Rexburg Motorsports

1178 University Blvd., Rexburg, ID
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Type of Retail Business:
Franchised (selling new vehicles), Used Vehicle Dealer
Jared Burt, Brad Ball, Allen Ball
General Manager: 
Mike Vickers
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Years in Business: 
Gear, Apparel and Helmets: 
Shoei, DC, Fox, Shift, Thor, Scorpion, Fly, MSR, TLD, Ogio, GMax, HJC, Alpinestars, Answer, Sidi, Dragon, Oakley, Spy, EVS, Scott, Arai, all OEM brands
Warn Industries, FMF, Moose, MSR, Renthal, Camoplast, Boondocker, Tamarack, Pro Armor, Mountain Performance, Skinz, Motion Pro, Black Diamond, Vent Racing, Rekluse, Po Grip, Elka, Maxxis, Two Brothers Racing, QuadBoss, Acerbis, all OEM brands
Parts and Tools: 
Pro Taper, Bridgestone, Cycle Country, SLP, Amsoil, ITP, Dunlop, K&N, UniAir, Dyno Jet, Metzler, Sunstar, Castrol, Lucas, Klots, Douglas Wheels, all OEM brands
Helmet House
Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties
Tucker Rocky/Bikers Choice
Western Power Sports (WPS)
Average Age: 
Total Facility: 
45,000 sq. ft.
30,000 sq. ft.
PG&A Departments: 
5,000 sq. ft.
Service Dept: 
10,000 sq. ft.
Total Acreage: 

Mission Statement

We are obsessed about providing you with legendary service!
To achieve this we make decisions and conduct business through implementation of strong ethics, respect, a winning attitude, communication, change and accountability. We are different. We pride ourselves on taking the customer by surprise. We strive to create an individual experience for each person who walks through our doors. We will establish loyalty by creating friendships resulting in individuals repeatedly purchasing from us. We hire knowledgeable, accountable and creative minds to manage the operations. We are a leader in the industry, with practices that others strive to develop and mimic. We are involved and invested. We are a Top Dealer.
To say we are obsessed might be an understatement. We love hearing customers comment that they have to work to not be acknowledged, recognized or helped when they’re here. We will go out of our way to take care of you. Need a drink? We will grab it. On a long trip and waiting for your bike to be repaired in our service department? Take a rest on the giant beanbag, or take a nap in our lounge area. Trying to entertain the little ones? Let us introduce them to our kids' play area. There is no need too big or small and no needs we won’t go out of our way to accommodate.
Legendary service isn’t just about closing deals or making a sale, it is about having each individual who walks in or out of our doors saying, “This place is different than others and I NEED more of it!”

Showroom Design and Layout

The layout and design of our showroom has one purpose - to best accommodate, serve and exceed customer expectations.  When customers enter our showroom every employee is trained to focus on creating a legendary experience for them, not just generating a sale.
Ever been to a showroom that brings the outdoors inside? If not, you should stop by and pay us a visit. Our showroom features “lifestyle displays” of each vehicle segment we carry. From the forest to the racetrack, we will take you there! The displays with dimension and height showcase core models and newly released vehicles. With the 30,000 sq. ft. main vehicle showroom we have the space to showcase street and off-road bikes, scooters, ATVs and utility vehicles year round; with plenty of room to feature snowmobiles from August through April. 
In addition to our main level showroom, we’ve converted the upstairs storage area into a 2nd floor showroom - complete with displays on the mezzanine and a customer lounge area in the race paddocks with the sport bikes. We frequently change placement of the vehicles between the two areas, keeping  inventory fresh while placing premium units in spotlighted areas of the store.
The showroom is dedicated to showcasing our inventory instead of desks and computers. Vehicle sales staff spend their time on the floor engaged with customers; each sales person is issued an iPad where they are able to log customer data and notes regarding the visit or phone conversations a well as access a real-time, up-to-date inventory list. Our central vehicle sales desk is located in a visible location on the showroom floor, allowing customers the opportunity to interact with the sales department management. The location of the desk helps managers monitor floor traffic, while allowing the manager to be engaged in the sales process with both the employee and the customer.  
Our used inventory is placed in the segmented areas of the showroom right next to the new machines. We don’t have a “used section” of vehicles. It seems only natural if I am shopping for a Goldwing to go to the touring bike area for all things Goldwing regardless of the year or number of miles on the motorcycle. In addition, it allows customers to compare side by side the various models as well as upgrades and features that have changed from one year to the next.
Our parts, gear and accessories are merchandised as an extension of the vehicle showroom. The gondolas housing our parts and accessories are divided into sections for specific makes and models. There is a row with bags on it marked for utility ATVs, and a row with windshields on it specifically for street bikes, another aisle with number plates and handlebars for dirtbikes. Having parts featured in areas specific to the models highlight available performance items for a unit. 
Our weekly feature displays in the PAC department highlight different items along with a service offered at Rexburg Motorsports that can’t be purchased from an online retailer. For example, buy a Scala Rider Cardio Communicator system with two helmets and we will install the system on the helmets for you, replace the check pads so they fit to your comfort and give you a one-on-one consultation and instructional session on how to optimize the usage with the radio, an iPod and rider-to-rider communication. These offers are exploited through social media routes, at morning staff huddles and with special signage and displays corresponding with the vehicle it is most likely to be used on. The displays stay up in the showroom and offers rotate based on quantity of item available and season of the year.
Large posters are hung from the ceiling marketing package deals for the store on gear and accessories. Package savings are offered year round and can be customized with multiple options available to best suit riding needs and styles.

