Ride Center USA

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3904 North KY Hwy 15, Hazard, KY
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Type of Retail Business:
Franchised (selling new vehicles), Used Vehicle Dealer
Harry Watts, Jr.
General Manager: 
Chris Smith
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Years in Business: 
Gear, Apparel and Helmets: 
Licensed OEM products, Fox Racing, Fly Racing, Speed & Strength, Shift
Licensed OEM products, J Strong Industries, MSR, Moose, Pro Taper, Renthal
Parts and Tools: 
Motion Pro, Pit Posse, OEM products
KK Motorcycle Supply
Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties
Tucker Rocky/Bikers Choice
Western Power Sports (WPS)
Average Age: 
Total Facility: 
20,650 sq. ft.
10,000 sq. ft.
PG&A Departments: 
4,000 sq. ft.
Service Dept: 
3,350 sq. ft.
Total Acreage: 

Mission Statement

Ride Center USA's mission is to be the alpha voice of responsible interaction within the community WE live, the customers WE serve, the families WE support and the future WE embrace.

Showroom Design and Layout

The showroom and merchandising floorplan at Ride Center USA is constantly changing each month to provide an intimate "hands-on" experience for customers. We use point of view and product display elevation changes to engage the senses. We make the product available to not only be seen but also to be experienced by touch, and whenever possible to hear and/or ride on our demo trail. Product involvement is an experience that leads to self involvement. When we add the right message to the experience, we create an opportunity for success.

Service Department

The well trained technicians at Ride Center USA work in individual service suites located within a separate building adjacent to the showroom building. Since the majority of our business is off-road units, our service writers act as personal valets to unload your machine after they welcome you at your vehicle. We also provide free pick up and delivery by appointment. Once service or repairs are complete we will call, text or email depending upon customer preference. When the customers arrive to retrieve their machine they will be informed about the completed processes by either the Service Writer or the actual Technician when requested. Having a technician explain a repair or process takes time from billable hours but greatly increases customer satisfaction and repeat business for the technician. Finally, the service writer will load and secure your cleaned (at no charge) machine for you.

Training and Employee Motivation Practices

Training at Ride Center USA is continual and progressive. Since ALL income producing team members are profit-sharing and commission-based, the training is viewed and beneficial and welcomed. Every morning begins with a brief five-minuite "Refocus" commitment and update huddle.  All training provided by the six OEMs we carry is required and must remain up to date and current. Annual outside industry training is also utilized to allow us to experience ideas and processes beyond our normal course of business. This year's training was provided by Grant Cardone.

Commitment to Customer Service

The customer service philosophy at Ride Center USA is centered around our "WE" philosophy, which recognizes that we can only continue to prosper if we consider our customer's satisfaction as important as our own. One of our policies for fostering satisfaction and preventing any potential customer alienation is our conflict resolution procedure of 1.) what happened, 2.) what should have happened and 3.) what should we do to make it right. We embrace this customer centered approach and have annually budgeted funds to "make it right."

Involvement in the Community

A great community in which to live and work requires that we continually invest our time and resources for the betterment of everyone.  At Ride Center USA we take a holistic approach to community involvement. This year we have provided support to the following organizations:
  • Jenny Wiley Theatre Regional Arts (sustaining member)
  • Ky River Animal Shelter (annual donor)
  • The Lions Club (program sponsor)
  • Every Local and Regional School
  • Off-Road Racing Park (title sponsor)
  • Exclusive T-Shirt sponsor (7 fundraising events)
  • Fish & Game Club (founding sponsor)
  • Charity Concert and Trail Ride-Concerts For A Cause (sponsor)
  • Hunting Outfitter and Guide (exclusive sponsor X 2)
  • Local Volunteer Fire Depatments (program sponsor)
  • Hospice of the Bluegrass (pledged sponsor)
  • Parks & Recreation (donor and program provider)
  • Local Churches (fundraisers)
  • Miner's Appreciation Day (sponsor)
  • Horse & Saddle Club (sponsor and promoter)
  • American Cancer Society (local chapter participant)
  • Safety Training (free to local schools and organizations)