Scooternerds / Select Cycle

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430 North Eugene Street, Greensboro, NC
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Type of Retail Business:
Franchised (selling new vehicles)
John and Dorrie Hill
General Manager: 
Ryan Hitchcock
Days of Operation: 
Years in Business: 
Gear, Apparel and Helmets: 
GIVI, Scooterworks, Corazzo, Nolan, Scorpion, HJC, Sparx
Scooterworks, B & B Exhaust, Shad, GIVI, LeoVince
Parts and Tools: 
Amsoil, Startron, K & L Supply, Pit Posse, Polini, Malossi, NGK, K&N, Michelin, Maxxis, Yuasa, Star Tron, Shinko, Interstate Batteries
Tucker Rocky/Bikers Choice
Western Power Sports (WPS)
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Total Facility: 
6,500 sq. ft.
2,500 sq. ft.
PG&A Departments: 
800 sq. ft.
Service Dept: 
2,500 sq. ft.
Total Acreage: 

Mission Statement

To provide the necessary ingredients to make memories and experiences which will last a lifetime. To know our customers' (and potential customers') every need and desire imaginable to make for a FUN time riding and maintaining their quality products. To provide the essentials to promote and grow the scooter and motorcycle culture in our marketplace plus areas beyond. To promote safety in operating a motorcycle and motorscooter by offering the most current and proven reliable gear and encouraging participation in MSF rider courses. To make our facility a true destination where even people lacking the then-present desire to ride will "have to" come in and check us out. To make our facility available free of cost to any organization or nonprofit seeking to improve life for others.

To provide our staff opportunity to advance through education, proper equipment, orderly location, clean facilities, superior management and coaching, plus maintaining the necessary stock to insure timely professional service.

Scooternerds promotes and helps to facilitate the ease of owning and operating a motorscooter or motorcycle in the local community by serving where effective to monitor along with enacting friendly programs and legislation involving the rider community. An emphasis on safety and the positive experience is present in all public relation matters. 

Showroom Design and Layout

It's our brand: Scooternerds. Whatever you buy is of THE Scooternerds brand. Oil, brake pads, jackets, helmets, a new scooter, or whatever else you might desire, it is from Scooternerds.

We politely discard point-of-sale materials not bearing the Scooternerds name. If it's a really nice item with some big company's  logo, we'll simply paste our logo, a nice scooter picture, or even a staff member's picture neatly over the previous brand name and make it fit us.

Most all of our displays are created in-house using our images and pictures taken by us in live situations. There is nothing canned, generic, or plastic allowed. It's our customers or other scooter enthusiasts having FUN you'll see in our showroom, parking lot, and on our windows.

The rider culture is shown in most all displays. An effort is made to demonstrate people having true FUN and enjoying their purchase. Real pictures of everyday people having the time (FUN) of their lives! 

Interactive shopping areas are present where customers may learn more about their passion of riding. Prerecorded visual menus and product showcases roll across the multiple display screens throughout the showroom. Careful attention to the flow of traffic is used. Displays are kept fresh and current. Inventory is rotated regularly.

Point-of-sale materials are kept fresh. Our cards used for customer retention information are strategically placed adjacent to the main entrance making it easy to gather and store contact information for customers. In addition several methods of reaching our customer satisfaction team are provided.

Vehicles are displayed in a way as to allow for easy "sit-on-it" interaction. Every person entering the store is encouraged to sit on a vehicle and feel the FUN.

Everywhere possible, we mention our company website and our presence on Facebook and Twitter, plus other social media sites. Recently we've begun an in-store campaign where customers are encouraged to post and review us through several customer interactive online sites.

We also are presently working to become designated  most "female-friendly" store through several social media sites. 

Cleanliness and order are obvious throughout the retro-themed store.

The in-store permanent stage is available to almost anyone at anytime who is willing to perform.

The waiting area is inviting with exciting and often homemade refreshments provided to everyone.

Service Department

Effective and efficient best describe Scooternerds service department. Great care was taken in the layout and design to keep the area clean and open to the customer's sight line.

Various doors and controls were installed to make the most affordable use of climate control. Ample safety and security measures are clearly seen. It's so exciting to see a customer's face drop open when the service drive gate suddenly opens as one of out technicians returns from a test ride. The gate is activated by the test riding staff member's remote, tucked away in their pocket. Special tools are neatly arranged and secured, yet readily available when needed.

All service areas are designed for speed of service. There are designated areas for the quick service vehicles so as to make evident the urgency involved with serving a waiting customer.

Cleaning items are kept fresh and convenient so when a vehicle is being delivered, our staff may be found attending to some "caring cleaning" on service vehicles. An example of this is how it's important that the customer see us wiping their mirrors as we present them their just serviced vehicle. This shows we care, and we are clean.

