Business:
Used Vehicle Dealer
Lynn Natha, Joel Samick
General Manager: 
Rebecca Fasten
Years in Business: 
Gear, Apparel and Helmets: 
Fox Racing, Speed and Strength, HJC, Shoei, Joe Rocket, Firstgear, Shift, Olympia
Kuryakyn, Dunlop, Bridgestone, Michelin, Star, Polaris
Parts and Tools: 
OEM brands
Helmet House
Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties
Tucker Rocky/Bikers Choice
Western Power Sports (WPS)
Average Age: 
Total Facility: 
23,000 sq. ft.
11,000 sq. ft.
PG&A Departments: 
6,000 sq. ft.
Service Dept: 
6,000 sq. ft.
Total Acreage: 

Mission Statement

Powersports East is in the business of fun and building relationships. Our staff of powersports enthusiasts provides excellent products and service to other enthusiasts. Powersports East develops its customer base and loyalty by having a helpful, knowledgeable and highly trained staff; extremely reliable products, and a warm and friendly consumer environment. It is recognized as a fun place to be. All of these components contribute to its continued profitability and recognition as a remarkable dealership.

Showroom Design and Layout

Our showroom is divided into four areas: Cruisers, ATVs and dirt bikes, sportbikes and scooters. Each area has a focal point with a raised vehicle on a stand, which is changed monthly. The foyer at the entryway of the dealership has units displayed up high on a shelf, which is lit up at night. There is also a mural in the hallway which is changed three times a year to reflect the ATV riding season, scooter season, and women on motorcycles. The showroom layout is changed three times a year so that either the cruisers or sportbikes or ATVs are prominent as you enter the store.

The street accessory area is separate from the dirt apparel and gear (which is hung on the slatwall). The street apparel is on moving racks, which allow us to change the layout of the department to highlight different gear for the seasons.

The parts counter is well lit and has five terminals to handle customer orders and purchases. There are two computer stations on the floor for customers to browse catalogs, look at microfiche, and visit our website.

The customer lounge is between the showroom and the service desk. There is a TV in the lounge, as well as vending machines.

The floor is Stonecarpet, which contributes to the clean and elegant feel of the dealership. The store is professionally cleaned weekly. The staff prides itself in keeping the dealership neat and exciting.

Service Department

The service write-up area is separated from the shop by glass doors. The technicians' diplomas and certificates of training are hung on the walls so that customers understand how highly trained our staff is.

When a customer comes in for service work, his vehicle is brought into the "walkaround" area so that the initial check-in sheet can be completed. The vehicle is then parked inside the department and the service writer completes the write-up of the unit.

There are eight lifts with exhaust hoses at each lift to maintain air quality. There is a vehicle wash station which is inside the department and curtained off from other vehicles. All areas of the dealership are air conditioned for employee and customer comfort.

There is an adjacent warehouse where crates are kept and where the "build" department is housed. Once a unit is built, it is brought to the service department for quality control checks.

We have all the latest shop equipment other than a Dynojet.

Training and Employee Motivation Practices

All service staff is sent to training yearly. All sales staff attend product updates and familiarization clinics. All parts and accessories personnel are trained by the various distributor reps. All staff are paid hourly wages to attend the training. We pride ourselves on having well-trained staff.

Commitment to Customer Service

Our customer service philosophy is 100 percent satisfaction, 100 percent of the time. Isn't everyone's? To this end, we have policies and guidelines in place which help the employee achieve that goal. Employees have limits on what can be offered as "policy discounts," and if those do not satisfy the customer, then the steps to bring in management are spelled out.

Some fixes are easy: overnight a part at no charge to the customer if a promise needs to be kept.  Others are harder: like the new 2013 ZX636, which was returned because the customer felt he bought the wrong bike. We took it back, he got an EX650 and is ecstatic. We have made a customer for life.

We have a belief that each and every customer is worth about $10,000 to our dealership during his lifetime as a rider. This makes it a little easier to bend a little bit extra for that customer.

Involvement in the Community

Powersports East wants to be recognized as an integral part of the New Castle County motorcycling community. To that end, we try to be involved in as many local charity events as possible, even if it means only donating giveaways.

In 2008, the owner, Lynn Nathan, was awarded the New Castle County's "Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year" award which recognized her work within the community as well as the excellence of her dealership.

Powersports East is very involved with American Honda's "Ride for Kids," which benefits the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. The owners of the dealership are on the Task Force and personally raise funds for this cause each year. In this year's 2012 Ride for Kids, Powersports East was the top dealer and raised over $20,000.

In addition to the Ride for Kids, we have held numerous fundraising events for our Foreman, Dwayne Turek, who suffered a major stroke this past November. One of the owners of the dealership, Joel Samick, spends one day a week with "Turk" as he works to regain movement and speech.

We also donate funds or giveaways to all 501(c)3 charities who are involved with our community. This year we lent a new CBR250R to a local church for them to use in a raffle. The winner took half the money instead of the vehicle and the church returned the vehicle, but they raised quite a bit of money for their programs.