Steve Seltzer Powersports

433 Sabbath Rest Road, Altoona, PA
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Type of Retail Business:
Franchised (selling new vehicles), Used Vehicle Dealer
Steve Seltzer
General Manager: 
Steve Seltzer
Years in Business: 
Gear, Apparel and Helmets: 
Alpinestars, Nolan, Fieldsheer, Power-Tripp, Fulmer, Slippery, HJC, Thor, Icon, TourMaster, Joe Rokcet, Arai
Honda, Kawasaki, KYMCO, Royal Enfield, Bridgestone, Moose, Cycle Country, Oxlite, Dunlop, Pirelli, Saddleman, ITP Tire, Tamarack, Kolpin, Warn, Bosski, Scott, Scorpion, Repsol
Parts and Tools: 
Honda, Kawasaki
Custom Chrome
Helmet House
KK Motorcycle Supply
Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties
Tucker Rocky/Bikers Choice
Western Power Sports (WPS)
Average Age: 
Total Facility: 
14,300 sq. ft.
6,129 sq. ft.
PG&A Departments: 
3,084 sq. ft.
Service Dept: 
3,628 sq. ft.
Total Acreage: 
2.5 at main site, plus 15.4 acres for future development

Mission Statement

We are committed to becoming Central Pennsylvania’s leading provider of motorcycles, trikes, all-terrain and utility vehicles, motor scooters, personal watercraft, power equipment and accessories.  

To achieve and maintain this vision, the owners and each of our employees need to focus on each and every prospect and customer and remain committed to providing:

  • top-notch service, before, during and after the sale
  • a wide variety of products, color choices, options, accessories and clothing
  • a first-class retail environment that is neat, clean and designed as a “destination” that will bring prospects and customers back time and time again.

Our owner and employees must work together as a team that is committed to TCS:  “Total Customer Satisfaction.”  We must meet or exceed our commitments for on-time service, charge a fair price for the goods and services we provide and focus on building long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers, employees and the communities we serve.

Each of us must be accountable, not only to the company but also to our customers and to each other. We need to provide consistently good service, and follow through with the promises that we make to our customers each and every day.

Showroom Design and Layout

As soon as you pull into our parking lot, you realize that this is like no other powersports dealer that you have seen before. When you enter the front doors, you will see a rack full of FREE safety literature that is available to customers and prospects. Pass through the vestibule designed to help make our showroom more energy-efficient, and our receptionist seated at a stylish reception center will greet you.  

The tile floor is multicolored and walkways to the right and to the left are clearly evident to the first-time shopper. There are even roadways with yellow and white tile “lines” leading to different areas of the store.  

Our pre-owned showroom serves as a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) training site from April through October. Twenty students attend class for three hours every Wednesday night and then ride the following two Sundays at a nearby parking lot. Before, during, and after classes, these students have the opportunity to walk around our store looking at motorcycles, helmets, jackets, and all of the things they may need once they become a licensed rider.

An employee break room/kitchen enables us to make and serve food to customers which we do throughout the year. The kitchen is fully equipped with a stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, Bunn dual coffee brewer and more. This room also is outfitted with storage cabinets on all walls that we use not only for food, plates and glasses, but also for store supplies, literature, forms, etc.

At the rear of the store are two offices, including a business office that is used by our accountant and Office Manager. The second office is utilized by our Business/F&I Manager to hold private closings with customers. These offices are accessible by card access only and are kept locked when not in use so that we are in compliance with state and federal regulations.  

Two modern, stylish restrooms are located just off the main showroom as well as a closet for maintenance supplies. Storage closets above each restroom enable us to store showroom decorations and retired files on-site and within easy access.

The Dealer Principal’s office and training/conference room are located just off the front of the showroom. Glass windows enable the dealer to see into the service area, showroom and the parts areas. The office features a “Dutch door” so that customers will feel welcome to stick their heads in and say “hi” as they enter and leave the store. This location in the front of the store gives the dealer a great view of what is happening in the store -- and also the chance to see where his assistance might be needed.

As a multiline dealer, we group products side-by-side so that customers can see products from all four manufacturers at one time. This makes it easy for us to show prospects all that we have to offer that will meet their specific needs, wants, and desires.

The showroom layout is changed every 60 to 90 days so that when customers come into our store they are seeing something different.  Depending on the season, we will have certain bikes in certain areas -- although normally, all models are represented on the floor at all times. We also do seasonal displays incorporating units into the display, such as using red dirt bikes and a red ATV to make Santa, his sleigh and the reindeer.  We even put a red nose on Rudolph! Of course, Rudolph is represented by a CRF50 dirt bike.