The staff wear apparel with the Scooternerds logo. The shop is orderly, which conveys professionalism to the customer. Parts are kept close by to speed up service time.

When selling a vehicle, we try and take the buyer around our various sections. We show off our service area and make certain everyone knows what we offer.

The service area has service specials shown. Whether it's an upgrade to an engine or a new tire, we try to keep items displayed to pique+ the customers interest hopefully allowing them to ask if we would perform some of the service promotions they've discovered, all while they wait in one of the neatest and most comfortable waiting areas known. Scooternerds desires to show we care and we want to work with the customers' interest in mind. Everything within our service area is designed to make it easy for us to always say YES to what is needed. If they need it now, we do everything possible to make it happen. It's our goal to avoid saying "You'll have to leave it" or "You need to have an appointment." In short, we don't believe in NO. Should we say NO, then we're no better than any other "dime a dozen," simply average (which isn't good enough) service shop. Our techs often comment on how good it feels knowing we're giving the customers what they really want with a "Raving Fans" WOW experience!

We have a pickup and delivery service ready at a moment's notice. If it's after hours, we have a service that will pick up the customer's vehicle and store it at their facility overnight then bring it to Scooternerds the next morning. If the customer can't transport their vehicle, we have an answer, and we can do it now! We keep hitch mount carriers (w/straps and equipment) available for loan to customers desiring to do the transporting themselves -- again, we make it easy. If it's a situation where they really need personal transportation while we service their vehicle, then we have loaners available. They might just end up on an upgraded "loaner" returning only to ask, "Wow, what'll it take to make mine run like that"?

The most current scanners and test equipment is used in Scooternerds service operations. Current service data and specifications are readily available to keep technicians on time and properly repaired "right the first time."

A service control board or daily log is used to monitor, track, and record every interaction with a customer and their vehicle. This system allows timely and accurate answers to questions such as, "When will the parts be arriving?" or "When did we last call the customer?"

The log is reviewed throughout each day to keep us reminded of any and all commitments, as well as keep our time invested in the right projects. Team huddles are a regular occurrence, keeping everyone on the tasks that make the difference in customer satisfaction.    

Training and Employee Motivation Practices

Weekly meetings and regular travels to industry events and relative training keeps staff current, trained, and enthused. Consumer and industry trade publications abound with staff members each having their own publications often assigned to review and report on a "topic of interest" from their designated reading. They report to other staff during consistent and scheduled meetings.
Adequate and timely measurement systems are used to monitor and manage our systems.

Scooternerds believes in having the absolute best systems, which are in constant development. During weekly meetings the entire team will address specific areas of concern and collectively we will develop procedures. These procedures are recorded, written, and always available for staff to review. The goal is to learn from each day's activity and have current, effective systems in place. If one of our industry friends/partners is discovered to have a better system, we seek permission to develop our own built around an existing template the other store may have developed. In return, we share our techniques with those finding them of value.

Frequently staff is involved with role-playing where we recreate a possible situation and interact with one another to practice and improve our processes.

Scooternerds has prepared scripts which are used to best enable our staff to assist a customer. Over and over, we practice so as to make evident to each staff member what is expected to be said by whom and when. Interactive webinars are utilized to keep abreast of current industry trends. Training programs offered through manufacturers and others (Example: The Glenn Roller Institute) are utilized to advance our skills.

Whenever our NC Motorcycle Dealers Association or even a surrounding state association has an event with training, we participate. If a meeting or function has training relevant to our industry we try and participate.

Scooterneds believes in training our staff. An employee is provided regular and relevant training opportunities. Whether it's Costa Mesa, Calif.,  for Piaggio technical training or one of the powersports seminars at SEMA, Scooternerds staff will be found there and actively learning the newest methods.

Participating in a 20 Group keeps readily available the most current trends and best practices to learn how to best service a customers vehicle. Being a member of the American Motorscooter Association keeps us active online interacting daily with others operating similar business models to ours. Emails and online forums keep the information flowing between stores. Regular and consistent interaction with others in the powersports industry allows for ever-increasing knowledge. Regular attendance at dealer trade shows, including events like like Dealer Expo held each February in Indianapolis, provides for lots of live seminars to attend and participate in. Employees are fully paid and all expenses are covered for any training.

Incentives range from paid personal days off work to new motorcycles when we can exceed our long term goals. Everyone shares in the enthusiasm and customers see it when staff can be found doing a high five or fist-bumping one another after a job well done.

Commitment to Customer Service

Our customer service commitment is to make riding fun and to allow our staff to do everything necessary to keep you riding.

We're eager to serve almost anyone with terms they can understand. No matter how little the initial contact might be viewed, we know we must see as many repeat customers as possible. We desire to make everyone a customer for life. No matter what the need is, our goal is to try and meet the request with prompt professional results.

