Road Track and Trail LLC

w228s6932 Enterprise Dr., Big Bend, WI
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Type of Retail Business:
Franchised (selling new vehicles), Used Vehicle Dealer
Nick Rank
General Manager: 
Scott Wegner
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Years in Business: 
Gear, Apparel and Helmets: 
Cortech, Castle, Tourmaster, HJC, Icon, Alpinestar, Shoei, Arcticwear, 509, Klim
Drag Specialties/Parts Unlimited, Tucker Rocky, Bell Ind.
Parts and Tools: 
Drag Specialties/Parts Unlimited, Arctic Cat
Helmet House
Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties
Tucker Rocky/Bikers Choice
Western Power Sports (WPS)
Average Age: 
Total Facility: 
36,500 sq. ft.
31,500 sq. ft.
PG&A Departments: 
1,000 sq. ft.
Service Dept: 
3,000 sq. ft.
Total Acreage: 

Mission Statement

Road Track and Trail is dedicated to customer satisfaction through 15 years of commitment to riders, world-wide, by offering affordable services and sales. Road Track and Trail offers any motorcycle enthusiast, on any size budget, a little piece of the American Dream.

Showroom Design and Layout

Road Track and Trail has different buildings for different vehicles.  The main showroom areas are filled with vehicles as we are a volume dealer.  
Customers will notice the price reflects a showroom that is not "fancy" in terms of paint, decorations or displays. The walls are filled with racks of helmets, jackets, pipes, bags and shields.  Artwork displayed by Autograph Collectibles can be seen on the showroom floor and the Business Offices. We pride ourselves on the fact that the entire dealership is for sale... even what is on the walls!  We also have many hanging posters, boasting that we are the 2010-2013 Winners of the DealerNews Top 100 Competition and the 2011 Winner of the Best Independent Dealer! Nick (owner) had a giant poster created, featuring the magazine cover for our Dealernews feature article in 2010.    
The walls correspond to each showroom we have.  You will find large windshields and saddlebags in the cruiser showroom and all the latest jacket fashions by the rockets. Motorcycle riding is a culture and one that most people live to the fullest, so we want our customers to have a selection that not only is easy on the wallet, but one that will work with their daily life.  
The sales staff is placed near the front doors but you won't find a bunch of vultures chasing customers down the aisles. We encourage customers to stay for a while, kick some tires, have a coffee and sit on all the different bikes we have to offer, as no two are the same. We usually tell them, "Sit on every one you like, because the next time you come back, you will have a completely different selection." It's a relaxed atmosphere and we are here to help customers make a big decision, not to push them in to one they may regret.  
On a typical day, our showroom floor is in constant motion.  Sold vehicles are coming off the floor while the layout department is rearranging vehicles to bring in the latest shipment of pre-owned snowmobiles or motorcycles. 
Stop by and see the welcome committee, our three mascots:  Wrigley, Sammy and Ryder... or take a ride up on one of these beautiful summer nights. Nights at RTT are a hang-out for local riding clubs. Ask how they feel about RTT and they some will tell you they are here more than they are at home!   It's just that... RTT is a lot like home.  

Service Department

Our service departments are open for all to see. We want you to trust us working on your vehicle so we let our customers watch the action. We have 13 technicians working in four separate buildings at almost all times.  We sell snowmobiles all summer (in fact we sold 10 one day in August) so we have certain technicians that don't have to leave our sled building!   
We safety-check almost 4,000 vehicles per year, then add parts, warranty-work and service to that number. The jobs are completed at RTT each year can reach more than 10,000 for the year, so you can imagine what our service department looks like.  It often reminds me of a movie, sped up to 10x the actual speed with the constant moving of vehicles in and out as the clock spins. One department is designated for motor work and test riding; another department is efficient in safety-checks; the third department is the one that focuses on cleaning, polishing and the overall appearance of the motorcycle, and the 4th department is just for snowmobiles. This place is huge and we are all constantly moving! 
If a customer wants to speak to a technician about any vehicle, they are all available in a moment's notice. If the customer is inquiring about a previous purchase, a future purchase or a general knowledge question, we are here to help!  