Service Department

Have you heard of the saying “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke?” The Rexburg Motorsports service department doesn’t believe in, or practice, that philosophy. Our factory-trained technicians fix things before they’re broken. We make them better….to optimize performance, to discover new and additional uses for parts and to be better able to repair and maintain with shorter, quicker turnaround time! As a leader in the powersports industry we must modify and improve what is currently available in the market, providing the consumer with additional options. Our customers are passionate about their rides and constantly looking for something newer and better, and our service department has been recognized many times over for their ability to do just that through their diagnostics, innovations and modifications; with national recognition from off-road, sand and snow publications.
Our service department goes above and beyond to cater to our customers. Although the showroom of the store opens at 9 a.m., our service department is open and serving customers at 8 a.m. six days a week, assisting early risers and weekend warriors.
Customers arrive at our service department to find a well-lit, covered loading/unloading area. The loading process is effortless using our platform that rises and recesses into the drive-through dock. After unloading, the customer’s machine is given a check-in inspection in the service reception room adjacent to the service counter. Each machine then has a factory VIN verification performed to determine if there are any outstanding service bulletins or safety recalls; if so, the customer is notified by a service writer and the needed repairs are completed free of charge. 
The wall adjacent to the check-in counter is dedicated to highlighting the credentials of our technicians. Certificates earned through training and qualifications are neatly framed and hung for customers to view confirming our techs have more than 60 years of combined service experience. 
When customers visit the service department, accessible from the main showroom, they can view current Mod Shop projects. Customers are able to watch our full-time performance specialist technician work on engines, chassis and suspension modifications. Our knowledge and ability to perform these leading modifications allow customers to customize and maximize their ride. Customers also have the opportunity to speak with our performance technician for suggestions on enhancements appropriate for their own machine and riding style. 
Our adapted Dynamometer (also easily seen from a large viewing window and with dyno runs starting at just $69) is an excellent tool for diagnostics and tuning. It tests performance gains and runability, helps improve a vehicle's fuel economy and arms owners with awesome bragging rights.  
A unique option offered in our service department is custom setup. Customers meet with a member of the service staff, discuss the needs and interests of the rider and arrange for a custom setup of their vehicle prior to taking ownership of the vehicle. With options like “racer," “premium," “expert” and “power up” they can choose to have their bike set up with the basic manufacturer recommendation of just enough fuel to load it in the back of a truck, or they can choose to have it ready to ride and custom “fit” for them with adjusted suspension, handlebar and footpeg adjustments and a tank full of premium gas.
Satisfaction is our priority! Each individual who has work completed in our shop is sent a customized survey from the dealership asking them about their overall  experience and level of satisfaction. These surveys are collected and scored on a monthly basis. Customers are told they will be receiving this survey beforehand and asked if there was any part of their experience that was not completely satisfying for them. This provides us the opportunity to address any concerns with the customer prior to them leaving the shop, if for any reason surveys come back with concerns our manager personally calls the customer to address and correct the situation. We currently average a customer satisfaction score of 90 percent for the year.

