Road Track and Trail LLC

w228s6932 Enterprise Dr., Big Bend, WI
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Type of Retail Business:
Franchised (selling new vehicles), Used Vehicle Dealer
Nick Rank
General Manager: 
Scott Wegner
Years in Business: 
Gear, Apparel and Helmets: 
Icon, Shoei, Tourmaster, Cortech, HJC, Arcticwear, Castle, Spy, Alpinestars
Willie & Max, Saddlemen, Moose Racing, Cobra, Jardine, Falcon, Scott, Yuasa, aftermarket accessories by Drag Specialties
Parts and Tools: 
Vortex, Yoshimura R&D, Kuryakyn, aftermarket parts by Drag Specialties, special order parts
Helmet House
Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties
Tucker Rocky/Bikers Choice
Western Power Sports (WPS)
Average Age: 
Total Facility: 
35,500 sq. ft.
32,000 sq. ft.
PG&A Departments: 
2,500 sq. ft.
Service Dept: 
3,400 sq. ft.
Total Acreage: 

Mission Statement

To provide our customers with 100 percent satisfaction through consistency, knowledge and service, while meeting the needs of their budgets and lifestyles.

Showroom Design and Layout

Depending on the season, RTT Motorcycles will have a different layout in each of our showrooms. In the spring, almost every inch of floor is filled with over 600 preowned motorcycles. As a volume dealer, we try to offer as many similar options as possible. For instance, you would see sportbikes with larger CCs grouped together, so you could compare a ZX-14 to a Hayabusa.  Smaller, new-rider vehicles are grouped together, and we have sections for V-twins, baggers and choppers. 

We keep sections by manufacturer as well. The preowned motorcycle parts department is located on the sales floor. Jackets and helmets are located along the walls of the store by section. Icon jackets are displayed on the sport side, and Tourmaster/Cortechs are displayed on the cruiser side. The entire back wall of the main showroom is all helmets by HJC, Shoei and Icon. We don't want you leaving without a helmet on, so we have low-priced, clearance, half-shells from $24 and up. Jackets and helmets are marked clearly with orange tags, or pink tags if they are on clearance.  Everything at RTT is tagged with a bright color so there are no questions about price.

In the fall, we move motorcycle inventory into different areas so some of the ATVs can be on display inside.  Right now we are showcasing UTVs and ATVs with plows, all set up for fall activities, such as yard work or hunting.  In the winter, we bring some of the sleds to the front showroom, just to pique interest.

In November 2011, we bought RTT Arctic Cat, a new building, that we devote entirely to the franchise, along with 200+ pre-owned snowmobiles.  As owner Nick Rank's "passion project," Arctic Cat is growing interest, and we have done some special things to our new AC building.  We had a local artist come in and "tag" one of the walls and part of the parking lot. Large Arctic Cat logos can be seen everywhere, and vintage sleds and AC gear are displayed all over our loft.  We have a new P&A department designed just for winter parts and accessories, winter apparel and Arctic Cat sales. This area is a platform for a newly restored 1971 King Kat and one of Tucker Hibbert's winning race sleds. These vehicles are not for sale, but they are left on display for enthusiasts.   

Every day, it takes 45 minutes to take vehicles outside and another 45 minutes to bring them inside.  We use our front parking lot and yard as a showroom for off-road vehicles. Most people (who are driving by) take one look at this place and do an immediate double-take. The expressions on their faces are always the same, whether it is a passerby, a first-time visitor or a loyal customer. They always have a look of surprise when they see this place. The inventory is always different at RTT MC, the staff is always friendly and the music is always energetic.  Even our repeat customers say "I never get sick of walking in this place," and that is the best compliment we can get about our showroom.

Customers always have a friendly staff member close by, as there are 38 of us running around this volume dealer at all times. RTT has an open-concept atmosphere. The walls are filled with signed posters by our favorite visitors, such as Jason Britton, Tucker Hibbert and Levi LaVallee.  You might find yourself looking at our photos and posters and you definitely won't miss our glass case with our Dealernews Top 100 awards -- it's the first thing you see when you walk in. We boast that we relay our savings to customers by not choosing expensive displays and trinkets, but we had to get a nice case just for our awards!  