Training and Employee Motivation Practices

We offer weekly sales incentives to our sales department and daily review incentives to all employees. All it takes is a product pitch and each employee can earn extra money!  Reviews are something we suggest because it keeps the customer communicating with us, and in the event of a negative review, we can handle it and work at changing their opinion immediately. All employees are offered $5 for every review they collect, whether it be via paper and pen in store, via social media or an online forum.  We are a big store and we've been in business a long time, so their are reviews coming in every day, sometimes up to 20 per day! So, employees get the chance to earn quite a bit of extra money just from the review process.  
Another example of extra "spiff" money earned is through sales.  Commission based jobs are standard, but our commission rate is higher than any other dealership in our area. Being that we are the largest dealer of our kind, it is already a great incentive to be hired at RTT! In addition, the sales department can make additional money from selling aftermarket product, service or P & A in store. Each sale has the potential to create almost $200 in commissions for the employee(s) involved in the sale.  If one person sells it all, then one person collects the entire commission. Sometimes, it may be split between departments if someone else sells product on the vehicle.
Employees have earned thousands in one day on some of our bigger selling days of the year. We have quarterly sales goals which, if met, can bring in free lunch, cash or prizes. We have given away iPads, cash gifts of $500, store merchandise and more.  
There is also incentive to sell product from other companies. I've said it before, but because RTT is such a big place, vendors are really trying to get their foot in the door! There are incentives from insurance companies, special parts sales and apparel giveaways from our long-time partners.  
Our finance companies and advertising partners will give us event tickets as an incentive to use their services. This year, the staff has been taken to concerts, given box seats at sporting events and been invited to countless races, autograph signings and related powersport events. 
There are more benefits to being a long time employee in good standing, such as vehicle purchases at cost; weekend trips; purchasing and decision making power; use of company vehicles for the weekend or event.  
How do we train for these incentives? Depending on whether it is an in-store sales incentive or an external incentive, we have small peer-to-peer training seminars, webinars, vendor training and daily/weekly meetings.  
One week, we may have a technician come to a meeting and demonstrate the FINE-C engagement for starting a motorcycle or how to properly check the machine for safety standards. Another week, managers may instruct for 15 minutes on sales approach or how to save a sale as the customer is leaving the store. Every Thursday at the sales meeting, owner Nick reminds the staff to collect and submit their reviews for $5 each. 
Vendors also give demonstrations multiple times of the year.  At certain times, the vendor may offer a free item, a complimentary lunch or a cash bonus if certain items are sold in specific quantities. 
Each program is put in place and the managers track the sales and the incentives given to the employees. That paycheck is incentive to sell our products and our vendor products all year long.  

Commitment to Customer Service

Road Track and Trail has a buyback option for any vehicle that may be faulty. This is difficult, being that we sell pre-owned vehicles, but it proves that we are honest about doing business.  Nick always says "I have to sleep at night, so I want to be honest and sell good-working machines." Each situation is unique; however, if the customer has some issue within the first 30 days, we acknowledge that the vehicle or transaction has not been completed to our standards. We will repair the vehicle at no charge or we will purchase the vehicle back, returning the customers entire investment in the vehicle.  
Pre-owned vehicles have no warning label or any amount of prediction which could tell us when something might go wrong. If the battery fails on a bike that was purchased only three weeks earlier, we will pay for that battery or we will pay for the battery to be installed if the customer comes back.  
This is a loose time period. We usually help out customers if they purchased the vehicle even two or three months prior, provided they haven't put an unusual amount of miles on it. If you want any proof of our policy for customer assistance after the sale, please check out the reviews on our Facebook page. We have many posts about how we take care of our customers after the sale.  
One specific example of our after-sale support is a review from Brian Langer: "Great place, traded my bike in January, got it out last weekend had a problem. called. Told me bring it back we will take care of you. When I got there today place was busy as could be but they took my bike right in and got me right back out."

Involvement in the Community

We raise awareness to all the amazing programs that are brought to our attention by posting their initiatives, events and information on our website.  
An unusual example of community involvement is that we also work with our competitors when it comes to buying and selling their inventory. Many other competitors are small and may not advertise at the lengths that we do. We will purchase or consign those vehicles for them and move their stock faster than they might be able to do from 20 miles away. We have great relationships with our competitors because we share a market and we prefer that we can get a referral if one of our competitors doesn't have the selection or manufacturer that the customer is looking for.  
We have always taken great pride in our position within the community. Through donations, sponsorship and cross-promotion, we stand behind our neighbors and local businesses.  It is important to support the community, the tax-payers and the great people who are striving to reach the same goals as we are:  happiness and comfort. 
Riding in general is a great sport, whether you ride on wheels or skis. Promoting this sport in the community is very important to us, as we have seen the sport play a major role in the upbringing of our youth. Many kids with hyperactivity disorders benefit from riding, keeping them out of trouble and focused. One of our prior employees swears that he would be in a different place in life if his parents didn't let him start riding dirt bikes at age 6. We will continue to support our local non-profit organizations to encourage riding!   
Road Track and Trail donates vehicle usage and advertising to many different community efforts and causes. We have given the use of our ATV's to programs that honor wishes for kids that are handicapped. We also completed the ALS Ice Bucket challenge which was promoted to Youtube and over 5,000 viewers on Facebook. We want to make sure that these programs are getting the exposure that they deserve!
We work closely with the local new rider groups as well. We offer class-donations and coupons for complimentary helmets, gloves and jackets with a motorcycle purchase after completion of the class. We have also offered discounts in the hundreds for these people to shop with Road Track and Trail LLC. We display their literature in the store and we encourage our less experienced customers to take the courses as they inquire. 
Road Track and Trail started with one employee in 1999, and by the summer of 2014, we were a staff of 45 people. Those 45 people start with the local co-op kids from the community high school, all the way up to the management who are all upstanding citizens, tax-payers and friends. Owning a business and staying involved in the community go hand-in-hand because we are a big part of that community and we aspire to be an even bigger part of it in the years to come!