Training and Employee Motivation Practices

Rexburg Motorsports stands behind the philosophy that our employees are the heart of the company, recognizing the need to balance work and personal life and allowing scheduling flexibility to accommodate. Whether it is helping arrange schedules for employees pursuing an education or assisting with special needs by developing a new position, we work to keep our employees motivated and excited about what they do each day. The most common comment we hear from new hires is, “Rexburg Motorsports is its own culture.” We hire and recruit others who are proud to be a part of it. In fact, almost 80 percent of the new hires in the last year came from employee referrals. Those employees who referred an individual hired for a position in the company were given up to a $300 spiff as part of our employee referral program.
Employee training is an ongoing process at Rexburg Motorsports. Carrying nine major manufacturer lines, it’s impossible for one person to know everything about the hundreds of different models available. Each weekday at 9:30 a.m., employees meet in the showroom to learn about the “model of the day.” A member of the sales staff is assigned a particular model to research and then conducts a feature/benefit presentation to the rest of the staff. In addition, our PAC team shares options for upgrades and service shares the benefits of the upgrades and pricing to have them installed, these simple training sessions are open to any member of the staff interested in attending. 
Employees can become brand experts through training, manufacturer testing, demo rides and personal ownership. This expert “status” qualifies them to attend product unveilings, dealer meetings and earn salary increases as they specialize in products we carry. Marketing our staff as experts adds value for the customer and the company reputation. Staff in sales, service and PAC have the ability to certify as an expert manufacturer representative within the dealership.
The first Friday of each quarter we host “Staff Get-Togethers,” lasting 30-40 minutes. Here employees are fed breakfast (a definite highlight of the gathering) and notified of upcoming sales, events, birthdays, anniversaries or promotions within the company and the monthly “Rockstar” is named. The managers from the parts, service and sales departments also highlight something that took place in their department for the prior month. Surveys are reviewed and highlighted in the meeting and each employee who gets their name mentioned in a positive survey is given a spiff. 
Annually we have a huge employee Christmas party. We close the store early and reserve a location with a catered dinner. During the party we have drawings and give away everything from tool kits to iPods to gift cards at local merchants. In addition, employees are given a turkey for Thanksgiving and chocolates and hams for Christmas.
This year our summer party was held at the local water park where we rented the large shelter and served BBQ pork, salad and dessert. Employees and their families were treated to an evening full of water, food and laughs. We also host a fall chili and cornbread employee cook off. Winners of each category receive gift cards.
As a company, we actively support activities our employees are involved in outside of work. We have sponsored employees in a variety of interests, including demolition derbies, figure 8 races, sports teams, beauty pageants, cheerleading competitions, scholarship drives and Relay for Life.
The company has invested in a demo fleet of vehicles available for employee use, including UTVs, ATVs, both street and off-road motorcycles as well as snowmobiles. The demo program is simple and available to those who want to gain experience driving/riding a vehicle. As a company we have made a commitment to host 100 Rides a Year. Our employees have more than an excessive amount of opportunities to ride!
This year Rexburg Motorsports gave away motorcycle scholarships to employees which paid their tuition for the Star Motorcycle Training Course. We now have about 60 percent of our staff (male and female combined) with a motorcycle endorsement on their driver’s license.
Also offered to employees is our benefit package. Employees who work at least 30 hours a week are eligible for medical, dental and vision insurance, with the company covering 50 percent of the premiums. Additional benefits include 401(k) with matching contributions, vacation/sick/holiday pay, long and short term disability insurance and life insurance. In addition, employees receive a generous discount on items purchased at the dealership. 
A successful business can’t survive solely ran on the back of an owner, but when he invests in and oversees a business ran by empowered and valued employees you can’t halt progression. Jared is easily accessible on a daily basis and encourages candid conversations and input from all employees.