By summer of 2011, RTT Motorcycles was busting at the seams with a larger-than-usual preowned sled inventory, and we needed a place to put it all. So Nick purchased another building across the street to house RTT Arctic Cat and pre-owned sleds in November, 2011.  That fall/winter, we sold 350 preowned snowmobiles, more than ever before.

The staff goes back and forth from building to building in golf carts. An intercom system keeps RTT preowned motorcycles and RTT Arctic Cat and preowned snowmobiles functioning as one.

Service Department

RTT actually has multiple service areas. Three areas are for RTT MC, and one of these areas is reserved for RTT Arctic Cat and preowned snowmobiles. This is the area where you'll find our certified Arctic Cat technicians. It holds three lifts and is surrounded by the completion certificates for Arctic Cat and all the tools and machines needed for Arctic Cat service.    

The first MC service area holds five lifts, the service manager and the "big boards" we use to schedule maintenance on incoming or outgoing vehicles. All the batteries, incoming parts and service manuals are housed in this main area. Most of our incoming and outgoing inspections happen in this shop.  

The second area, with four lifts, is basically for motor work and assessing the needs of individual vehicles. On any given day, you might find Bernie, our motor guy, with a motor in pieces. He is a great teacher, and can explain flawlessly to the most clueless person, what was wrong and how to fix it.   

The last area is reserved for cleaning, buffing and all things related to detailing. This is a large shop, and this space is shared with the supplies, tires and incoming vehicles which are not yet inspected for sale.   

In any of these shops you will find professionally trained staff. Most of our MC service technicians are graduates of MMI. Also, most of them have worked for another OEM, and bringing their expertise of a specific manufacturer is always an asset to a large independent dealer like ours.  We never know what type of machines will come in on trade or wholesale purchases, so we have to be prepared for everything. These areas have a staff of 18, and they all bring a little something unique to the table. Even our detailers have worked for professional shops, and have the knowledge of cleaning supplies, buffing compounds and acid, so our customers can rest assured that they have left their vehicles in good hands.

The special features at Road Track and Trail Motorcycles include each and every individual staff member.  At a dealership like this one, which is one of the largest independently powersports dealers in the nation, we can't afford to hire 10 of the same person. Each employee has excellent qualities which they brought over from their prior training.

Nick (owner) puts much of his time and effort into making sure that the staff takes every class, tutorial and online test that is available to Arctic Cat employees. What would I say is the most special part of our service department?  The friendly, professional, well-trained staff.   

Training and Employee Motivation Practices

The incentive at RTT Motorcycles is to sell. When RTT does well, so do the employees. The commission-based positions in sales are full of opportunities . We have five salespeople and we will sell 3,000 vehicles this year.  The low end of the commission scale is still three times higher than the local Honda/Suzuki/Bombardier dealer.  

In addition to the standard commission, management also offers warranty spiffs to the sales department and finance. Any staff member, aside from finance, who assists in the pitch of warranty sales will collect $10 for each product that is sold for that person, up to $30 extra per deal.    

Management also offers cash/credit to finance spiffs. If we finance someone who had originally intended to put the vehicle balance on a credit card, the sales staff gets a $20 bonus.  

The sales staff has sold up to 20 vehicles in one day at RTT MC. I can honestly say that performance is high here, but then again, we give great reasons to perform!

From time to time, the sales department gets special incentive programs. Our most recent was the "Sales Goal Incentive." Each salesperson had to look at the past year of sales statistics and create a realistic sales goal for the following quarter. The first person to reach their sales goal won an iPad. So the long-term goals can be just as great as the short-term goals.   

Our vendors offer free lunches to the entire staff, where they use that opportunity as training time.  This isn't something they do with any dealership -- we actually negotiated with these vendors. If they want us to sell their products and keep up-to-date information, they have to bring something to the table as well. Also, the entire staff is given free lunch every Saturday because it is a busy day. Pizza, sandwiches or subs are offered to every employee every Saturday, as a thank you from owner, Nick.

