Rexburg Motorsports

1178 University Blvd., Rexburg, ID
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Type of Retail Business:
Franchised (selling new vehicles), Used Vehicle Dealer
Jared Burt, Brad Ball, Allen Ball
General Manager: 
Jared Burt
Years in Business: 
Gear, Apparel and Helmets: 
Shoei, DC, Fox, Shift, Thor, Scorpion, Fly, MSR, TLD, Ogio, GMax, HJC, Alpinestars, Answer, Sidi, Dragon, Oakley, Spy, EVS, Scott, Arai, One Industries, Fulmer, Bell, 509, Vemar, all OEM brands
Warn Industries, FMF, Moose, MSR, Renthal, Camoplast, Boondocker, Tamarack, Pro Armor, Mountain Performance, Skinz, Motion Pro, Black Diamond, Vent Racing, Rekluse, Po Grip, Elka, Maxxis, Two Brothers Racing, QuadBoss, Acerbis, GoPro, Warn, Quadra Bags, Power Commander, DragonFire, Uniair, Gold Finger, Bikemaster, Sedona, all OEM brands
Parts and Tools: 
Pro Taper, Bridgestone, Cycle Country, SLP, Amsoil, ITP, Dunlop, K&N, Dyno Jet, Metzler, Sunstar, Castrol, Lucas, Klots, Douglas Wheels, Bikemaster, Western Power Sports, Parts Unlimited, Tucker Rocky, High Performance Sports, all OEM brands
Helmet House
Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties
Tucker Rocky/Bikers Choice
Western Power Sports (WPS)
Average Age: 
Total Facility: 
45,000 sq. ft.
30,000 sq. ft.
PG&A Departments: 
5,000 sq. ft.
Service Dept: 
10,000 sq. ft.
Total Acreage: 

Mission Statement

We are obsessed about providing legendary service.

How do we demonstrate the importance of successfully achieving this mission? We start by conducting all businesses practices and making decisions which reflect implementation of strong ethics, respect, a winning attitude, communication, change and accountability; then we build on it. We improve and we find new definitions and reasons to be legendary for our customers and we don’t settle for anything less.

For over 16 years, Rexburg Motor Sports has stayed true to the founding goal of being an establishment that succeeds by caring about its customers AND employees. Ours is a company dedicated to hard work and integrity while promoting learning and growth; this is a company that fuels opportunities beyond the expected. Here, we are a community of people excited about who we are and what we do.

Our theme for 2012 was “Leap Ahead.” On February 29, 2012 (Leap Day) we did just that, as we rolled out our “Obsessed About Legendary Service” mission along with the daily support tools and needed changes that would prove our obsession. In an all-staff morning meeting the “new culture” of Rexburg Motorsports was introduced, featuring giant breakfast burritos, a group jog, cow bell ringing, jersey wearing, staff chanting and uniform burning. Yeah, we might be weird, but we like it and think our customers do, too.

To say we are obsessed might be an understatement. Recently a customer told us, “Every time I come to your store people are anxious to help me and meet my every need, sometimes I have to work to not get helped by an employee.” No, we weren’t offended by the feedback; we will go out of our way to take care of you. Need a drink? We will grab it. On a long trip and waiting for your bike to be repaired in our service department? Take a rest on the giant beanbag upstairs and play a game of Excitebike or take a nap on the retro couch. There is no need too big or small and no needs we won’t go out of our way to accommodate.

Legendary service isn’t just about closing deals or making a sale, it is about having each individual who walks in or out of our doors saying, “This place is different and I like it. I want more!”

Showroom Design and Layout

The layout and design of our showroom has one purpose: to best accommodate, serve and exceed the customer’s expectations.  

Upon entering the dealership you are “greeted” by a large welcome stand featuring a map of the building, a brochure with a calendar of events, and an apparel display with the offer of the week.

Ever been to a showroom that brings the outdoors inside? If not, you should stop by and pay us a visit. Our showroom features “lifestyle displays” of each vehicle segment we carry. From the forest, to the racetrack, we will take you there! The displays with dimension and height showcase core models and newly released vehicles.