Commitment to Customer Service

Rexburg Motorsports is committed to becoming friends with our customers; to offer a fun, hassle-free and professional buying experience. We are obsessed with exceeding your expectations. The bottom line is this…if we have all the right processes, all the right inventory, great prices and an amazing showroom and building to gaze upon but we simply have the wrong staff then we don’t truly have anything exceptional to offer the customer.
For starters, the Rexburg Motorsports “No Bull” pricing means no hassle or haggle shopping. Simply put, you don’t have to have an inside connection with a salesperson or sneak in the back door to get the “secret discount,” we have low prices everyday, available to everyone. We feature the same discounted pricing on a unit in the showroom, on our inventory pricelist, on our website and at discount online shopping sites. All customers get the same pricing no matter where they shop our inventory – just fair prices everyday. 
Employees at Rexburg Motorsports are encouraged to service customers using the “feel factor” approach. We cannot assume how the customer will react to the price versus value of products we carry. A person’s perception of value for price is determined by them alone, so we have the obligation to make options available and then present and offer them to everyone. Understanding there are different “hot buttons” for a purchasing customer give us the opportunity to focus on offering the best service and products then letting  the buyer decide for themselves what best suits their needs and budget.
Regular real-time communication is another way we focus on customer service. Our Instagram page is a simple way to interact. We can respond to feedback or questions, promote in-house events, list new trade-ins with a price, share employee recognitions, post pictures of new hires, etc. This is used to communicate and inform both staff and customers in a timely interactive manner.
We also send a weekly text offer exclusive for those individuals who have subscribed to our club. They may be the first to show a text and get a free hat, or perhaps they can stop by and get a free “biker bar” (customized maple bar donuts from the local bakery), or maybe they will save a percentage off their purchase made that day. The offers change weekly and with over 5,500 members in the text club, response is great for a boost in sales. Customers are able to sign up for the text club through their mobile phone or through our tablet in the store. If they sign up in store, they receive 10 percent off their purchase that day and if they give us a little bit of additional information (birthday, what vehicle they ride and an email) they actually save 15 percent off their purchase at that time. We are then able to use that information they provide to send birthday messages or offers that apply to the segment of machine they own.
For every vehicle purchased, we create a customized thank-you note for the customer and mail it to them along with a personal note from the salesperson who assisted them in their purchase and a coupon for a future purchase in any department. In addition, we send out a personalized birthday email to customers with a coupon for $20 off a purchase the month of their birthday.

Involvement in the Community

We strive to be a part of our community. We are a member of a wonderful group of people and look forward to opportunities for involvement. We frequently donate to charitable causes, sponsor public events and support local teams. We are only successful because of these good people in our backyard. 
Every Thursday night from April to the beginning of October, individuals in the community gather at the dealership for a Throttle Freaks Motorcycle ride. The rides are typically between 75 - 125 miles in distance and anyone who has access to a street bike is invited to join the group ride. The weekly ride agendas are posted on our website, emailed out and shared on social media sites – with a new route each week. The group stops somewhere along the way for dinner. Ideas of where to ride come from members of the group. The Throttle Freaks have become a recognized band of riders, a “club” was created and we now have shirts, do rags and patches available to purchase bearing the logo and name. We ride a lot, in all weather, on all terrain and any kind of powersport vehicle.
This year we teamed up with the Madison County Sheriff’s Department and the D.A.R.E program to provide a Polaris RZR to be raffled off. The winner was announced at the last home basketball game of the local high school.  The RZR traveled with the football and basketball teams throughout the season to promote the giveaway. There was also a large banner hung in various places in the community to promote the raffle (car dealerships, sheriff’s office, grocery stores). All proceeds from the raffle went directly to the D.A.R.E program to help sustain the budget for the upcoming year. The number of tickets was limited to 100, so the odds of winning were high. The community was very supportive of the promotion and the D.A.R.E program was able to gather donations outside of the raffle (other businesses jumped on board to help with support when they saw the grand prize would draw such large community interest) to help support the ongoing efforts to reduce drug usage among the youth in this area.
In addition, we teamed up with Kawasaki to supply the Madison County Search and Rescue Division with the use of two new utility vehicles to help assist in rescue missions; our county search and rescue unit is strictly a volunteer and non-profit organization. Having use of the side-by-side vehicles helps make it possible for the organization to access areas and complete searches with vehicles well suited for their efforts, while saving the organization the expense of purchasing such vehicles needed to aide in their cause.
We sponsored the Blackfoot MX Track by supplying the hole shot prizes for the season. As the main sponsor we also provided staff shirts, bale covers, track posters and track help. For the club's year-end banquet, we donated jackets for the top finishers in each class. We also sponsored a number of riders varying from beginner girls at the age of 5 to experienced riders over the age of 40. 
Recently there was a change in legislation that required all youth to complete both a written and skills test in order to operate an ORV on public land in Idaho. In an effort to make this training available and convenient for those little ones who ride, we teamed up with local certified instructors to offer the training here at our facility. Participants were able to register online for the course, complete the training module and complete the test for their certification locally.
This last fall we collected donations from employees to fill boxes of food and provide a complete Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner for families in need. We worked with the local food bank to compile a list of commonly asked for/needed items. 
We are also major sponsors of the Dam Marathon (our team made the front page of the local newspaper), Relay for Life and 4th of July festivities.