As if I haven't already said enough about our 100-percent up-to-date Arctic Cat training, I will say it again.  What is the incentive to sit in class all day? 

  • A full day of pay for a fraction of the class time.
  • Gas or mileage paid for the day(s). 
  • Meal allowance for the day(s). 
  • Paid lodging if class is more than one day. 

Those are four great reasons to want to attend training sessions. These staff members are enthusiastic about the product as it is. We have many certified Arctic Cat technicians, including Nick, the owner.

Peer-to-peer training is encouraged at RTT MC. For one week each year, each mechanic shows the entire staff how to do a delivery inspection on a sale. Those of us in the office know all about delivery inspections and can help a new rider if they are looking for something or have a question about their new vehicle. Newer mechanics are encouraged to watch and discuss with the veteran technicians when they have thoughts or questions.    

Webinars are often useful self-training guides, for those who don't want to travel to classes. We also use an advertising solutions company, which helps us to grow our social media. These are the fun parts of the training. We have the availability to advertise for free on the internet via YouTube, Facebook or a blog, and we can use ourselves as the models, actors and comedic relief. The advertising incentive at RTT is that we get to be a part of the ads, even on TV! 

This year, with the help of our advertisers, we were encouraged to start our own series of weekly YouTube videos, featuring our office staff. We use "Crazy Joel" as our funny guy in our Freaky Friday videos. They have been very successful.

Other excellent incentives are free clothing: Embroidered fall jackets, sweatshirts and hoodies, are given out yearly.  We are also given at least five T-shirts per year (different styles) and the shop staff is provided free uniforms.  

Many times during the year, Nick takes us out for dinner and fun as a way to say thank you for our great performance and hard work during the year.  RTT MC has great sales incentives! 

Commitment to Customer Service

I would say that our customer service philosophy is divided into three parts.  

First, we pride ourselves on being a low-pressure dealership. As a volume dealer, customers flock to us because of our low prices and selection. We don't need to press for a sale because we price our inventory to speak for itself.  The staff is available for any questions, but you aren't going to find us creeping around corners, asking if a customer is ready to sign their life away. We have nothing to hide so we encourage the customers to inspect the bikes and try them out before they take them home.

Second, we would prefer to see customers come back again and again, so we believe that under-selling is the way to sell. For example, many new riders come in and assume they will be able to handle a motorcycle that is much larger than they should start with. We like the fact that we can sleep at night, so you will never see a new rider leave here on a vehicle that isn't appropriate for them. We prefer to foster a relationship for life, because that is the one that matters -- it's the honest, ethical way of doing business.   

Third, if we find that one of our customers is dissatisfied, we will do whatever we can to change their mind. We will always purchase the vehicle back, to keep the customer and their referral.  That is worth so much more than fighting people over small claims. Our reviews, ratings and referral status will prove this as well.  

As of today, we have 68 Google reviews with a score of 26 out of 30. This is considered extraordinary to perfection. See the three reviews below -- two are from new riders and one is from a dissatisfied customer who we turned into a satisfied customer.

Review 1:  Joe (August 2012)

"Bought my first bike from these guys. It was a painless process. No pressure and willing to negotiate since I offered a cash payment. Will buy all my bikes from these guys. "

Review 2: Jeanie (June 2012)

"As a first-time buyer, I was pleased that the staff answered every question i had. They didn't sell me the most expensive bike and directed me in a price range that they thought was good for the first bike. I will always recommend this place."

Review 3: Cashout (July 2012 - from winter 11/12 sale)

"I recently bought a snowmobile, and after only 300 miles i had a major breakdown. The snowmobile was brought back. Road Track and Trail stood behind the sale and reimbursed me for part of the repairs. They did not have to, but they did. I was very happy with this situation was handled."

Here are two comments/reviews from a Facebook fan. We have more than 900 fans total.