You may notice after spending time in the showroom that some of our models look different than any others sold in dealerships. Using our in-house graphic design team, we create custom decal kits and install aftermarket accessories to offer “limited-edition models” exclusive to Rexburg Motor Sports. In addition, the customer can find all the details of a model thanks to our uniform, branded signage, including our No Bull, No Freight prices.

Throughout the showroom are large “halos” hung from the ceiling featuring the different manufacturers we carry and displays coordinating with the brand showcased underneath. In the middle of the showroom, and visible from anywhere you may be browsing, are TVs tuned to the “RexburgMS Channel”  running current sales, commercials, informational spots, customer testimonials and riding footage we load onto the system.

The showroom is dedicated to showcasing our inventory instead of desks with computers. In fact, the only desk/work station in the showroom is where the sales managers sit. Each salesperson is issued an iPad where they are able to log customer data and notes regarding the visit or phone conversations. Our central vehicle sales desk is located in a visible location on the showroom floor, allowing customers the opportunity to interact with the management of the sales department.

Our used inventory is placed in segmented areas of the showroom right next to the new machines. We don’t have a “used section” of vehicles. It seems only natural if I am shopping for a Goldwing to go to the touring bike area for all things Goldwing regardless of the year or number of miles on a machine.

A recent addition to our showroom this year is the Harley Davidson bike display. We started carrying superior-quality used Harleys this year and they have their own allocated space in the showroom with unique signage cross promoting that we also service and accessorize our newest addition.

Our parts, gear and accessories are merchandised as an extension of the vehicle showroom. The gondolas housing our parts and accessories are divided into sections for specific makes and models. These clearly marked aisles allow customers to visually conduct a comparison of different options for a single part. Having parts featured in areas specific to the models help highlight available performance items for a unit.

A useful feature to support our customer service strategy in the PAC department is the value, core and ultimate product rating system. The objective of this system is to eliminate shopping confusion and highlight features and benefits of products. Racks are clearly marked with a guide of how to understand the rating system and the products are marked to correspond. All price tags and hanger rings are orange (value), blue (core) or black (ultimate). The parts, accessory and gear inventory have colored stickers with the assigned rating of the product. In addition to signage and tags, the products are showcased in different styles. The ultimate lines are flaunted on premier quality fixtures, displayed on floor fixtures off the walls and staged in spot-lit areas. The value line is housed on clean orderly shelves along the wall with as many items filling the shelves as it can hold. This visual distinction of merchandising the different lines helps our customers distinguish the different options and recognize the various features of the product selection available.

Our weekly feature displays in the PAC department highlight different items along with a service offered at Rexburg Motorsports that can’t be purchased online. For example, buy a Scala Rider Cardio Communicator system with two helmets, and we will install the system on the helmets for you, replace the check pads so they fit to your comfort and give you a one-on-one consultation and instructional session on how to optimize the usage with the radio, an iPod and rider-to-rider communication. These offers are exploited through social media routes, at morning staff huddles and with special signage and displays corresponding with the vehicle it is most likely to be used on. The displays stay up in the showroom and offers rotate based on quantity of item available and season of the year.

Service Department

Have you heard of the saying “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke?” At the Rexburg Motorsports service department, we don’t believe in, or practice, that philosophy. Our factory-trained technicians fix things even if they aren’t broken -- to make them better than they originally were! As a leader in the powersport industry, we must modify and improve what is currently available in the market, giving the consumer more options and upgrades. Our customers are passionate about their rides and are constantly looking for newer and better, and our service department is known for its ability to do just that through their diagnostics, repairs and modifications; with national recognition from off-road, sand and snow publications recognizing our modification innovations.

Our service department truly caters to our customers. Although the main showroom of the store opens at 9 a.m., our service department is open and serving customers at 8 a.m. six days a week to assist early risers and weekend warriors.

Customers arrive at our service department to find a well-lit, covered loading/unloading area. The loading process is effortless with a platform that rises and recesses into the drive-through dock. After unloading, the customer’s machine is given a check-in inspection in the service reception room adjacent to the service counter. Each machine then has a factory VIN verification performed to determine if there are any outstanding service bulletins or safety recalls; if so, the customer is notified by a service writer that the needed repairs will be done free of charge.