In the showroom, we have specially constructed displays for ATVs and motorcycles that elevate or angle the units for display above floor level. These displays, which are fitted with wheels, can be located out on the floor or as part of one of our focal points.

The showroom is lighted with a combination of fluorescent lights as well as Halogen floodlights that really make the showroom bright and cheery. The motorcycles and ATVs really look great on the tile floor. The lights also accent two focal points located in the showroom.

A cashier’s stand is located prominently at the rear of the main showroom, although this stand is normally only staffed during sales or peak selling periods. This area also enables us to have a sales or parts person working in that area to help make sure that customers who need assistance are helped promptly.

You will also find a few classic Hondas to see as you check out our store. How many dealers have a Honda Kick ‘N Go on display in their showroom?  You’ll also find a Trail 90 and a Trail 70 that are in mint condition and STILL RUN!

A bell is located in the front of the showroom. When the sales process is complete, the new Honda owner will be asked to ring the bell. When this happens, all employees will clap and those who are not busy working with customers will come forward to congratulate the customer and thank them for their purchase.

Service Department

We are very proud of our service technicians and our service department.  

The service area features a large glass overhead door leading from the service area to the showroom. In addition to the glass door, the service area has windows that enable customers to watch our technicians working on their bikes, building Roadsmith trikes, etc. Customers will often stand in front of the windows for long periods of time watching our technicians work on units. One of our technicians has achieved Red Level status with American Honda Motor Company, while our other technicians are going through training to earn red-level status.

The service department can be reached through the main entrance to the store or through a separate service entrance that leads directly to the service write-up area. Two kiosks in the service write-up area enable a Service Adviser and Service Manager to meet with two customers simultaneously.  Again, kiosks are used instead of a counter so that the customer can be engaged in the service process.  

Behind and above the service kiosks are two walls full of service manuals that are used by our service staff when they are working on units.  We have a huge investment in these manuals, all of which were placed in special service binders in 2006. These great-looking binders help to create a professional, well organized look to our service write-up area.

Our service department has a restroom complete with shower that can be used by our service technicians as well as our other employees. Having access to a shower makes it nice if one of our employees gets dirty and has plans at the end of their work-day and they do not want to or have time to go home to get cleaned up.

Our service department also has a separate wash bay where new motorcycles and ATVs can be washed to remove the protective coating that is applied following manufacturing. This wash area is also used when we need to detail pre-owned products or to clean up a customer’s unit prior to or following service.

A separate mechanicals room is located just off the service area and is used for storage as well as for our large air compressor. Compressed air is fed to each technicians’ work area via overhead pipes and available to them via overhead retractable air reels.

Two large overhead doors provide easy access to service for not only motorcycles and ATV’s but also for larger side-by-side vehicles and trikes.

An exhaust system is also available for each technician so that engine exhaust can be piped out of the service area when an engine is running.  Special hoses that retract into the floor make it easy for our technicians to evacuate exhaust fumes while working on units whose engines are running.

A separate special tools room is immediately adjacent to the service write-up area.  We use this room to keep our special tools in specially designed cabinets so that our technicians have easy access to the tools that are needed.

Lofts in the service and parts areas help us to maximize the use of all space in the store. Specially constructed tire racks also help utilize space that would be otherwise wasted in a busy service shop.  A waste-oil furnace located in the service department enables us to turn customers’ waste oil into heat to reduce energy costs in the store. Another wide overhead door goes from the service shop to the loading dock which makes it easy to access the store from the loading dock.

The service area is also fitted with an eye-wash station, battery maintenance center including hood with separate exhaust fan, washer and dryer that is used to launder cleaning rags and towels, high efficiency fluorescent lighting, and more.

A delivery area just outside of service can be used to store customer bikes or new units that are waiting to be picked up by customers.

Training and Employee Motivation Practices

Service Department:

Currently one of our three service technicians has American Honda’s highest service level: red. Our B and C technicians have completed online training and one week of schooling and will travel to New Jersey for two weeks at the end of this year to continue their class work for red-level certification. Our set-up technician has taken advantage of manufacturer-provided online training. We have spent tens of thousands of dollars in the past seven-plus years on service training so that our employees have the training and knowledge to make repairs accurately and safely the first time.

Parts Department:

Our Parts Manager has completed Honda’s Parts MAP training. Our two part-time parts employees have taken advantage of Honda’s Online University and RPM's Making It Easy To Buy in P&A video and product training to help them do their jobs better. We hope that a few of our parts department personnel will be able to attend Dealer Expo this February in Indy so that they can see products that we do not currently carry but should consider for the upcoming riding season.

Sales Department:

We have made a huge investment in DVD training programs from RPM, Gart Sutton, and other industry-specific organizations in order to help our sales team and sales manager with sales training. Honda’s Interactive Network has extensive online product training, as well as sales training to help our salespeople close more sales. KYMCO offers our sales personnel access to Glenn Roller sales training.