Stephanie - August 2012
"1) This is the BEST place to go for a bike! The selection...OMG
2) I want to thank Rick, Steve and Chad for helping us find the right bike, and answering all our questions, and delivering the bike. You guys are so awesome. Thank you for making our first bike purchase an exellent experience."

We interact with our Facebook account multiple times per day.  Our fans are the people who pay attention to the store's activities and inventory.  These are the people who comment on photos, write reviews and add their opinions of specific vehicles.  

We believe that all customers deserve this kind of experience.  We've all been there, and we hope we will get premium treatment when we spend our hard-earned dollars.  The bottom line is that we treat people like we want to be treated.

Involvement in the Community

We have a large wall at RTT MC that is filled with thank you cards, photographs and letters of gratitude. We are quite active in our community and in the city of Milwaukee. We donate to police and fire programs four times per year.  We actually employ a young man who also works for a local fire department and we advertise for their benefit rides. We donate and advertise for the local chapters of ARM.  ARM is close to our hearts, as one of our mechanics has been sober and an active member of ARM for 15 years.  

We donate to every auction, memorial, and annual ride. Every request that comes through, comes to my office. I send out over 100 helmets every year for these types of benefits.

Each year we participate in the Adaptive Sportsmen rides, donating ATV's for the physically challenged to enjoy the Wisconsin outdoors for a weekend. 

We donate heavily to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation Ride for Kids. This was an organization that came to us starting in our early years for donations, advertising and raffle contributions. We participate with this organization every year.

Also, owner Nick is a huge sled head!  As a sober rider, snowmobile trail safety is high on his list of importance, so we donate to all local safety programs and clubs with trail maintenance programs.  Safe and Sober is another site that works with the WI DNR safety accident reduction team, and we donate regularly to this cause as well.

In addition to the sled programs, our sales manager is a trail master for Waukesha county, assessing the conditions of the trails and opening and closing the trails, maintenance and maps.  He is also a member of a local club, the Kettle Morraine Riders.  This is a non-paid position so RTT helps out with Advertising for the club and maintenance of the groomer.  

RTT is happy to participate in new-rider courses. Instructors can contact us for literature, coupons and swag for the classes. First we send out folders with literature about our company, proximity to the class, prices and volume. Each class has the opportunity to answer questions and earn free swag from RTT.  In my last case, I sent Dunlop Hats, Mustang Seat Visors, RTT Kickstand pucks, Helmet cleaner, and T-shirts. Also in the folders are two coupons for a free helmet or gloves with purchase. The coupons are only good for graduates. They come to RTT to purchase their first bike and with their coupon and proof of graduation, we give them a free helmet!  If they already own a bike and purchase a helmet or jacket, we give them free gloves. 

We work with Waukesha County Technical College, Learning Curves (operations out of Milwaukee), and Northern Illinois University. RTT works with new-rider courses specifically for safety. We see many riders on the road without helmets, and we don't promote that kind of riding.  We work closely with these programs to encourage safety in the community.

Mukwonago Area Schools' (Waukesha County) co-op program is designed to unite students with local businesses to earn credit for part-time work. Nick graduated from Mukwonago area schools and enrolled in the co-op program himself, so he signed on with this program immediately when he hired his first detailer.  Nick believes in this program, giving students the ability to earn money and school credits. They learn the skills they need to be productive in the work force at 16 years old. Students that are a part of this program have a greater success rate in the district.  We are honored to be a part of it.

The reason it is called a community is because of common backgrounds and interests in society. We are a large dealership, and with motorcycles flying in and out of here every day, we know we may bother the neighbors or give extra work to the local PD. 

When we are open late, we send all the neighbors to the movies. Our yearly Midnight Madness Sale is the one time of year we are open late on a Saturday.  We make sure that we offer our neighbors a night out so they don't have to listen to our noise.  

In addition, we sponsor local teams and local racers, both current and vintage who have left championship awards at our dealership for display.  We are involved in local benefits and donations on a daily basis.