The wall adjacent to the check-in counter is dedicated to highlighting the credentials of our technicians. Certificates earned through training and qualifications are neatly framed and hung for customers to view, confirming our techs have over 60 years of combined service experience.

When customers visit the service department, accessible from the main showroom, they stroll through our Vintage Mod Hallway. This is where you have the chance to kick back and watch  a little Rexburg TV while sitting on the leopard print couch atop the orange shag rug blanketing the floor. This hallway features the evolution of the industry from old and vintage to new and modern. We have an area with pictures of our original dealership location next to photos of our modern, state-of-the-art location; a display of vintage logos from the manufacturers and our dealership – paired with current editions, as well as obsolete mufflers and hoods next to new updated versions of the same part. On the opposite side of the hallway are posters from Alticity films (featuring many local riders), framed and matted where individuals who starred in the films are able to leave an autograph.

Current Mod Shop projects are always on display thanks to a large viewing window. Customers are able to watch our full-time Performance Specialist Technician work on engines, chassis and suspension modifications. Our knowledge and ability to perform these leading modifications allow customers to customize and maximize their ride. Customers have the opportunity to speak with our performance technician for suggestions on enhancements appropriate for their own machine and riding style.

Our adapted dynometer (also easily seen from a large viewing window) is an excellent tool for diagnostics and tuning, it tests performance gains and runability, helps improve a vehicle's fuel economy and arms owners with awesome bragging rights, with dyno runs starting at just $69.  

A unique option offered by our service department is the custom “setup option.” Customers meet with a member of the service staff, discuss the needs and interests of the rider and arrange for a custom setup of their vehicle prior to vehicle delivery. With options such as “racer," “premium," “expert” and “power up,” they can choose to have their bike set up with the basic manufacturer recommendations with just enough fuel to load it in the back of a truck, or they can choose to have it ready to ride and custom “fit” for them with adjusted suspension, handlebar and footpeg adjustments and a tank full of premium gas.

Customer satisfaction is a priority! Each individual who has work completed in our shop is sent a customized survey from the dealership asking them about their overall experience and level of satisfaction. These surveys are collected and scored on a monthly basis. Customers are told they will be receiving this survey beforehand and asked if there was any part of their experience that was not completely satisfying for them. This provides us the opportunity to address any concerns with the customer prior to them leaving the shop. Then if any surveys come back with concerns, our manager personally calls the customer to address and correct the situation. We currently average a customer satisfaction score above 90 percent for the year.

Training and Employee Motivation Practices

The employees here are proud to be a part of our culture. In fact almost 70 percent of the new hires in the last year came from personal employee referrals. Those employees who referred a new hire were given up to a $300 spiff as part of our employee referral benefit.

Employee training is an ongoing process at Rexburg Motorsports. With the dealership carrying nine major manufacturer lines, it would be impossible for one person to know everything about the hundreds of different models available. Therefore, we tap into the knowledge and expertise of various people to expand the individual minds. Each day at 9:30 a.m., employees meet in the showroom to learn about the “model of the day.” Information is shared from sales, parts and service staff.

Our service department implemented a Tech Educational Reward Program this year. Rexburg Motorsports is the first dealership in the industry to provide an Educational Reward Program for technicians. This program provides an opportunity for technicians to enroll in factory educational programs (for brands of their chosen interest) and certify as an expert.

As an expert, through

  • A) Learn: study, online coursework & testing,
  • B) Apply: application of skills and
  • C) Teach: sharing knowledge, the technician will earn points that may be utilized toward the costs associated with off-site training courses and earning them additional compensation ranging from 50 cents to $1 per hour while the employee maintains Expert Certification through fulfilling continuing education requirements.

