Signature Harley-Davidson

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1176 Professional Drive, Perrysburg, OH
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Type of Retail Business:
Franchised (selling new vehicles)
Tim Sherman, Mike Lenhart, Jim Frauenberg
General Manager: 
Kris Everitt
Years in Business: 
Gear, Apparel and Helmets: 
Harley-Davidson, VEGA, Black Hills Gold, Hugger, Miss Me, VF Imagewear, Mascorro Leather
Harley-Davidson, Drag Specialties, Kuryakyn, RC Components, Rinehart, Roland Sands Design, Heat Demons
Parts and Tools: 
Harley-Davidson, Drag Specialties, Kuryakyn
Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties
Average Age: 
Total Facility: 
20,000 sq. ft.
8,000 sq. ft.
PG&A Departments: 
1,000 sq. ft.
Service Dept: 
9,000 sq. ft.
Total Acreage: 

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is: We Sell Fun! These three words say it all. We are the place people go to for a great time. We strive to incorporate this mission in to all aspects of our day-to-day business, including sales, promotions, rides, events and the complete customer experience. We want our customers to see our dealership as a place for them to be comfortable, enjoy their Harley-Davidson and want to keep coming back!

Showroom Design and Layout

Our showroom got a facelift this year! We started by removing all of our sales cubicles and installing a sales bar. The intent behind that was to have our sales associates come out from behind their office walls and have the customers feel the energy and excitement of the store as they walk through the door. Once the bar was in place, we saw an immediate impact on our unit sales. It gave our associates the opportunity to be on an even playing field when it came to greeting customers.

As part of our dealership refresh, we also built a Finance and Insurance office, painted the entire showroom and added fresh banners and graphics, as well as diamond-plated department signs. It was a huge success! Not only did it energize the staff, the customers love it and comment on how warm and inviting the dealership is.

To the left of the entrance is our MotorClothes Department. Our MotorClothes Manager of over 10 years and her sales staff keep the area fresh and exciting every day! The displays are expertly designed and they integrate merchandise throughout the showroom floor as a way to keep new merchandise in front of the customer. The staff makes the effort to update the walls with new products and seasonal items which gives it a touch of personality that you don’t see in all dealerships. The merchandise is displayed with an eye for the color.

Our customer lounge is a popular place for our regular customers as well as travelers. They always enjoy themselves with fully stocked vending machines, free coffee and water and plenty of motorcycle-related literature. The lounge has a high-top table and comfy leather chairs so it’s the perfect space to rest, catch up on the dealership events or make new friends!

Our Parts Department has over 20 feet of dedicated counter space for our associates to work with customers to help them build the bike of their dreams. The glass showcases help feature new products and are changed on a regular basis as exciting products come on the market. Our showroom has many interactive displays so the customer can engage their senses.

Our Harley-Davidson Fit Shop display features a Fat Boy with customized handlebars, seat, hand grips and mirrors so our customers can see how their bike can be tailored to match their size, stature and riding style. If they’re never ridden before, our Jumpstart area is the perfect place for them to start. We have a portion of our showroom dedicated to Jumpstart which combines a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and a specifically-designed, stationary support stand. Customers can be assured that the motorcycle won’t tip over and it gives them a chance to feel the "thrill of the throttle," shift through the gears and hear the unforgettable Harley sound. As an added touch, we added an image of mountain scenery so the rider can imagine what it would be like to be on the open road.

Sound is important to our customers so we’ve set up a prominent display for our BOOM! Audio system. Not only can the customer hear the system, we have a plug and play feature that allows them to use their Smartphone or IPod to listen to their music. Our sales of Boom! Audio skyrocketed when this display was installed.

Customers love the tactile experiences in our dealerships!

Service Department

The Service Department features a spacious write-up area with two stations. The stations allow for quicker customer service and are managed by experienced service writers at all times. A unique Harley-Davidson barrel table allows the customer to relax and discuss their service needs with the writers or just relax as they wait for their service to be completed.

A large overhead door allows customers to easily bring their motorcycles into the department to be inspected and prepped for service. This area is also used for our “loyalty mileage program” inspections. Throughout the year, we hold contests for our Loyalty Reward customers. They bring their bike into the Service Department where a service writer signs them up for the contest and checks their beginning mileage. Not only is this a great opportunity for the writers to interact with the customer, they are also able to do a quick inspection of the motorcycle and discuss any issues with the customer or recommend new products. After a pre-determined amount of time, the customer brings their bike back in for a final mileage check. Loyalty bonus points are awarded based on the number of miles they’ve ridden.