Finance and Insurance Department:

Our F&I Manager attended Zurich F&I training this year. She also attended a Property and Casualty Insurance training class and has her Property & Casualty license from the PA Insurance Department. This enables us to sell motorcycle and ATV insurance right here in our store helping us to sell more motorcycles and ATVs. This helps us build and maintain an ongoing relationship with our customers and keeps them coming back to Steve Seltzer Powersports for all of their powersports needs. Our F&I Manager has also completed Honda’s training for not only F&I but also all product knowledge tests required of our sales department employees.

Employee Incentive Philosophy:

All of our employees’ compensation packages are tied to specific, measurable goals.  

For instance, our service technicians receive a bonus for every hour they bill. Our service manager gets an incentive based on productivity and parts billed to repair orders.  

Our parts employees earn a commission on their sales based on maintaining a specific margin on their sales. This incentivizes them to sell but at margins that are at or above 30 percent. Our parts manager receives a bonus based on how the P&A department performs overall.

Our salespeople all earn a commission on each unit that they sell. If they sell a warranty, pre-paid maintenance, parts and accessories, or other items with the unit they earn more commission. The sales manager is compensated based on the gross margin of new and used sales and F&I.

Our F&I / Business Manager is compensated based on F&I sales. The more she sells the more she earns!

The only two positions that are not incentive-driven are our janitor and our part-time Accounting Manager, both of whom are paid on an hourly basis. These two people as well as our other employees may earn special incentives when going above and beyond.

Cash bonuses are also paid based on the achievement of certain objectives. This could be anything from moving to a new website provider to helping lead an orderly transition on a dealer acquisition that we completed earlier this year.

Commitment to Customer Service

In order to best answer this question, we really only need to copy our vision statement and what follows that statement that was presented earlier in this application. But let me first elaborate a bit.

As the owner of Steve Seltzer Powersports I have made it very clear to all of our employees that I expect them to treat our customers like they want to be treated when they come in to a store like ours. And to be honest, they do very well at taking great care of our customers as is evidenced by the Customer Comment cards that are returned by customers throughout the year.

We use V-Sept and FUSS to follow up on new sales. We use V-Sept to help us send letters to our service customers to follow up on repair work that was done at our store.  We constantly survey our customers to make sure that they are happy and that their needs are met.

So what does our vision statement say about our customer service philosophy?

To achieve and maintain our vision we need to focus on each and every prospect and customer and remain committed to providing top-notch service, before, during and after the sale. We need to offer a wide variety of products, color choices, options, accessories and clothing from a first-class retail environment that is neat, clean and designed as a destination that will bring prospects and customers back time and time again.

We need to work together as a team committed to TCS:  “Total Customer Satisfaction.” We need to meet or exceed our commitments for on-time service, charge a fair price for the goods and services we provide, and focus on building long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers, employees, and the communities we serve.

We know that we need to provide consistently great service, and follow through with the promises that we make to our customers each and every day.

Involvement in the Community

Our owner encourages all of our employees to be active in our community. He leads by example, serving our community and world through his membership in The Rotary Club of Altoona and Rotary International. Steve also serves our community by serving on the Board of The Home Nursing Agency.  

Steve’s personal goal is to make the world a better place to live for his children, grandchildren, and all mankind.  "I want the world to be a better place because I dwelt here" is one of Steve's mantras.  Steve encourages his employees to be involved in their local community and he leads by example.

From a corporate viewpoint, we have contributed financially to: The Central Pennsylvania Humane Society, Pinecroft Volunteer Fire Company, Snow Shoe Rails to Trails, Troop 29 Boy Scouts of America, Sinking Valley DP Youth Ministry, and not to mention numerous charity rides held locally here each year.

We support the Promise House that works with autistic children. For the Promise House and other local charities that are doing motorcycle rides, we offer them the option of starting here at our store. If they do that we will provide tables, chairs, coffee, cookies, etc. for their riders before they head out for their ride.

Perhaps Steve’s most philanthropic efforts are from the money that he has raised for multiple sclerosis. Steve has been riding his bicycle for 15 years raising money to support MS patients locally as well as research to find a cure for MS. In the 15 years that Steve has been riding, he has raised almost $180,000 for the Keystone Country Ride, earning him the position as the No. 1 fundraiser on the tour for nine of the last 15 years. Steve has ridden his bicycle thousands of miles in support of this cause, trying to make a difference in the lives of those who suffer from MS here in Central Pennsylvania and throughout the world. Steve has "expanded his riding horizons" in 2012 and actually did the 150-mile ride twice for a total of 300 miles this summer.