How does this all work? A tech applies for acceptance in an Expert Course Curriculum established by the dealership. This curriculum will include home study that is completed through online learning and testing performed on their own time with no tuition cost. Points are earned for completing these modules and may be applied toward company off-site courses and vacation expenses. Upon completion of off-site courses with all current curriculum requirements, the employee qualifies for a compensation increase.  As new online modules become available, they become part of the Expert Course Curriculum. Techs are required to complete these in order to maintain the compensation increase and to maintain their Expert Certification with the dealership as part of the Continuing Education Program.

Expert technicians are more valuable to our dealership. More consistently, they add value to the customer's experience as they provide accurate and complete diagnosis and valuable recommendations for repairs and enhancements. Technicians with a higher level of knowledge in their specialty complete repair operations with more efficiency, including time on the job and quality of the work performed.

All promotions the company does to support community involvement are open for employees to attend. Often the events and activities we sponsor become an extended employee party. This year, our employee parties consisted of a summer water park rental, a fall chili and cornbread cook-off and our huge “everyone-wins-a-prize” Christmas party. When we conducted a survey asking our employees what mattered most to them and what they would like to see available or implemented into our incentive package, the message was clear: they wanted to hang out in an informal, friendly setting. Apparently, spending 40 hours a week together leaves employees wanting to see each other more. Our staff is a close knit group of folks!

The company has invested in a demo fleet of vehicles available for employee use. The demo program is simple and available to anyone who wants to test drive a vehicle. Employees are required to get permission from the general manager and fill out a demo waiver form -- they are held to the same standards as a customer. The demo fleet includes UTVs, ATVs, both street and off-road motorcycles as well as snowmobiles.

This year, Rexburg Motorsports gave away motorcycle scholarships to employees which paid their tuition for the Star Motorcycle Training Course. A limited number of scholarships were available and employees were able to apply for them through the Human Resources Manager. We have approximately 50 percent of our staff now (male and female combined) with a motorcycle endorsement on their driver’s license.

Our employee “benefit package” was placed on steroids this year, with some over-the-top enhancements and additions. Any staff member who works 30+ plus hours a week is eligible for medical, dental and vision insurance, with the company covering 50 percent of the premiums. Additional benefits include 401(k) with matching contributions, vacation/sick/holiday pay, long- and short-term disability insurance, life insurance for employee and spouse, as well as a flex spending account. In addition, employees receive a generous discount on items purchased at the dealership. These benefits are becoming more rare among employers and have been a great benefit and assistance for our employees.

Commitment to Customer Service

Rexburg Motorsports is committed to becoming friends with our customers -- to offer a fun, hassle-free and professional buying experience. We are obsessed with exceeding your expectations and will go off of the beaten path to prove it. The bottom line is this: if we have all the right processes, all the right inventory, great prices and an amazing showroom and building to gaze upon but we simply have the wrong staff, then we don’t truly have anything to offer the customer.

For starters, the Rexburg Motorsports “No Bull” pricing means no hassle or haggle shopping for anyone who enters the dealership. Simply put, you don’t have to have an inside connection within the sales staff or sneak in the back door to get the “secret discount;” we have low prices everyday available to everyone. We feature the same discounted pricing on a unit in the showroom, on our inventory pricelist, on our website and at discount online shopping sites. All customers get the same pricing no matter where they shop our inventory – just fair prices everyday. This has been great for the sales staff and customers and has eliminated time and frustration during the purchasing experience.

Employees at Rexburg Motorsports are encouraged to service customers using the “Feel Factor” approach. We will not assume how the customer will react to the price and value of products we carry. A person’s perception of value for price is determined by them alone, we have the obligation to make options available and then offer them to everyone. Understanding there are different factors a customer reacts to when making a purchase helps us realize and focus on offering all customers the best possible service and products then letting THE BUYER DECIDE for themselves what best suits their needs and budget.

Regular real-time communication is another way we focus on customer service. This year, our Twitter account has really taken off. The newsfeed features everything from event updates, brand new trade-ins with pricing (even before the unit is listed online in inventory), updates from rides employees have taken, changes in staff promotions, pictures of new hires, etc. This is used to communicate and inform both staff and customers.