When you leave the service write-up area, you go through large double doors where you find a vast service area with five service bays, a wash station and a certified Dyno jet power commander tuning center. Within this department there is also a station for our reconditioning specialist who is dedicated to making even the roughest bike look like it just rolled off the showroom floor. Having a reconditioning specialist allows us to make more money on the motorcycles because they look better and it’s often hard to distinguish the new from the used bikes unless you look at the tag.

The Service Department offers many unique opportunities to our customers to keep them educated and having the right knowledge to fully enjoy their Harley-Davidson. The service write-up area is constantly changing, adding new product displays and the most-up-to-date industry literature at the seating area.

Training and Employee Motivation Practices

Training plays a major role in the performance of our employees and the entire customer experience. All of our employees utilize the programs offered by Harley-Davidson University. The owners make an effort to send as many people as possible to Harley-Davidson dealer shows. They attend classes and gain knowledge about new products and changes pertinent to their department. In addition to the classes, all employees are required to continue the education process through Harley-Davidson University training videos. Although our employees are eager to learn, we also incentivize them with contests.

This month we are offering store gift cards to employees who view the most videos and pass the tests. Not only does this motivate them, they encourage their peers as well. In an ever-changing industry, we understand the importance of keeping up-to-date on products and trends.
Our Counter Spiff Program is a fun way for employees to interact with each other and push themselves to upsell items. We start the day with a $50 bill for the sales associates (excluding motorcycle sales). The first associate to make a sale gets the $50. The money then gets passed along to the person who makes the next sale that is larger than the previous. This goes on until the end of the day, so the person with the largest sale at the end of the day goes home with an extra $50.

Other perks our employees enjoy are Employee Appreciation Parties and dealer-paid admission to local motorcycle events. These incentives are often employed when department or dealership goals are achieved but also as a team-building tool.

Commitment to Customer Service

Every Harley-Davidson dealer, retail establishment, restaurant, etc. likes to say that customer service is their No. 1 priority. At Signature Harley-Davidson, not only do we say it, we live it -- and it shows. Our employees know that everything we do, from a sale, return, bike pick up or phone call is a chance to provide excellent customer service.

Our goal is to provide a WOW experience for our customers and enhance their experience with our dealership in every way possible. We do that in a number of ways. With new bike owners, they are taken through our “customer path." The sales associate takes them to each department and introduces them to the rest of the team. Purchasing a motorcycle can often be an intimidating experience, particularly if they’re new to the lifestyle. The customer path helps puts them at ease. We make a BIG DEAL about a new motorcycle purchase! When the customer has completed their paperwork in the F & I office, they are taken to our WOW bike bell and get to ring it loud enough for everyone in the dealership to hear.

All employees stop what they’re doing and clap and congratulate the new owner. It’s a fun experience for the customer (and the employees). We don’t stop there! Every new owner gets their picture taken on their new bike in front of a specially painted wall. Many dealerships post these photos to their website. We take it one step further. The pictures are immediately uploaded to a website that then transmits the image to eight strategically placed, rotating electronic billboards that we use around the city. The caption that goes with the photo says “Welcome to the Family," with the customer's first name and the city they’re from. The billboard stays up for 48 hours, giving the customer a chance to see him or herself in lights. 

Our goal at Signature Harley-Davidson is to meet and exceed customer service expectations through memorable experiences and the attached letter speaks to that.

Involvement in the Community

We strongly believe that community involvement plays a big part in our success. Throughout the year, Signature Harley-Davidson is involved in many community events. We take part in the Perrysburg Area Chamber of Commerce events such as Harrison Rally Days, a festival that features local businesses and artists. We support many bike-related events, whether serving as a poker run stop or as a venue for fundraisers.

We also let groups post information on our "event board" as a hub for local riders to see what is taking place all over Northwest Ohio. We contribute financially to numerous community-related events to help support their cause. People in the community often comment on how generous our dealership and riders are when it comes to helping someone in need.

Each year we hold our Annual Biker Bash. It's an event that features a motorcycle show and some type of entertainment. The event is designed also to serve as a fundraiser for a local charity. This year our recipient was our local fire department. The event draws over 3,000 people and the proceeds from this year's event totalled over $2,000.

We also proudly support Harley's Heroes, an organization dedicated to helping Disabled Veterans. In addition to hosting a poker run, we also sell pins throughout the year to support them. In the spring, we held a "Round-Up Mission" for Harley's Heroes. When customers made a purchase they were offered the opportunity to "round up" their total with the additional money being donated to Harley's Heros.Not only did it benefit the organization financially, it brought awareness to their cause and our customers wholeheartedly supported it!