From the time a customer first arrives, they are provided with a card containing all the important contact information, which includes contacts for our owners should the customer have the need to contact them. Our desire is to make it easy for them to express anything quickly and easily to make certain we exceed their expectations, and do so every time.

Am example was when the buyer of a new GTS 300 Vespa took their new scooter on a recent camping trip. During removing the scooter from their trailer, they accidentally tripped and dropped their new scooter. Damage resulted on one side and they were both disappointed and embarrassed to have all their friends and family see the results. The customer called us and asked what could be done to resolve the concern near the area they were staying, which was more than 100 miles from our store. Our decision was to go pick it up and get the cosmetic concerns quickly addressed within our network here locally and then return it to the campground. The only fee was for the paint work and the customer was able to stay and enjoy their time away plus get their new scooter presentable for friends and family. 

Involvement in the Community

John Hill serves on Downtown Greensboro Incorporated’s Environmental Committee. This committee oversees a variety of events including input on local construction projects like parking decks and a 3.2-mile Downtown Greenway which will encircle the entire 99 blocks making up Greensboro’s Central Business District. DGI’s First Fridays often include Scooternerds, where participation includes free shuttle service for attendees using side-car-equipped scooters. Participation in most bi-monthly Center City Briefings hosted by Guilford Merchants’ Association.

Scooternerds was recently selected as GMA’s “Retailer of the Year." Hill also serves on the advisory committee for Guilford County Schools Tech Prep Program. Hill serves on the Guilford Technical Community College Advisory Committee. Scooternerds participates in the North Carolina Department of Labor’s Apprenticeship Mentoring Program where students are introduced to the working world and provided part time employment while remaining in school. Students receive classroom credit for a portion of their work at Scooternerds. Hill serves on the board of directors for the Piedmont Blues Preservation Society, an Uptown Greensboro based nonprofit which host various events featuring blues music, often attracting in excess of 3,000 attendees.

Several scooters from Scooternerds have been contributed for fundraising raffles of the PBPS. Hill serves on the board of directors for His Laboring Few Ministries, which operates a free drug and alcohol rehabilitation program in Trinity, N.C. accepting participants from across the U.S. and Canada. Also operating a “store house” in nearby Thomasville, N.C., which provides free food, clothing, and household appliances to individuals needing assistance. Several new motorcycles have been contributed to this ministry for fundraising events by Scooternerds. Scooternerds participates annually in Grass Roots Productions' Uptown Fun Fourth Parade. Scooternerds participates annually in the Greensboro Jaycee’s Christmas Parade. Hill has introduced to Greensboro a chapter where needy recipients from local partner agencies receive a “free” automobile. The automobiles are awarded to individuals who benefit by receiving their own transportation to get to doctors, school, work, and etc.

Recently Hill was instrumental in the opening of a new location of Wheels 4 Hope and is assisting with plans to see this program become nationwide. Hill has participated for nearly 15 years in several prison- and jail-based visitation ministries where inmates are regularly visited and supported. Usually they will receive lots of motorcycle- and automotive-oriented magazines which are collected to distribute inside such facilities. As the result of Hill's wife Dorrie experiencing near-death cardiac arrest during an AASP national meeting while attending the annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas on November 2, 2011, friends came asking what they could do to help during Dorrie’s 71-day (14 days were in a coma) hospital stay at Spring Valley Hospital of Las Vegas, Nev. As John and Dorrie usually can be found gathering toys for needy children, it was determined the best way for any financial support would be to have contributors donate to Dorrie’s December Dream, where more than $5,500 in cash and toys were raised and distributed through a local ministry to reach deserving families. The toys were presented to parents during the week before Christmas so they could provide their children with items otherwise unaffordable.

Many children would have otherwise received very little if anything in most of these situations. It was to appear as though the parents had provided and placed the gifts under their Christmas trees, which saw some happy and teary eyes on many children that Christmas morning. The Hills returned to Greensboro in mid-January, where Dorrie has underwent intense rehabilitation and is doing well enough to oversee the already-began Dorrie’s December Dream project for Christmas 2012. Contributions are already coming in and will be used in a similar manner as to last year. Dorrie has been well enough to travel to Boston and other locations to honor Jeff Walter of Pennsylvania, who was in the meeting the night of Dorrie’s life-threatening event and quickly provided lifesaving procedures, which we’re convinced are much of the reason for her survival.

The North Carolina State Legislature passed and presented Walter a Hero’s Proclamation during a recent event in Raleigh, N.C. Hill is a member of the North Carolina Motorcycle Dealers Association and the of American Motor Scooter Association. Hill is current president of the Independent Garage Owners of North Carolina, a 550-member service based, statewide trade association. Hill works and trains with the National Alternative Fuel Consortium. He has received training at West Virginia University to enable him to educate first responders in the correct and safe best practices.