We also send a weekly text offer exclusive for those individuals who are subscribed to our club. They may be the first to show a text and get a free hat, or perhaps they can stop by and get a free “biker bar” (customized maple bar donuts from the local bakery), or maybe they will save a percentage off their purchase made that day. The offers change out weekly, and with over 7,000 members in the text club, response is awesome.

Our Facebook page has a different approach in communicating with our customers – instead of using this connection as a selling tool, we have made it a motorsport information center, notifying customers of upcoming in-store events, organizing group discussions, highlighting new inventory released, completing polls, or spreading the word of community- and powersport-related activities and promotions. Recently we introduced the thumbs-up/thumbs down weekly post. We choose an item not currently in stock and give the price, features and benefits and ask our friends for feedback and rating of the product – we have used this in our purchasing to help us better stock our shelves with items that have been given good ratings and suggestions. We view Facebook as a social interaction via the web. Posts and updates are designed and written to gain feedback and comments. It is not a sales pitch, but rather a friendly correspondence.

Each time a vehicle is purchased, we create a customized thank-you note for the customer and mail it to them along with a personal note from the salesperson who assisted them in their purchase and a coupon for a future purchase in any department. In addition, we send out a personalized birthday email to customers with a coupon for $20 off a purchase the month of their birthday.

Involvement in the Community

We strive to be a part of our community. We are a member of a wonderful group of people and want to be involved. We strive to donate to charitable causes, sponsor public events and support local teams. We are only successful because of these good people surrounding us and feel it is important to have a presence in the social and public scenes they participate in.

During our town’s Independence Day celebration, we teamed up with the local rotary club to design a float and solicit donations to help their effort to eradicate polio. We supplied matching vests for all those participants and were able to collect over $1,000 in donations for the cause.

Every Thursday night (April through the beginning of October) individuals in the community gather at the dealership to go on a Throttle Freaks Motorcycle Club ride. The rides are typically around 75 miles in distance and anyone who has access to a street bike is invited to join the group on these rides. The weekly ride agendas were posted on our website and emailed out – with a new route each week. The group would stop along the way for dinner and friendly chit-chat. Ideas of where to ride came from riders of the group, they were able to submit suggestions and ideas via email. The Throttle Freaks has become a biker “gang” and we now have shirts, bandannas and patches available to purchase bearing the logo and name. As a dealership, we pledge to complete 100 rides a year. We ride a lot! In all weather, on all terrain and any kind of powersport vehicle.

In 2012 we teamed up with Kawasaki to supply the Madison County Search and Rescue Division with the use of two new utility vehicles to help assist in rescue missions; our county search and rescue unit is a volunteer and non-profit organization. Having use of the side-by-side vehicles helps make it possible for the organization to access areas and complete searches with vehicles well-suited for their efforts, while saving the organization the expense of purchasing such vehicles needed to aide in their cause.

This year, we sponsored the Eastern Idaho Motorcycle Association Rexburg Races. As the main sponsor we provided staff shirts, bale covers, track posters, vehicles for emergency response staff, track help and hole shot prizes. During the races we would offer different specials throughout the day exclusively for racers and their families. For the club's year-end banquet, we donated jackets for the top finishers in each class. We also sponsored a number of riders varying from beginner girls at the age of 5 to experienced riders over the age of 40.

Recently there was a change in legislation that required all youth to complete both a written and skills test in order to operate an ORV on public land. In an effort to make this training available and convenient for those little ones who ride, we teamed up with local certified instructors to offer the training here at our facility. Participants were able to register online for the course, complete the training module and complete the test for their certification locally.

In July we hosted a ladies off-road motorcycle riding school at the local MX Park one evening. We mimicked the youth riding skills training course and made arrangements to get a certified riding instructor on site to help the gals improve their style. Any lady interested in refreshing or learning some riding skills was invited to attend – skills from stopping and turning on an incline to maneuvering your bike over fallen trees were taught and practiced. Afterward, the participants grabbed a delicious barbecue dinner before heading home.

We are also major sponsors of the Dam Marathon, Annual Kids Marathon, Triathlon and the Inaugural Fun Run each year. All of these events promote community involvement, healthy lifestyles and raise funds for community maintenance.